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Bennett wants to see Palestinians become “water carriers and wood hewers” for Jews

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If you think that the UN was wrong in labeling Zionism as a racist movement, think again.

Of course, Zionist crimes, committed in the name of Judaism and the Jewish people, have not stopped ever since Zionist supremacists declared their plans to create an exclusive Jewish state in Palestine in the late 19th century.

Zionist Jews employed every form of depravity and immorality to achieve their goal.

But the goal was evil, just as the means used to reach that goal were decidedly evil.  This was the case 68 years ago, when Israel was created through blood, fire and terror. It will always be evil.

The passage of 68 years will not morph a hideous crime into a charitable enterprise. Israel will always be a crime against humanity, no matter how many people celebrate its achievements and sing its hymns.

Israel is built upon a foundation of evil and sinfulness. Such a state will not prosper or have an everlasting longevity. It will eventually meet the same fate that other evil states and empires eventually met.

Bennett’s Talmudic fascism

Naftali Bennett, the number-2 figure in the new Israeli government was quoted recently as saying that he would never agree to give non-Jews in Israel equal rights.

When asked what he would tell Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas should he meet with him, Bennett said rather bluntly “I will order him to make me a cup of coffee.”

Needless to say, “asking the Arabs to make coffee for Jews” is a slogan often invoked by leaders of religious-Zionist settlers especially when explaining their attitudes toward the Palestinians.

This manifestly racist mindset is encapsulated by the Biblical terms “water carriers and wood hewers” which refer to the treatment non-Jews were entitled to receive in ancient Israel.

Of course, there are many other Biblical verses which exhort the Children of Israel not to oppress “strangers living amongst you… because you yourselves were once strangers in the Land of the Pharaoh”.

But Zionism, including religious Zionism, has very little to do with the sublime ideals of Prophetic Judaism. This is why, we notice that purportedly religious Zionists select the worst and most barbaric verses from the Old Testament and seek to apply it to the Palestinians.

Criminal versus genocidal

If classical Zionism is manifestly criminal, and it undoubtedly is, religious Zionism is decidedly genocidal.

Several years ago, a Jewish settler leader from the northern West Bank by the name of Daniela Weis gave a speech before a group of settlers in Hebron’s Old Quarter. In her speech, she urged the settlers to “adopt Joshua’s way to deal with the Palestinians.”

“Would you choose Rabin’s way or Joshua’s way in dealing with the Palestinians,” she asked. And the answer came loud and in unison: “We choose Joshua’s way.”

This genocidal fanaticism is not rhetorical or meant just to scare the Palestinians. It is rather a built-in character of the religious Zionist ideology as taught by its founder Abraham Kook.

This the same Kook that wrote that “the difference between a Jewish soul and souls of non-Jews– all of them in all different levels — is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle.”

Evil ideology, evil conduct

The settler ideology cannot be innocuous since it is not confined to the theoretical framework.

In 1994, a settler from the settlement of Kiryat Arbaa near Hebron descended on the Ibrahimi Mosque nearby and sprayed Muslim worshipers with bullets, using his army-issued machinegun.

He murdered 29 worshipers and injured numerous other people, many with serious disabilities that would stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Most of the settlers and their supporters enthusiastically gloated over the massacre as the grave of the murderer became a pilgrimage site.

A few years later, another religious Zionist asked a Palestinian cabbie to give him a ride from Jerusalem to Kfar Saba, north east of Tel Aviv. When the settler got to his home, he invited the Arab driver to drink a cup of coffee. However, instead of the cup of coffee, the settler came up with a dagger, stabbing the taxi driver to death.

Still, when the murdered was interrogated by the police, he told them that he heard his neighborhood synagogue’s rabbis saying that the life of a non-Jew had no sanctity.

Last year, three settlers kidnapped an Arab child, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, and took him to an abandoned place. There they pumped gasoline into the boy’s mouth, and then set the boy on fire, burning him alive.

Who will call the spade a spade?

Now, the same kind of evil-minded people have a great influence on the upcoming Israeli government. For example, Ayelet Shaked from the far-right HaBayit HaYehudi (Jewish Home) party was given the portfolio of justice minister as part of a deal that saw PM Netanyahu gather enough support to form a coalition and control the Israeli parliament, the Knesset.

Last year, Shaked, a nice-looking young woman, attracted global attention and criticism when she posted a Facebook status denouncing Palestinians, during Israel’s 50-day military offensive in Gaza.

“The Palestinian people [have] declared war on us, and we must respond with war … Not an operation, not a slow-moving one, not low-intensity, not controlled escalation, no destruction of terror infrastructure, no targeted killings.

“Enough with the oblique references. This is a war. Words have meanings. This is a war. It is not a war against terror, and not a war against extremists, and not even a war against the Palestinian Authority. These too are forms of avoiding reality. This is a war between two peoples. Who is the enemy? The Palestinian people.”

Now, do the governments and peoples of the world have the courage to call the spade a spade, especially when it comes to Zionist criminality?

It is not enough to celebrate the annual anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany. It is also imperative to fight Nazi ideals and Nazi ideas everywhere. Including in Israel.

Unfortunately this is not being done with regard to Israel as the capitals of Europe and North America will soon receive Shaked and her equally racist colleagues with all the required trappings.

That would be the ultimate insult to the victims of Nazism, Jews and non-Jews alike.

(Source / 22.05.2015)

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May 22, 2015 at 9:23 pm

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Israel seeks to make Gazans miserable: Activist

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Palestinian children stand amid the rubble of their partially rebuilt house, on May 11, 2015, which was destroyed during the 50-day Israeli war on the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014

Press TV has conducted an interview with Paul Larudee, a member of the Free Palestine Movement in Berkeley, about the World Bank assessment saying the besieged Gaza Strip has the world’s highest unemployment and is facing a “dangerous fiscal crisis,” nearly one year after Israel’s latest war against the coastal enclave.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. Larudee, how can anybody try to run any kind of economy when half of the people are out of work?

Larudee: The whole purpose is that there will be no economy in Gaza. I am surprised the unemployment rate is not a hundred percent. Israel regulates everything about Gaza. It does not let people leave, it does not let people enter, it does not let goods in, it does not let exports out, it does not let people travel, it does not allow anything and this is what they are trying to do.

The only thing that is allowed in Gaza is basically whatever Israel allows in to more or less allow the 1.8 million people of Gaza, more than half of them children, to just stay alive and even then not always because people die from all kinds of diseases caused by malnutrition and bad water and all kinds of things because Israel is trying to kill them. Israel is trying to get rid of them, trying to make them miserable so that they disappear from the face of the earth. That is what they want. This is what is going on. The World Bank is talking about a potential crisis, it is a crisis.

Press TV: And Mr. Larudee, how can we all see Washington say really anything on this? I mean the lack of humanity that we are seeing here is just an unheard of level, it is unparalleled to anything we are seeing, it is practically a war crime to deny people an opportunity to pursue livelihood, have them out of work and then create a blockade that they do not allow medical equipment in, building materials, homes still have not been rebuilt since the 50- day of war last year, your thoughts sir.

Larudee: Well you are absolutely right but the specialty of Israel is war crimes. They are the world’s expert in war crimes and crimes against humanity and the United States, I mean maybe, maybe the United States is first, I do not know, certainly in terms of quantity.

So please do not expect anything from Washington. Washington’s specialty is in assassination and mass killing, killing at least a million, maybe a million and a half Iraqis and half of them children.

Press TV: Then Mr. Larudee, so if the US is to remain silent and to continue perpetuate their silence, now what recourse do Gazans have?

Larudee: The United States is not being silent. The United States is speaking out in support of Israel’s ethnic cleansing project.

Press TV: So what recourse do Gazans have, sir?

Larudee: Well they are using the recourses that they have which is to fight back unfortunately under terrible [odds] and they are appealing to the world and it is up to us to help them as much as we can.

(Source / 22.05.2015)

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May 22, 2015 at 9:11 pm

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Israeli war boats target Palestinian fishermen

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GAZA, (PIC)–  Israeli Navy Forces opened their machinegun fire Friday morning towards Palestinian fishing boats off Sudaniya shore to the north of Gaza city.

Local sources said that Israeli war boats have heavily fired at Palestinian fishing boats while sailing within the six-nautical-mile allowed zone for fishing.

Only material damage was cause, after Palestinian fishermen were forced to leave their boats for fear of a new attack.

Israeli Naval forces continued to carry out attacks on Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip in flagrant violation to the ceasefire agreement concluded between Israel and Palestinian resistance under Egyptian auspices on 26 August 2014.

This agreement includes allowing Palestinian fishermen to sail within 6 nautical miles in the Gaza Sea.  According to PCHR’s investigations, all attacks took place within the distance of 6 nautical miles, which proves that Israeli forces’ policies aim to tighten restrictions on the Gaza Strip’s fishermen and their livelihoods.

(Source / 22.05.2015)

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May 22, 2015 at 8:10 pm

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Israeli Occupation Detains Palestine National Team At Border..Again. #FIFA #RedCard Israel

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Palestinian National Football Club detained by Israeli Occupation at  Allenby Crossing Photo: Palestine Football Association

Palestinian National Team player Sameh Maraabah was detained for approximately three hours at the Allenby crossing point by the Israeli border patrol for “security reasons,” according to multiple sources familiar with the matter, before being released at approximately 11 p.m. local time. The Allenby crossing point is the only international border for Palestinians living in the West Bank. The team was on its way to Jordan where they would stay the night before flying to Tunisia for training. Palestine is scheduled to play Saudi Arabia on June 11.

This incident comes mere hours after FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s visit with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in advance of a resolution at next week’s FIFA Congress to suspend Israel for, among other allegations, restricting Palestinian player movement.

Two days prior, Blatter met with Netanyahu and assured the press he “remain[s] confident that we will find a solution for the benefit of football development ahead of the FIFA Congress.” According to multiple sources familiar with the matter, Blatter informed the Palestinian Football Association (PFA) that Netanyahu promised to ease travel restrictions for Palestinian players and officials, and one source tells VICE Sports that Netanyahu offered everything except for the disbanding of the five settlement teams playing in the Israeli leagues.

Multiple sources confirmed to VICE Sports that PFA President Jibril Rajoub turned down the offer and insisted the resolution go to vote at next week’s FIFA Congress. Maraabah’s detention late Thursday night only reinforces that decision, and, in the eyes of the PFA, undermines Netanyahu’s proposed compromise.

Sameh Maraabah (left).

Israeli-Arab Knesset member Esawi Frej, who belongs to the leftist Meretz party and has served as an intermediary between the Israeli government and Palestinian Authority, told VICE Sports: “I am happy that the Israeli authorities made the right decision and let the mind decide, not the heart, to let the international Palestinian team continue on their journey to Jordan. I call on both Palestinians and Israelis in this time to use wisdom and let the sports win, not politics.”

Esawi Frej.

This is not the first time Maraabah has been held by Israeli border forces. Maraabah was detained in April of 2014 under suspicion of being a “military activist” after allegedly meeting with members of Hamas’s military wing in Qatar.

According to a Palestinian Football Association spokesman, the PFA has already sent a letter to Blatter informing him of the incident. The letter, obtained by VICE Sports, is re-printed here in full:

Dear President,

Dear Brother

I hope you had the time to rest after your trip to our region and the busy schedule of meetings with both the Palestinian and Israeli sides.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Israeli Government’s promise to facilitate the movement of our players is having its first test as I am writing this letter. Our National team, which is heading for Tunisia for a training camp, has been delayed at the Allenby crossing point by the Israeli authorities.

Player Sameh Maraabah has been detained by the Israeli authorities for two hours now, and the team has decided it will not leave without him.

The implications of this incident can only confirm the PFA’s position on the promises given by the Israeli Government; that they are only words unless they are included in solution that can only come through, and be guaranteed by the FIFA congress.

Sincerely Yours

Jibril Rajoub


Palestine Football Association

(Source / 22.05.2015)

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May 22, 2015 at 7:42 pm

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Gaza honey production stung by Israeli policies

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The number of families dependent on beekeeping for their livelihood declined from 450 to less than 150 because of the continuous Israeli aggression

Three Israeli offensives, in addition to Israeli bulldozers razing agricultural land, has led to a decline in beekeeping.

“More than 15,000 beehives were damaged just in the last summer’s offensive, most of them in the southern areas of the Gaza Strip such as the Khuzaa neighbourhood.”

Middle East Eye, Gaza Strip –The apiary owner and his son were working with their beehives in a field not far from the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip when a nearby Israeli tank started shelling towards empty areas inside the coastal enclave.

Mohamed Ridwan did not know that it was the start of a 51-day Israeli offensive on Gaza and that one-third of his apiary would be damaged. He cut his work short that day and, with his son, fled, fearing harm.

“A number of beehives were even left open,” Ridwan said, “I did not think that it would be a long war and that it would last for 51 days. All I thought was that a wave of clashes would end within hours and then I could be able to return to the field to complete my work.”

Ridwan is 43, but with the heavily etched frown lines on his forehead and the heavy movement of his hands, he looks 10 years older. He said that he chose the location of his apiary to be adjacent to the Israeli-imposed buffer zone at the eastern borders of Gaza because of the severe shortage of trees, mainly citrus, whose blossoms need bees to make their honey, elsewhere in the Strip.

“Bees here travel inside occupied Palestine [Israel], where there are thousands of citrus trees in the settlements in the Gaza periphery,” Ridwan said. “There, they can get enough nectar needed to produce pure honey.”

Israel razed thousands of citrus trees

Beekeepers like Ridwan face many dangers across the Gaza Strip. A specialist in the Ministry of Agriculture, Jamal Abu Swairih, told Middle East Eye that the problems encountered by beekeepers regarding blossoms and nectar push them to choose remote, oftentimes dangerous, locations for their apiaries. Many of them work near the buffer zone, where they experience regular Israeli gunfire.

“This way, bees travel several kilometres inside [Israel] and get the nectar from thousands of citrus trees,” he said. “Before 2000, there were plenty of trees in Gaza, which were enough for producing large amounts of honey, but the Israeli occupation razed thousands of those trees.”

Abu Swairih noted that the Israeli military’s razing of lands was not the only reason that caused a loss of citrus trees; another issue is the salinity of the underground water used by the Gaza farmers to irrigate their plants.

“Israeli farmers dig water wells that are very much deeper than the water wells in Gaza,” he said. “This causes the pure underground water to recede towards the Israeli side. Therefore, salty underground water from beneath the Mediterranean pours into the Palestinian wells. This kills citrus trees which grow on pure water with low salinity.”

Ratib Sammour, chief of the beekeepers syndicate in Gaza, told MEE that “before 2000, every single hive used to produce up to 30kg of honey each year, but this amount sharply declined after the severe shortage of trees because of the Israeli punitive measures against the Gaza Strip.”

Sammour also said that the three recent Israeli offensives on the Gaza Strip since 2008 “have dramatically affected the production of honey because of the severe damage caused to the apiaries”.

According to Abu Swairih: “More than 15,000 beehives were damaged just in the last summer’s offensive, most of them in the southern areas of the Gaza Strip such as the Khuzaa neighbourhood.”

The siege’s impact on bees

Before 2000, apiaries in the Gaza Strip used to produce more than 500 tonnes of pure honey each year, according to Sammour.

Around 450 families depended on beekeeping for their livelihood. However, today, Gaza only produces between 150 and 170 tonnes a year. Consequently, the number of families dependent on beekeeping has declined, according to Abu Swairih, to 150 families.

Beekeeper Hassan Abdullah, 27, said that his father used to import Italian queen bees for his beehives, saying that was one of the main reasons for “plentiful production of honey”. Abdullah, who has a 50-hive apiary, told MEE that he has been unable to import Italian queens since the beginning of the Israeli siege on Gaza in 2007.

Abdullah and Ridwan complained of the shortage of medicines and antibiotics “urgently needed” to maintain the beehives health and prevent against bee epidemics.

Sammour confirmed that the imported Italian queen bees helped production in the past. “Italian queens incite working bees to produce more honey,” he said. “But an Italian queen must be fertilised by a male bee from a good dynasty; otherwise, there is no difference between the Italian queen and other queens.”

Production, proliferation affected by wars

Beekeepers in the neighbourhood of Khuzaa, which is located to the east of the city of Khan Younis in southern Gaza, said that they alone had lost around 10,000 beehives during the most recent Israeli offensive on Gaza.

Khuzaa is one of the areas that was subjected to the most destruction during the summer offensive; hundreds of civilians were killed. Thousands of dunams of farmland, including old fruitful trees, animal and chicken barns, and beehives were destroyed.

Abdullah, whose apiary is in the east of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, said he lost around 30 hives during the latest offensive. He also lost dozens in the 2008/9 and 2012 offensives. “As I told you, we cannot have our hives in safer places because of the types of trees and blossoms needed for honey production,” Abdullah told MEE.

He said that he had expected to have an extra 50 to 70 hives this year, but the war and the prevalence of varroosis – a disease caused by an external parasitic mite that kills honeybees – have caused him “much unexpected losses”.

“Varroosis destroys at least 30 percent of the hives,” he added. “This is a global issue, but there are antibiotics aboard.”

Ineffective solutions

Ridwan said that he and other beekeepers are trying to maintain the proliferation of Italian queens, but he said that none of their attempts have succeeded so far.

Abu Swairih and Sammour said that there have been attempts to overcome the problems facing the beekeepers in the Gaza Strip, but that they have so far been disappointed with all the attempts.

However, Sammour said that he is working on a “fogger” for the sterilisation of beehives. “This would prevent bee epidemics up to 70 percent,” he said. “If this machine succeeded, this would be a breakthrough in the beekeeping sector.”

Like many other goods, honey is still a rare commodity in the Gaza Strip. All of the honey produced in Gaza does not remain on the shelves for more than a month.

Gaza traders used to import Egyptian honey to fulfil the needs of Palestinians in Gaza, but now, after the destruction of almost all of the smuggling tunnels under the Egypt-Gaza border, Egyptian honey has disappeared from shelves.

Gaza beekeepers start collecting honey in April and finish in May. Each beehive currently produces up to 10kg of honey. One kilogram of honey is worth $15, and the demand is still high.

(Source / 21.05.2015)

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Israel seizes 790 Palestinian firms in Jerusalem

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Palestinian worker

Some 790 Palestinian firms based in occupied Jerusalem are being transferred to Jewish ownership, Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad reported yesterday.

Director of the Maps and Survey Department in the Orient House in Jerusalem, Khalil Al-Tafakji, said: “These properties are owned by Arab Palestinian families, including 595 residential apartments, 186 shops and 15 Islamic, nine Christian and 60 public facilities.”

“The Israeli occupation confiscated these firms in 1968, turned them into state property, and now it is turning them into the ownership of Jewish settlers.”

Al-Tafakji stressed: “The recent Israeli announcement to build new settlement units in occupied Jerusalem was a step towards turning Palestinian properties to Jewish settlers.” He noted that the Israeli occupation does not hide its occupation and settlement plans.

Two days ago, the Israeli president and prime minister reiterated that Jerusalem, east and west, is a united city for the Jewish nation and it would remain the “eternal united capital” for them.

According to Al-Tafakji, the recent ongoing Israeli measures regarding the so-called “Absentee Property Law” is the Israeli tool used to target Palestinian properties owned by Palestinians living outside Jerusalem.

“Using this law, the occupation is targeting the remaining 13 per cent of occupied Jerusalem controlled by Palestinians,” he said.

(Source / 21.05.2015)

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Israeli soldiers shoot, injure Palestinian kid in al-Quds

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Ten-year-old Palestinian Yahiya Sami al-Amudi receives medical treatment at Hadassah Hospital in the Ein Karem neighborhood of al-Quds (Jerusalem) on May 21, 2015. (© Ma’an news agency)

Ten-year-old Palestinian Yahiya Sami al-Amudi receives medical treatment at Hadassah Hospital in the Ein Karem neighborhood of al-Quds (Jerusalem) on May 21, 2015

A Palestinian child has suffered critical injuries after Israeli military forces opened fire and shot him with a rubber-coated steel bullet near a refugee camp in northeastern al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Witnesses said the victim, identified as 10-year-old Yahiya Sami al-Amudi, was walking near a checkpoint close to the Shuafat refugee camp on Thursday, when he came under attack.

Amudi, who is reportedly in a critical condition, was shifted to Hadassah Hospital in the southwestern al-Quds neighborhood of Ein Karem, where doctors discovered evidence of a skull fracture and a broken jaw. His left eye was so damaged that it had to be surgically removed.

Israeli forces and settlers regularly engage in violence against Palestinians in the occupied territories.

In this file photo, a Palestinian farmer from the occupied West Bank village of Qaryut inspects olive trees that were destroyed in an overnight settler attack

More than half a million Israelis live in over 120 settlements built since Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, including East al-Quds, in 1967.

Settlers, mostly armed, almost regularly attack Palestinian villages and farms and set fire to their mosques, olive groves and other properties in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli settlements are considered illegal by much of the international community because the territories were captured by the Israeli regime in a war in 1967 and are hence subject to the Geneva Conventions, which forbid construction on occupied lands.

(Source / 21.05.2015)

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May 21, 2015 at 8:24 pm

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