Yemen Army Regains Control over Strategic Areas in Marib

Aden – Yemeni National Army units continued their push in the eastern province of Marib, military sources said. Yemen’s first group of special commandos managed to penetrate multiple insurgency strongholds in the Directorate of Sarawah in Marib. An insurgency commander Brig. Gen. Hussein Qasim al-Saqqaf was killed in the attacks launched by government forces three days ago along with a number of his companions, many armed militiamen were captured as well. According to information gathered from the third military zone in Marib, a commando operation also resulted in the seizure of a large number of documents. Marib province is among … Continue reading Yemen Army Regains Control over Strategic Areas in Marib

Yemen’s army edges closer to Taiz presidential palace

Image of Yemeni soldiers Yemen’s national army, loyal to President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, are metres away from the presidential palace, Al-Arabiya reported today. Thirty-two Houthi soldiers and their allies have been killed in the fire fight with the advancing national army. Five Yemeni army soldiers have been killed and 20 injured in the battle for the presidential palace. Major General Khalid Fadel, the commander of the Taiz battlefront, confirmed that the Yemeni army has recaptured the surrounding buildings, including the central building and medical school. In a message broadcast to his forces, the commander told them to remain “firm”. … Continue reading Yemen’s army edges closer to Taiz presidential palace

Political Changes Reflect on Yemen

It is clear from the intensified Arab coalition’s operations in Yemen that the war there has greatly shifted in their favor against the insurgents. Coordination between Saudi-led coalition forces and the US has been restored after it was suspended during the last year of Barack Obama’s presidential term. Several raids targeted Houthi militias training camps in Saada and several Houthi locations in the Nahm front, east of Sana’a, which ended with their defeat in that rugged governorate. According to army statements, the national army, aided by coalition’s air force, moved to Arhab, the governorate close to the capital Sana’a. In … Continue reading Political Changes Reflect on Yemen

Yemen war turns two

Women hold a banner as they take part in a protest marking the International Women’s Day outside the United Nations offices in Sanaa, Yemen, March 8, 2017 This month the war in Yemen is 2 years old. It pits a coalition of mostly wealthy Arab countries, led by Saudi Arabia, supporting President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi’s government against a ragged alliance of Houthi Shiite rebels and backers of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who enjoy Iranian support. Despite occasional claims that victory is near by the Saudi-backed Hadi loyalists, there is little prospect for the war to end. The Yemeni people, the poorest … Continue reading Yemen war turns two

Houthis and their allies destroy mosques and kidnap imams

Image of armed Houthi rebels [file photo] Houthi militias and their allies, notably forces loyal to ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh, have destroyed or damaged 578 mosques in Yemen and kidnapped 150 imams, a Saudi newspaper alleged on Friday. According to Okaz, there are reports that in some areas the Houthis are obliging imams to use sectarian slogans to incite people to kill, destroy property and create divisions within society. One report, issued after contact was made with Yemeni scholars, claims that 29 mosques have been completely destroyed by the Houthis; 24 others were partially destroyed; and dozens of others … Continue reading Houthis and their allies destroy mosques and kidnap imams

Yemeni government calls on UN to blacklist Houthis

On 23 December, Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi told the UN General Assembly that he has pledged to “grab” his country from “Iran’s claws” Supporters of President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi gather to mark the 6th anniversary of the Yemeni uprising in Taiz, Yemen on February 11, 2017 The internationally-recognised government in Yemen has called on the UN Security Council to designate the Houthis and its allied forces of ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh as “terrorist” organisations, Anadolu reported on Sunday. The request was made in a message handed by Yemen’s Representative to the UN, Khalid Al-Yamani, to Secretary General António … Continue reading Yemeni government calls on UN to blacklist Houthis

Yemen’s President Hadi Orders Establishment of Joint Security Unit in Aden

Yemen’s President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi gestures during a news conference in Sanaa in this November 19, 2012 Taiz- Yemen’s President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi ordered the formation and activation of a security operations room linked with Ministry of Interior based in the temporary capital of Aden. Yemen national news agency SABA reported that the joint unit aims “to converge information and facilitate decision-making, promoting security in general.” “The unit will complete enlisting national security employees, and aid in the urgent dispensing of due salaries.” President Hadi chaired on Sunday a key meeting including top military and security leaders in Aden. “Victories … Continue reading Yemen’s President Hadi Orders Establishment of Joint Security Unit in Aden