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The media is always looking for new exciting ‘stories,’ but when it comes to the Palestinians and to Israel’s rule over them, the threshold of stimulation is constantly rising.

By Amira Hass

In my op-ed of January 27 (“Israel’s logic of dispossession”) there was a mistake. I drew a connection between the violence of the settlers and the systematic violence of the state, the manufacturer of the dispossession, and I wrote the following sentence, which contradicts the reality: “It is very tempting to say that the road to disaster is paved with logical steps, but the disaster is long in coming.”

That’s nonsense of course, if you’ll excuse me. The Palestinians live in a routine of ongoing and incremental disasters. What is the deliberate imprisonment of 1.8 million people in a narrow strip of 360 square kilometers, if not ongoing calamity? And what is “Area C” and the prohibitions against construction and movement and drinking and irrigating there, if not an endless man-made disaster?

In my defense I will say that I fell into the trap of addressing one group (Israelis) as the target audience, and thereby ended up with a not-self-evident ignoring of the second group (Palestinians).

The nature of routine is that it doesn’t interest the media – which is always looking for new, exciting and stimulating “stories,” which are good for ratings. The threshold of stimulation and interest is constantly rising, especially when it comes to our rule over the Palestinians. The silencing of what is going on, and with it the negation of the routine Israeli violence, are explained as a simple professional journalistic choice. And in that way we get used to the disaster of the subjugated, until it’s as though it doesn’t exist. Thus there’s nothing new and exciting in the following sampling of disasters, which don’t make the headlines here:

Friday, January 29: The Civil Administration inspectors confiscated trucks and equipment for paving an agricultural road in the village of Khirbet al-Deir in the northern Jordan Valley. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, between January 12 and January 25 two vehicles used for an agricultural project funded by donors were confiscated in the village of Taysir, as well as three privately owned tractors in the areas of Jenin, Nablus and Bethlehem and excavation equipment in Umm Faghara in the southern Hebron district (confiscation = theft of livelihood = loss of work days due to the bureaucracy involved in returning property = giving up food/medicines/a trip with the kids or a visit to an elderly aunt = the searing difference: The Jews on the hills and in the valleys build and pave and prepare and irrigate their crops).

January 27, at 11:30 A.M: The Israel Navy fired at a fishing boat opposite the Al-Sudaniya coast in the northern Gaza Strip. The soldiers detained four fishermen (including a minor, aged 17) and confiscated the boat. The report of the negotiations department of the Palestine Liberation Organization doesn’t tell for how long they were detained, where and how they were returned (the detention and confiscation = fear of shooting = theft of livelihood = theft of time = hunger = the searing insult: There is nobody protecting the fishermen from the shark in uniform).

On January 26 the Israel Defense Forces forced several families in Al-Ras al-Ahmar in the northern Jordan Valley to evacuate their dwelling place because of army training exercises (removal: Little children see the army boots approaching the tent or the hut and the butts of their rifles. It’s cold. Scary. They don’t understand why they have to evacuate. Confusion, you have to collect all the sheep and goats and movable possessions. Uncertainty, how long will it last this time. Every few weeks/months the evacuation is repeated. The searing discrimination: Have you heard of Jews whose neighborhood was declared a training area that they have to evacuate?).

Also on January 26, at dawn, a military force raided the Qalandiya refugee camp, arrested one person and measured the home of the family if Hussein Abu Ghosh, in preparation for demolition (Abu Gush, 17, stabbed Shlomit Krigman to death in the settlement of Beit Horon, and was killed). The raid: one of 11 that night, all over the West Bank (raid = a neighborhood, village, refugee camp awake at night and living in uncertainty for several hours = frightened children, recalling previous traumatic raids = humiliation = collective punishment).

Between January 12 and 25, in 24 separate incidents, representatives of the Civil Administration and the Jerusalem municipality demolished or dismantled and confiscated 58 Palestinian-owned structures in Area C and East Jerusalem, with the excuse of the lack of a building permit. According to OCHA, 39 people, including 21 children, were uprooted from their homes, and 333 were harmed in other ways due to the demolitions. Sixteen buildings were demolished or confiscated in two Bedouin communities: Jabal al Baba and Abu Nuwar east of Jerusalem, and Al-Mashru’ in the Jericho area. Of these buildings, 14 had been donated as humanitarian assistance after previous demolitions (building without a permit – Israel doesn’t allow the Palestinians to build, it wants to remove them from the land where they live after they were evicted from other places, and to allot it to Jews in the settlements).

Twelve bodies of young people from East Jerusalem who were killed have yet to be returned for burial by their families. Some of the bodies are held for up to 110 days (a delay in burial and holding on to the bodies = emotional abuse = collective punishment = delaying the ability to mourn = a searing of the helplessness in the face of bottomless wickedness).

(Source / 03.02.2016)

Written by altahrir

February 3, 2016 at 10:42 pm

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Israeli border guards kill 3 Palestinians in Jerusalem

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An eyewitness reiterated that two out of the three Palestinians, who were killed, were not involved in the attack

Israeli occupation border guards have killed three Palestinians at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate, claiming they stabbed three Israelis.

Palestinian witness said that he saw one of the three Palestinians carrying out an attack, but stressed that the two others, who were killed alongside the attacker, were bystanders

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Israeli occupation border guards have killed three Palestinians at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate, claiming they stabbed three Israelis.

Witnesses said that the three Palestinians were walking towards Damascus Gate in their way to perform prayer inside Al-Aqsa Mosque.

However, Israeli media reported Israeli army officials saying that one of the Palestinians had an old gun and used in the attack, which caused three Israeli injuries.

Israeli YnetNews reported one of the Israeli occupation border guards, a 20-year-old, was critically wounded and two others sustained light wounds.

The same website said that at least two of the Palestinians were shot by Israeli occupation forces after the attack.

Meanwhile, another Palestinian witness said that he saw one of the three Palestinians carrying out an attack, but stressed that the two others, who were killed alongside the attacker, were bystanders.

(Source / 03.02.2016)

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February 3, 2016 at 10:12 pm

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Israeli forces begin construction over Bethlehem-area historical site

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BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Wednesday began construction work on top of a historical site in the occupied West Bank town of Beit Jala, the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said.The PA ministry condemned the Israeli authorities for allowing work to begin on a road that will be built on top of Khirbet al-Najjar, a site that reportedly dates back to Roman and Byzantine periods.The ministry said that Israeli bulldozers began making excavations in the area — site to historical walls, water wells, presses and a cluster of graves — in what it said were the beginning stages to built a road to a nearby settlement.A group sent by the ministry to document activity carried out by the Israeli forces on the historical site was prevented by Israeli forces from accessing the area, the ministry said, slamming Israel for its “obvious violation of international law” regarding Palestinian rights to heritage and culture.Palestinian residents of Beit Jala and other villages in the Bethlehem area have long faced Israeli construction on their land, much of which has been cut off from them by Israel’s separation wall.Bethlehem Mayor Vera Baboun said last month that Bethlehem district cities for more than 10 years have been receiving letters from Israeli authorities ordering the confiscation of land for the construction of the separation wall.The district has fought the orders in the past, but the orders cite security threats as the reason for confiscation.Nearly 60 kilometers of the wall already cuts through Bethlehem district and is built on Palestinian land, the UN Office for the Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs reports, enabling the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements in the area.

(Source / 03.02.2016)

Written by altahrir

February 3, 2016 at 9:39 pm

Over 50 Israeli violations against Journalists in January

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There are now 18 Palestinian journalists in Israeli prisons

GAZA, (PIC)–The media and press teams that try to cover the Israeli violence in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip are facing escalating violations at the hands of the Israeli army and Palestinian security forces. The Palestinian Radios and Television Stations Union documented in its report for January, 2016, more than 45 violations against journalists and media correspondents. This includes arrests, extension of detention, direct assaults in the field, and prevention from media coverage, in continuous attempts to distort the truth about the Israeli terror against Palestinians. According to the Union, the arrests, detentions, extension of detentions, summoning to investigations, and breaking into houses during January reached 10 cases. The Israeli forces arrested the journalist Mujahid al-Sa’adi, correspondent of Palestine Today TV channel, and extended his detention three times so far in January. In addition, Israeli soldiers arrested the sports journalist at al-Khalil radio channel, Mahmoud al-Qawasmi. These violations also reached the journalists Mohammed Matar, Musab Shawer, and Abd al-Karim al-Ouiui. In January, the Israeli forces brutality against journalists in the field increased, as the media crews attempted to cover the Palestinian weekly protests. Nine Israeli assaults, that resulted in injuring two Palestinian journalists, were documented. Seven other press photographers choked on teargas. Moreover, three cases of harassment and prevention from coverage were documented. Israeli forces also thwarted a press conference in Jerusalem, and a cultural meeting. The house of Muhanned Halami was also blown up without media coverage. In respect to the incitement campaigns, 11 violations were documented. The Israeli Shin Bet accused the Palestinian Authority’s media of inciting and encouraging the Palestinian individual operations against Israelis. A European institute also accused ten journalists and bloggers of being agitators for supporting the Palestinian resistance in their writings. Regarding the prosecution of journalists on cyberspace, two cases were documented. Two Facebook pages were closed and a number of pro-Palestinian cartoons were deleted. The Palestinian journalist prisoner, Mohammed al-Qeiq, who has been on a hunger strike for more than 70 days, has suffered ten violations. These include torture, forced-feeding, handcuffing to hospital bed, and intense presence of security in the hospital where he is staying to prevent his lawyers from talking to him, and continuing his administrative detention in the Israeli jails. The report stated that there are now 18 Palestinian journalists in the Israeli prisons. According to the same report, a journalist, Ayman Al-Aloul, and an activist, Ramzy Herzallah, were summoned for interrogation by Gaza security forces who later released them after a brief detention. Meanwhile, Palestinian Authority forces arrested Momen Abu Duheir and Nablus TV director Salim Swidsan. PA forces also summoned for interrogation Abdullah Oda, threatened Riham Al-Omary, and assaulted Sami Saa’y.

(Source / 03.02.2016)


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February 3, 2016 at 9:28 pm

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Israeli forces carry out massive house demolition in WB

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This house demolition resulted in displacement of over than 50 Palestinians

Israeli occupation forces started on Tuesday morning massive demolition of Palestinian homes, agricultural installations West Bank city of Al-Khalil.

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli occupation forces started on Tuesday morning massive demolition of Palestinian homes, agricultural installations West Bank city of Al-Khalil.

Palestinian sources said that the Israeli occupation is carrying out the demolition in a number of neighborhoods in the village of Musafer Yatta in the south of Al-Khalil.

According to Safa news agency, the Israeli forces started demolition the neighourhoods including houses, barrens, greenhouses, etc…

Safa said that the Israeli bulldozers continued the demolition until the time of reporting this story (8am Palestine time).

Demolition of these houses, official Palestinian sources said, led to the displacement of more than 50 Palestinian citizens.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered his government to accelerate the demolition of the Palestinian homes belonging to the Palestinians who had been killed by the Israeli forces during this Intifada.

(Source /02.02.2016)

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February 2, 2016 at 11:26 pm

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Israeli forces kill Palestinian youth near Tulkarem

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TULKAREM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian youth was shot dead by Israeli forces on Monday after he allegedly attempted to stab an Israeli soldier south of Tulkarem.Palestinian medical sources identified the teenager as 19-year-old Ahmad Hassan Tuba from the village of Kafr Jammal near Tulkarem.An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an that Israeli forces found Tuba near the illegal settlement of Salit, south of Tulkarem, adding that Tuba “drew a knife and attempted to stab” an Israeli soldier.Israeli forces shot at Tuba, who died on the scene. The spokesperson said none of the Israeli soldiers were injured.Since a wave of unrest began in occupied East Jerusalem in October and spread across the West Bank and Israel, more than 160 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces or settlers, and over 20 Israelis have died in attacks.On Sunday, a suspected Palestinian stabbed and lightly injured a 17-year-old Israeli near occupied East Jerusalem’s Damascus gate. A 16-year-old Palestinian turned himself into Israeli authorities in connection with the attack a day later.

(Source / 02.02.2016)

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February 2, 2016 at 11:21 pm

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Amnesty International has called on the Israeli occupation to “end ill-treatment of hunger striking Palestinian detainee” who has been on hunger strike for more than two months.

“The Israeli authorities must immediately cease all non-consensual medical treatment and other punitive measures against Palestinian journalist Mohamed Al-Qeeq, who has been held without charge or trial for two months and on hunger strike since 25 November,”Amnesty International said.

It added: “The authorities have undertaken a number of measures aimed at pressuring him to end the hunger strike, some of which violate the prohibition of torture and other ill-treatment”

Amnesty International pointed out that “Al-Qeeq has been on a hunger strike, refusing everything but water, in order to protest the torture or other ill-treatment to which he says he was subjected in Israeli custody, and to demand his release from detention he believes is motivated by his work as a journalist.”

Regarding the health condition of the hunger-striker, Amnesty International said: “Al-Qeeq’s health is now in serious danger.”

Therefore, it said: “The Israeli authorities should release him unless he is charged with an internationally recognisable criminal offence and tried in proceedings adhering to international standards.”

It continued: “They should also conduct independent investigations into his complaints of torture or other ill-treatment and prosecute those responsible if sufficient admissible evidence is found.”

The Israeli occupation military arrested Al-Qeeq from his home in Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank, on 21 November 2015, and initially took him to a detention centre in the illegal Israeli settlement of Beit El.

Then, he was transferred to a detention centre in Jerusalem, and then the Kishon (Jalameh) detention centre, near Haifa.

Source: Days of Palestine 

Editors Note:

Please participate in solidarity with a Twitter Storm campaign to free Mohamed Al-Qeeq this Wednesday, February 3rd at 7pm Palestine time. #FreeAlQeeq


(Source / 02.020.2016)


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February 2, 2016 at 10:35 pm

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