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Nearly One Million Americans Watched Jill Stein Crash The Two-Party Presidential Debate

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‘This is a rigged debate controlled by the two corporate political parties,’ the Green Party’s presidential candidate tweeted while also responding to issues raised in the final debate via Facebook Live.

Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein delivers a stump speech to her supporters during a campaign stop at Humanist Hall in Oakland, Calif. on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016.

Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein delivers a stump speech to her supporters during a campaign stop at Humanist Hall in Oakland, Calif. on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016

LAS VEGAS — Excluded from the third and final presidential debate by the two-party system, Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein took to Facebook Live and Twitter on Wednesday night to offer an alternative point of view.

Over 932,000 people viewed her broadcast and it had been shared more than 19,700 times by Thursday afternoon.

“Thank you so much for tuning in to the real debate,” Stein told her Facebook audience during the opening moments of her video.

Calling the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debate at the University of Nevada a “sham debate,” she added:

“We are very excited to be able to present to you real answers to the questions after Hillary and Donald continue to duck those questions and mostly hurl mud at each other.”

Third-party candidates like Stein and Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson are effectively excluded from debates by the rules set by the Commission on Presidential Debates, a nonprofit corporation established by the Democratic and Republican parties which has controlled the debates since 1988. Under current rules, a third-party candidate would need to poll at 15 percent or higher in an average of five major national election polls.

Stein and others have argued that this system prevents voters from hearing from and considering all of their options. According to a poll published last month by Suffolk University and USA TODAY, 76 percent of American voters would like to see more presidential candidates on stage during the debates.

Watch Jill Stein respond to the final debate via Facebook Live:


During the livestream, Stein responded to each of the major questions posed to Clinton and Trump. She also shared her thoughts on the two-party system and its deeply unpopular candidates, suggesting the election had become a choice between two criminals.

As president, Stein said she would appoint Supreme Court justices who would “stand up for

labor rights, who continue to protect LGBTQ rights, who support immigrant rights, who support women’s rights, especially women’s reproductive rights, and Indigenous Americans’ rights.” She continued, vowing to appoint justices who would “stand up for the rights of people and to understand that corporations are not people” by opposing Citizens United and other decisions which have created a “false equivalence between money and speech.”

Stein called for some restrictions on firearms, including instituting background checks, changing rules around gun shows, and ending gun manufacturers’ immunity from prosecution.

While voicing her support for upholding Roe v. Wade, expanding abortion access, and rolling back the Hyde Amendment, Stein also criticized Clinton for not doing enough in Congress to improve all women’s access to reproductive health care and abortion. And she used the question of abortion posed to Trump and Clinton as an opportunity to express the Green Party’s continued support for universal, single-payer health care through an expanded Medicare program accessible to all U.S. residents.

In response to Trump’s call for a border wall with Mexico, Stein instead called for major changes to U.S. foreign policy. Stein said:

“We don’t need that wall. In fact, we need to stop invading other countries so that we’re not forcing migration of refugees. And in fact, the most important thing we can do to end the immigration crisis is to stop causing it in the first place.”

A key part of Stein’s platform is a major reduction in defense spending in favor of investment in a “Green New Deal,” which would reduce American dependence on fossil fuels while investing heavily in renewable energy. Stein also noted that climate change, a crucial issue for planetary survival, has been almost entirely overlooked during the debates:

The debate ended with a discussion of the national debt, which Stein used as an opportunity to share her plans for rebuilding the U.S. economy. She proposed that the United States could both reduce its debt and boost its economic prosperity by halting support for expensive foreign wars, cutting back on tax cuts offered to large corporations and the rich, and ending Wall Street deregulation.

She concluded:

“These wars for oil are not making us safer; they’re making us bankrupt. So we need to cut the bloated and dangerous military, which is something we can do with a weapons embargo, with a freeze on the bank accounts of our allies who are funding the terrorist forces. We can ensure that we can cut the military, enforce a true peace offensive in the Middle East, and put our dollars into true security here building up our economy.”

Twitter Moment: “Jill Stein live-tweets the third Presidential #debate”:

(Source / 21.10.2016)

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Israeli settlers seize Palestinian lands in Jordan Valley

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Israeli settler gangs grabbed hold of hundreds of dunums of Palestinian lands in the northern Jordan Valley.

Activist Motaz Besharat, who is in charge of the northern Jordan Valley file, said Israeli settlers seized over 300 dunums of Palestinian lands in al-Hima and set the foundations for new illegal settlement units and water pipes.

Activists warned of an upsurge in Israeli settlement schemes in the region over the past few years as part of an Israeli plan of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians.

(Source / 21.10.2016)

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Morocco to lead new Palestinian solidarity committee

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Palestinian protestors walk under a huge Palestinian flag in Gaza, on April 2016.

Palestinian protestors walk under a huge Palestinian flag in Gaza, on April 2016 [file photo]

Morocco is to hold the presidency of the newly formed International Committee for Solidarity with the Palestinian People, it was decided yesterday.

During a meeting in the Moroccan capital Rabat yesterday, it was decided that the committee’s headquarters would be in Rabat and that Moroccan Tali Al-Saud Al-Atlasi would head it.

In his acceptance speech Al-Atlasi said Morocco is known for its solidarity with the Palestinian people and asserted that the Palestinian cause is a major issue in the country.

He pointed out that both Moroccan politics and society stand with the Palestinians. He also reiterated that the Palestinian cause is an essential cause to stand in solidarity with due to principles of self-autonomy, as well as recognising Palestine’s religious and historical significance.

He then began to stress that he and Morocco will continue to stand with the Palestinian people and their cause and to help cultivate the influence and weight of the International Committee of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

(Source / 21.10.2016)

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Elderly Gazan hit by Israeli bullet fire

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An elderly Gazan was shot and injured by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in eastern al-Bureij refugee camp, in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

A PIC news correspondent identified the injured citizen as Omar Mohamed Arafa, 54, a resident of Deir al-Balah.

Omar was hit by bullet fire in his right leg and was rushed to the Shuhadaa al-Aqsa Hospital for urgent treatment.

Dozens of peaceful Palestinian protesters rallied in eastern al-Burej before they were targeted by live bullet rounds and teargas canisters randomly unleashed by the occupation army.

(Source / 21.10.2016)

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649 individuals Killed at the Hands of the International Coalition Forces including 244 Children and 132 Women

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The only Way to Defeat ISIS is to Ally with the whole Syrian People

the International Coalition Forces

SNHR has released the report: “The only Way to Defeat ISIS is to Ally with the whole Syrian People” in which it documented the most notable attacks carried out by the international coalition forces that resulted in civilian casualties or targeted vital civil facilities.
The report notes that international coalition forces entered Syria on 23 September 2014 to fight ISIS and operated without publicly siding with any of the conflict parties until the end of 2015 when they started to support and side with the Kurdish-majority Self-management forces, which consist primarily of the Democratic Union Party forces, a branch for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, under the pretext of fighting ISIS. These forces, however, fought and took over areas that were formerly under the control of the Syrian opposition factions which was the case in Tal Ref’at and the surrounding areas.

Additionally, the report stresses that supporting a group within any given society will establish for and lead to a long-term social quarrel and make the other components of this society see this group as a traitor foe as well as anyone supporting this group. What makes this worse, in the Syrian case, is the enforced-displacement crimes which the Democratic Union Party are committing on an ethnic basis. To a great extent, this is similar to the Iranian Support for Hezbollah and might even much worse considering that Hezbollah never declared any separatist intention.
Fadel Abdul Ghani, chairman of SNHR, adds:
“The international coalition will not be able to defeat ISIS even if they lost all of their lands as long as there are existents producers which are, primarily, the oppressive regimes that dedicate the state’s resources to demean their people and stand behind sectarian and bloodthirsty slogans. Even a military success won’t be possible unless social segments (and not sectarian or ethnic) were involved in the fight against ISIS.”

This report highlights 46 incidents in which international coalition forces targeted vital objects and facilities. There were 28 incidents, out of the 46, that resulted in civilian casualties between Thursday 4 February 2016 and Wednesday 12 October 2016. The most notable incident was in Al Toukhar village, affiliated to Manbej city, where 98 civilians have fallen including 59 children and 27 women.
The report draws upon cumulative, ongoing, and daily monitoring processes by SNHR team where we followed-up on the incidents and spoke to survivors, victims’ families, and eyewitnesses. Furthermore, we have reviewed and verified the pictures and videos.
The report notes that aerial bombardment has caused collateral damages that involved loss of lives, injuries, and significant damages to civil facilities. There are strong indicators suggesting that the damage was too excessive compared to the anticipated military benefit.
The calls on the international coalition forces to respect the international humanitarian law and the customary international law and bear the consequences of the violations that have occurred since the beginning of the strikes.

The report asserts that states of coalition have to explicitly and clearly confess that some of the airstrikes have resulted in innocent civilian casualties. Denying so won’t benefit these government as there are documented human rights reports and residents’ account that fully expose that. Instead, these states should launch serious investigations and compensate the victims and the affected as soon as possible.
Lastly, the report calls for the protection of civilians in Syria from the brutality and savagery of the Syrian regime and the extremist militias that are fighting by the regime’s side. A no-fly zone must be enforced on the warplanes that are dropping tens of barrel bombs every day in parallel with protecting the civilians in Syria from the brutality of ISIS.

View full Report

(Source / 21.10.2016)

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Islamic Jihad urges Abbas to cancel Oslo accord

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Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad, Ramadan Shalah, urged on Friday the Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas to pluck up his courage and cancel the Oslo agreement.

Reaching out to Gaza by phone during a festival held by the Islamic Jihad to mark the 29th anniversary of the group’s inception, Shalah urged the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to backtrack on its recognition of Israel.

He called on Abbas to take serious steps in favor of the Palestinian cause and people.

The Islamic Jihad leader suggested ten tips as a way out from the current impasse emerging on the Palestinian national scene.

He spoke up against the tragic upshots of the Oslo accord, saying it served as an umbrella to cover Israeli crimes.

Shalah stressed the strong bond unifying the Palestinians of the West Bank, Gaza, and 1948 Occupied Palestine, calling for healing the rift and working on deactivating the Oslo accord.

He stressed the need to restructure the PLO as an organization that is expected to speak up for all the Palestinians alike.

According to Shalah, armed resistance is the only way to oust the Israeli occupation.

Also speaking during the festival, Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar slammed the Israeli aggressions and break-ins at the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque.

He said the Al-Aqsa Mosque is for Muslims only.

He hailed the Islamic Jihad on the occasion of the 29th commemoration of the group’s founding.

“We might disagree over certain matters. However, we are on the same mind as our brothers in the Islamic Jihad regarding our commitment to the key tenets,” said al-Zahar.

He added that the Palestinian resistance will make no concessions and will never forfeit a single inch of Palestine.

“Palestine extends from river to sea. Palestine is not just Gaza and the West Bank. Our territorial integrity is not a bargaining chip,” al-Zahar further stated.

(Source / 21.10.2016)

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Syrian Coalition & FSA: UN Became ‘Tool’ Russia Uses to Further Its Plans in Syria

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The Syrian Coalition and the Free Syrian Army said the United Nations has become a tool in the hands of Russia which uses it to serve its plans. In a joint statement released on Friday, the Syrian Coalition and the FSA groups said that the UN continues to ignore Russia’s crimes and its violations of international law in Syria.

The statement described the initiative put forward by the UN to resolve the situation in Aleppo as flawed and said that it plays into the Assad regime’s plans to empty the city of its indigenous population.

The Coalition and FSA groups reaffirmed support for any serious initiative aimed at lifting the sieges; allowing the delivery of humanitarian aid to the besieged areas, including Aleppo; the evacuation of the wounded and sick; and the full implementation of UN Security Council resolution 2254 (2015) and other relevant resolutions.

The statement urged the UN to make “a thorough and real reconsideration of its positions and performance on Syria after the election of a new secretary-general.”

“The UN has been treating the executioner and the victim as equals, and its positions on Syria has helped the Assad regime and the Iranian-backed terrorist militia to execute their plans and provided a cover for Russia’s war crimes for which there has been so far no condemnation,” the statement added.

The statement pointed out that the UN initiative does not include any provision dealing with the delivery of humanitarian aid and is focused on the evacuation of a limited number of the most critically wounded.

“Meanwhile, the Russian invaders and the Assad regime have put increased pressure on the residents of eastern Aleppo through military operations and security measures to force them to leave their homes along with the rebel fighters. Therefore, the UN initiative is flawed, and instead of preventing forced displacement, it plays into the Assad regime’s plans to empty Aleppo of its indigenous population.”

The Coalition and FSA made it clear that the initiative was made whilst mass forced displacement operations are being carried out by the Assad regime in the Damascus suburbs of Moadamiya, Qudsaya, and Alhama in a repeat of the Daraya scenario. “All this has taken place amid complete silence by the United Nations which has so far failed to act in line with its responsibility to protect civilians.”

“Moreover, the UN initiative does not offer any guarantees for the safety of the wounded or their carers, thus putting them at the risk of being arrested or killed by the Assad regime.”

The statement concluded by stressing that the UN has a responsibility of to stop the serious military escalation by Russia in Aleppo as well as other parts of Syria and its use of internationally banned weapons, including bunker-buster bombs, napalm, incendiary bombs, and chemical weapons. “Crimes of genocide and war crimes against Syrian women and children must no longer be tolerated and its perpetrators must be punished.”

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 21.10.2016)

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