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Israeli forces kill Palestinian near Tulkarem after alleged stabbing attempt

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BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces killed a Palestinian near the northern occupied West Bank city of Tulkarem early on Tuesday evening after he allegedly attempted to carry out a stabbing attack.An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an that “an assailant armed with a knife approached Israeli forces at a crossing adjacent to Tulkarem,” adding that Israeli forces “fired at the attacker, resulting in his death.”

The spokesperson added that no Israelis were injured in the incident.
Locals later identified the slain Palestinian as Nidal Daoud Mahdawi, 44, who was a holder of Israeli residency, married, and a father of five.
Witnesses told Ma’an that Mahdawi approached the checkpoint when gunshots were heard and Mahdawi was seen falling to the ground after being injured by several bullets fired by the Israeli soldiers. Israeli forces then closed the checkpoint and prevented anyone from entering Tulkarem.According to Hebrew media, Israeli authorities said that the Palestinian youth was throwing rocks at the Beit Lid checkpoint, also known as Checkpoint 104, adding that “at some point he pulled out a knife and attempted to stab a soldier,” and was subsequently shot dead by Israeli forces.
(Source / 17.01.2017)

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Erekat: Agreement to Form Joint Committees to Discuss Political, Security Topics

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Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat gestures during an interview in the West Bank city of Ramallah

Ramallah – Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Secretary-General Saeb Erekat said that the Palestinian delegation has completed discussions in Washington with the U.S. administration – these discussions included bilateral topics as well as security and political ones.

“An agreement has been reached to form bilateral committees and continue consultations between the two parties in the future,” said Erekat.

It hasn’t been announced whether the Palestinian delegation will meet the team of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump or not.

Palestinian sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that the Palestinian delegation arrived to Washington upon the invitation of the U.S. Department of State in order to carry out bilateral meetings – the delegation will try to meet with Trump team.

Sources added that “all topics that concern Palestinians were tackled such as future relations, settlement, threats to move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and even the region’s topics.”

A joint statement on the U.S.-Palestinian political dialogue revealed that the dialogue “granted both parties the opportunity to discuss topics of high importance including regional ones…The PLO and the U.S. renews their commitment to the two-state solution that is the sole way to reach peace.”

“Both delegations denounced terrorism and its supporters in the region and the world. They admitted the threat paused by ISIS and expressed concern that this organization shook stability in the region, especially in Syria and Iraq,” the statement added.

Both parties highlighted the important role of civil society and the need to create political and economic opportunities for the future generations in Palestine, according to the statement, which also highlighted that “both delegations stressed the solidity of U.S.-Palestinian relations and expressed willingness to resume political dialogue in 2017.”

(Source / 17.01.2017)

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Genocide In Yemen: Media Complicit In US-Saudi War Crimes

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Writer and political analyst Catherine Shakdam shines a light on the routinely under-reported crisis in Yemen, telling Mnar Muhawesh on ‘Behind the Headline’ what’s really motivating the Saudi-led, US-backed war on the most impoverished country on the Arabian Peninsula.


MINNEAPOLIS — Yemen has been devastated by asymmetrical aerial bombardment by a Saudi-led coalition, and the war on Yemen, along with a Saudi-imposed blockade, is having disastrous impacts on food and water security.

The United Nations reported in October that more than half of Yemen’s 28 million people are short of food. At least 1.5 million children are going hungry in the poorest country on the Arabian Peninsula, including 370,000 who are suffering from malnutrition so severe that it’s weakening their immune systems.

And the Saudi-led attacks continue, striking Yemen’s hospitals, which are running out of medicine. All the while, these attacks have continued to receive backing from the United States and the United Kingdom since they began on March 26, 2015.

Even The New York Times admits that the deadly Saudi project in Yemen couldn’t go on without U.S. support.

But the Obama administration has said that while they may start halting some arms sales to Saudi Arabia, they’ll push ahead with training the Gulf kingdom’s air force to improve targeting.

The people of Yemen are without food, water, medicine, and fuel. The death toll in Yemen is so high that the Red Cross has started donating morgues to hospitals. And if that weren’t enough, the military campaign has not only empowered al-Qaida to step into a vulnerable situation, it’s actually made the group richer, according to Reuters.

Still, the Saudi government continues to block any kind of diplomatic resolution in Yemen. Riyadh even threatened to cut funding to the U.N. over its inclusion on a list of children’s rights offenders, effectively weaponizing humanitarian aid.

Yet the crisis unfolding in Yemen goes routinely under-reported in mainstream media. Hard-hitting coverage is kept to a minimum by those controlling the narrative — namely, outlets loyal to the U.S. and its allies which are enabling these atrocities.

Here to discuss the crisis in Yemen and what this war is really about is Catherine Shakdam, a political analyst, author, and director of programs with the Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies. She is also an expert on Yemen. “A Tale Of Grand Resistance: Yemen, The Wahhabi And The House Of Saud,” is her latest book, and in it she explores that real story of resistance against Saudi Arabia’s influence on the impoverished state.

Learn more about fake news and about the forgotten genocide in Yemen on the full episode of the Behind the Headline:

(Source / 17.01.2017)

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Israeli settler runs over Palestinian child in Hebron city

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HEBRON (Ma’an) — An Israeli settler on Tuesday evening ran over a four-year-old Palestinian child in the southern part of Hebron city in the occupied West Bank.

Medical sources at al-Ahli Hospital told Ma’an that Layan Ayed al-Razem, 4, was brought into the hospital with “bruises all over her body, mainly on her right leg.”
Sources added that she is in a stable condition.
Locals told Ma’an that al-Razem was crossing the street in the Jabal Jales area of southern Hebron city when an Israeli settler ran her over with his car.
The Israeli police and Magen David ambulances arrived to the scene and took the child to the nearby illegal Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba, before bringing her to a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance a half and hour later.
Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told Ma’an he was not familiar with the incident.
It was unclear whether authorities believed the incident to be deliberate.
Mistreatment of Palestinians in the Hebron area has been common since the city was divided in the 1990s after a US-born settler, Baruch Goldstein, massacred 29 Palestinians inside the Ibrahimi Mosque.
The majority of the city was placed under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority, while the Old City and surrounding areas were placed under Israeli military control in a sector known as H2.
The area is home to 30,000 Palestinians and around 800 Israeli settlers who live under the protection of Israeli forces. Hebron residents frequently report attacks and harassment by the settlers carried out in the presence of the forces.
(Source / 17.01.2017)

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ISIS caused $35 billion damage to Iraq

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Iraqi Prime Minister claimed that ISIS has damaged Iraq’s infrastructure by $35 billion.
Haider al-Abadi announced at a scientific conference in Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs: “ISIS’ attacks has negative consequences on oil fields as the result a lot of Iraq’s weapons and military equipment was destroyed.”

“In the fight against ISIS, the group has damaged Iraq’s infrastructure by $35 billion,” Haider al-Abadi said.

“The Iraqi oil prices continue to decline until 2020. The government must continue reducing government spending policy,” he added.

The Iraqi cabinet has lost two of its ministers in interpellation by members of parliament. One of the ministers also resigned previously. There is also whispers for impeaching some other ministers.

Iraqi Prime Minister demanded MPs to be self-control in impeaching ministers and said he is not “superman” to administer all ministries which don’t have ministers.

(Source / 17.01.2017)

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Abdah Urges US & EU Support for Political Process in Line with 2012 Geneva Communique

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President of the Syrian Coalition Anas Abdah met with the Norwegian envoy to Syria Knut Eiliv in the headquarters of the Syrian Coalition in Istanbul, Turkey on Tuesday.

The meeting discussed the course of a political solution in Syria and preparations for the upcoming talks be held in Astana and Geneva. Both sides stressed the need to restart negotiations to reach a political transition and to put an end to Assad’s war on the Syrian people, now in its sixth year.

Abdah underscored the need for concrete action by Europe and the United States to push the political process forward in accordance with the Geneva Communique of 2012. He also called for stepping up support of projects and programs being developed by the Syrian interim government in the liberated areas, especially in the areas of education, health and basic services.

Abdah highlighted the suffering and hardships facing the Syrian people in the areas besieged by the Assad regime forces and their allied foreign militias, calling for lifting the sieges and granting unhindered humanitarian access to these areas.

Abdah thanked the Norwegian envoy for supporting the Syrian people, especially Norway’s continued humanitarian support and its support in area of basic services.

Eiliv reiterated his country’s support for the Syrian Coalition and a real political transition in Syria as well as continued humanitarian support, especially for the besieged and affected areas.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 17.01.2017)

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Islamic Jihad: Jailers have until February to end detainees’ isolation

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The leading committee of Islamic Jihad prisoners has given the Israeli prison authority until February 1st to end the solitary confinement of five detainees from the Movement, including top official Anas Jaradat in Ashkelon jail.

The other four Islamic Jihad prisoners are Husni Issa, Munir Abu Rabie, Abdullah Abu Daher and Sa’ied Saleh. They are being isolated in Eshel jail.

According to Sahat as-Sujoon (prison yards) Office, an Islamic Jihad Facebook page, the committee’s decision to give the Israeli jailers a specific date for ending the isolation of the five detainees was taken after its talks in this regard with director of Ramon jail failed.

Head of the committee Zaid Basiso warned that the Israeli refusal to release the detainees from solitary confinement would be met with protest steps by the prisoners in all jails.

(Source / 17.01.2017)

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