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Ramallah: Demonstration to preserve the traditional Palestinian dress

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PNN/ Ramallah/

Palestinian youth on Saturday launched an initiative to preserve the traditional Palestinian dress, in response to constant Israeli attempts to steal and falsify it.

The initiative, which took place in Ramallah and Al-Bireh cities, included traditional dancing and singing to reinforce the Palestinian identity, and calls on this date, 25 July, to be the Palestinian Traditional dress day.

The two initiators, Lana Hijazi from Jerusalem and Mayy Al-Layli from Gaza, said that the idea came after an Israeli model was wearing the Palestinian dress, claiming it was an Israeli heritage.

Hijazi, coordinator of the project said that the event was supposed to take place in different areas in Palestine including Bethlehem, Hebron, Jerusalem, Nablus, Nazareth and Gaza, since it was a form of resistance against the ongoing Israeli occupation, and a part of the Palestinian identity.

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Hamas Military Wing Offers Thousands Combat Training

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The armed wing of Hamas opened its Gaza summer camp, Saturday, aiming to provide basic combat training for 25,000 Palestinians in the embattled coastal enclave.

Hamas veiligheidstroepen

Members of the Palestinian security forces loyal to Hamas march during a graduation ceremony in Gaza City on December 4, 2014

Hamas, the de facto power in Gaza, is reportedly engaged in indirect contacts with Israel to try to reach a long-term truce, but a year after last summer’s devastating 50-day war the militant movement has kept up the fighting talk.

“The goal of these military training camps is to train the vanguard for liberation — spiritually, intellectually and physically — to be ready and able to play its role in liberation,” said a statement by the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military wing.

According to AFP, it said that participants, aged 15-60, would spend two weeks being “trained in military techniques and in firing live ammunition” as well as “first aid and rescue techniques.”

As with all the brigades’ activities the camps will be conducted out of public and media sight. Rescue squads dealt with thousands of local victims during the war of July-August 2014, the third in Gaza in six years.

Hamas has long run summer camps devoted to sport and study of the Koran in Gaza but over the winter the al-Qassam brigades launched a new kind of camp, giving military training to 15 to 20-year-olds. Human rights activists condemned it as a forced militarization of Gazan society and a violation of children’s rights.

Brushing off the criticism, the brigades are repeating the exercise with the summer camp, while raising the upper age limit to 60.

The group’s steadfast approach to resisting the ongoing Israeli occupation has gained criticism in the past.

The conduct of Hamas during last summers’ war was probed by a UN Commission of Inquiry, which criticized Palestinian factions of “indiscriminate” firing of thousands of rockets and mortar rounds at Israel, which it said appeared to be have been intended to “spread terror” among Israeli civilians.

Hamas welcomed the report and has pledged to cooperate with the International Criminal Court.

The group views the potential court hearings as a venue to seek justice and enter into what it has termed a “legal battle” with Israel, which is also facing charges of war crimes from the international body.

Over 2,200 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed during last summer’s war, while 73, mostly soldiers, were killed on the Israeli side.

Large swathes of the Gaza Strip remain in ruin, with 18,000 homes completely or severely destroyed during the conflict, and more than 100,000 Gazans still homeless.

Amnesty International in April also accused Hamas of war crimes, but the group rejected the report, arguing for the right of Palestinians to defend themselves against both the ongoing Israeli occupation and Israeli military offenses.

“War crimes have clear specifications, according to the Rome Statute, that do not in any way apply to the Palestinian resistance, which was, is, and will defend its people,” Hamas responded to the report.

Al-Qassam Brigades said in March that it had recovered from Israel’s offensive last summer and was “not afraid” of confronting the occupation again.

The Gaza Strip has remained under a tightly-controlled land, sea, and airblockade since 2007.

Rights groups and the international community have repeatedly called for Israel to lift the blockade to ease the current humanitarian crisis, warning that its continuation will promote further unrest in the strip.

(Source / 26.07.2015)

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Hamas Military Wing Releases Footage of Weapons, ID Cards Seized from Israeli Soldiers

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Hamas Military Wing Releases Footage of Weapons, ID Cards Seized from Israeli Soldiers

TEHRAN (FNA)- Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, released footage showing weapons and ID cards of Israeli soldiers after they were defeated by the Palestinian group during an operation in summer 2014.

The weapons and ID cards were seized from the Israeli military men during an ambush operation in Beit Hanoun, Gaza, in the 51-day war of summer 2014.

The ID cards and documents belong to three Israeli soldiers whose fate is unclear.

Also in December, a Hamas-run television channel displayed some footage taken from the Israeli army’s computer network.

The video, which seemed to have been captured by an Israeli drone, showed fighters from Ezzedine al-Qassam Bridages returning from an operation inside Israeli territory during the recent Gaza war.

Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV said the “behind-enemy-lines” operation was conducted on July 19 and targeted an Israeli military site near the border with Eastern Gaza.

The fighters sneaked into Israel through an underground tunnel and attacked three Israeli military vehicles, leaving an unspecified number of Israeli troops dead and injured, the channel said.

(Source / 25.07.2015)

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‘Palestinian resistance will end when the Israeli occupation ends’

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Hamas leader, Dr Moussa Abu Marzouk

Hamas leader, Dr Moussa Abu Marzouk

The Deputy Chairman of Hamas has said that the Palestinian resistance in the occupied West Bank is the legitimate exercise of the people’s right to confront the Israeli occupation in all its forms. It will not end, insisted Moussa Abu Marzouk, until the occupation ends.

Writing on his Facebook page on Thursday, the Hamas official stressed that the heroic resistance in Jerusalem and the West Bank is a duty on every Palestinian and an act of pride. “Those injured, arrested or even killed are victims of the infamous security coordination,” he added, in a clear reference to the coordination between Israeli security agencies and the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces shot and killed Falah Hamdi Abu Maria on Thursday. The 53-year old from Beit Ummar village, north of Hebron, was shot after troops raided his home and wounded his son.

(Source / 24.07.2015)

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Palestinian security releases Hamas member after 5 years in jail

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Islam Hamid

Islam Hamid

Palestinian Authority (PA) security services in the West Bank have released Palestinian-Brazilian citizen Islam Hamed after five years in jail, including 102 days of hunger strike,Anadolu and other media sources reported on Tuesday.

Relatives said that Hamed was released in the presence of his mother and wife, as well as the deputy Brazilian consul to the PA.

The PA obliged Hamed to sign a document in which it forgoes responsibility for his security after his release. His wife said that this measure was taken as a result of “false information” that was “dragged” from Hamed while he was in prison and passed to the Israeli occupation.

The spokesman of the PA security services Adnan Al-Dameeri said that Hamed spent his three-year sentence and remained in prison for extra two years to protect him from being arrested by the Israeli occupation.

However, family and Palestinian rights groups said that Hamed was released after 102 days of hunger strike inside PA prisons. He protested against ill-treatment and being incarcerated for no reason.

Hamed, from Silwad Neighbourhood in the east of Ramallah, was arrested by the PA in September 2010. He was sentenced to three years, but the Supreme Palestinian court cleared him after one year.

Hamed was arrested after he was wounded in a fire exchange with an Israeli settler near Ramallah. His wife said that the PA released her husband after he “became very sick”.

(Source / 23.07.2015)

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100,000 still homeless one year after Gaza war

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Thousands of people in this neighbourhood in Beit Hanoun had their houses destroyed in the war on Gaza last year. Photo: NRC/Karl Schembri

Thousands of people in this neighbourhood in Beit Hanoun had their houses destroyed in the war on Gaza last year

One year since the beginning of the last war on Gaza, which killed over 2,000 Palestinians, tens of thousands of people are still homeless, waiting for reconstruction to begin in the blockaded enclave.

None of the 12,600 homes destroyed a year ago have been rebuilt, leaving up to 100,000 people still displaced, with many of them living in makeshift tents or struggling to earn enough to pay rent in an economy shattered by 8 years under blockade. An extra 83,977 housing units are still waiting for repair assistance and people continue to live in homes that bare gaping holes from the bombardment.

While much has been made of mechanisms to bring in construction materials which the blockade would otherwise prevent, the problem goes deeper than merely providing building materials. At present Gaza is getting just 7.5 per cent of daily construction materials needed to cover the housing demand within five years, but even where materials are available, the people lack the finances to start reconstruction in an area with the highest unemployment rate in the world. Large swathes of rubble are still waiting to be cleared – some still containing unexploded ordnance from the war – the water network has suffered severe damage and electricity only comes intermittently. All these obstacles must be addressed as a precursor to the reconstruction process.

Drawing from a nightmare made by a Palestinian child in Gaza showing the consequenses of the conflict

“The utter destruction left a year ago is keeping thousands of people in misery, on top of an already crippling blockade that limits everything coming in and out of the Gaza Strip,” said Norwegian Refugee Council’s Secretary General Jan Egeland. “This is the third time the people of Gaza have had to rebuild in less than a decade, each time in more dire circumstances. If the people of Gaza are to have any chance to truly recover, the international community must ensure that the reconstruction happens urgently.”

NRC is calling upon the international community to support the development of a holistic plan for all aspects of the reconstruction process, however, in the interim, urgent funding is also needed for temporary shelter solutions for the tens of thousands of displaced persons.

“A clear plan for reconstruction is essential, but we also cannot lose sight of the root causes of this conflict. Peace cannot be built on this rubble,” Egeland added. “Unless the blockade and occupation of Palestine are addressed, we are bound to see this senseless cycle of destruction and reconstruction happening all over again, as we have seen over the last seven years, with catastrophic consequences for Palestinians and Israelis. A seven-year-old child in Gaza has already witnessed three wars in their lifetime. This is unacceptable and international donors and governments must demand that Israel commits to protecting civilian infrastructure – particularly water infrastructure, schools and medical facilities –and that the blockade of Gaza is lifted.”

(Source / 21.07.2015)

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Palestinian stone-throwers to be jailed for 20 years

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Far-right minister says Palestinian stone-throwers are ‘terrorists’

Occupied Jerusalem: The Israeli regime’s parliament imposed tougher penalties of up to 20 years prison for people throwing stones at vehicles and roads, a move one Palestinian official branded racist and excessive.

Lawmakers voted 69 to 17 to increase the punishments late on Monday, approving legislation proposed after a wave of Palestinian protests last year in occupied East Jerusalem.

“Tolerance toward terrorists ends today. A stone-thrower is a terrorist and only a fitting punishment can serve as a deterrent and just punishment,” the regime’s Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, of the radical far-right Jewish Home party, said in a statement.

Confrontations between Palestinian youths and Israeli police routinely degenerate into violent clashes, and stone-throwing has been a symbol of Palestinian resistance since the first Palestinian uprising, or Intifada, against the regime in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Since 2011 three Israelis, including a baby and a girl, have been killed in the occupied West Bank after rocks were thrown at vehicles they were in.

Human rights groups have criticised Israel for using excessive force including live fire in suppressing Palestinian demonstrations, causing dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries.

Shaked has been accused of calling for the genocide of Palestinians for a facebook post that labelled all Palestinian people as the enemy and called for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers who give birth to “little snakes.”

The new law allows for a sentence of up to 20 years in jail for throwing a rock at a vehicle with the intent of causing bodily harm and 10 years in prison if intent was not proven.

Prosecutors in such cases have usually sought sentences of no more than three months in jail when the offence does not result in serious injury.

Qadura Fares, head of the Palestinian Prisoner Club, an organisation that advocates on behalf of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, said the new law was “racist”.

“This law is hateful and contradicts the most basic rule that the punishment fit the offence,” he said.

The law would cover territory including occupied East Jerusalem, but not the occupied West Bank, most of which is under the jurisdiction of the Israeli military.

The occupation regime hands down about 1,000 indictments a year for rock-throwing, according to the Israeli Knesset.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government faced growing calls to take action after the Palestinian protests in 2014 over the Gaza war and the burning alive of a Palestinian teenager in a suspected revenge attack for the killing of three Israeli teens by Palestinian militants.

During the protests, stones were regularly thrown at the city’s light railway.

The new legislation was originally promoted by Shaked’s predecessor, Tzipi Livni.

The Palestinians seek a state in occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip. US-brokered peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians broke down in 2014.

(Source / 21.07.2015)

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