Fatah Picks Deputy Leader to Mahmoud Abbas

Participants in the Fatah congress in Ramallah clap and cheer before a speech by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Ramallah-Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement has chosen Mahmoud al-Aloul as deputy party leader. Aloul is a member of the central committee of Fatah, which approved the decision amid criticism by supporters of Prisoner Marwan Barghouti, who was anticipating his appointment, especially after he got a boost at the Fatah congress vote two months ago. Aloul, 67, said his appointment will last for one year only. He comes from Nablus and is one of the prominent Fatah leaders who worked with … Continue reading Fatah Picks Deputy Leader to Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinians in East Jerusalem battle for their homes

Dozens of Palestinian families live with the constant threat of eviction by Israeli settler groups in the occupied city. Nora Sub Laban and her family have spent years in court fighting to remain in their Old City home Occupied East Jerusalem – Ahmad Sub Laban gently peeled back the blinds covering a window in his home, revealing the golden Dome of the Rock in Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. “If you look outside this window, you will understand exactly why the Israelis are targeting us with eviction,” he told Al Jazeera. The Sub Labans are among at least 180 Palestinian families threatened … Continue reading Palestinians in East Jerusalem battle for their homes

Abu Rashid: Palestinians of Europe changed western stands on Palestine

Amin Abu Rashid, general coordinator of the Palestinians in Europe Conference, said on Saturday that the Palestinian diaspora is the main supporter of the Palestinian revolution, but its role was negatively affected after the Oslo Agreement. In an exclusive interview with the PIC, Abu Rashid affirmed that the Palestinian diaspora played a key role in launching the Palestinian revolution at first, and then ensuring its continuity for decades. However, after the Oslo Agreement, this role was limited to backing Palestinians inside the Palestinian territories. Abu Rashid pointed out that the decline in the role of the Palestinian diaspora has to … Continue reading Abu Rashid: Palestinians of Europe changed western stands on Palestine

Nablus’ only oud maker keeps city in tune

A Palestinian boy plays an oud near the village of al Wallaje, West Bank, Nov. 11, 2010 NABLUS, West Bank — In a small workshop in the old city of Nablus in the West Bank, Ali Hassanein, 56, has been busy for 60 days manufacturing an oud. Hassanein is the only oud maker in Nablus, and citizens from there and neighboring cities head to his workshop to buy ouds and have their own instruments restored and repaired. The oud, which is also Arabic for “wood,” is a pear-shaped stringed instrument. Considered one of the oldest man-made musical instruments, dating back … Continue reading Nablus’ only oud maker keeps city in tune

Who are the Nawari, Gaza’s alienated ‘Gypsies’?

A young girl from the Nawari community peers out from an alleyway, Gaza City, Gaza, Aug. 9, 2016 GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — In the northern Gaza district of al-Saftawi, the Nawar neighborhood remains socially isolated from its surroundings. Many Gazans discriminate against the Nawari community based on old societal beliefs. Mussa Natour, a researcher on Palestinian history and member of the Palestinian Curriculum Development Center at the Ministry of Education, stressed to Al-Monitor that there are no Gypsy communities in Palestine at present and that the Roma groups that once spread throughout the Levant area have left Palestine because of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He explained that although … Continue reading Who are the Nawari, Gaza’s alienated ‘Gypsies’?


Largest Palestinian team to date arrives in Rio for Olympics by Celine Hagbard Palestinian athletes representing Palestine walked in the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Rio on Friday – marking the largest team since Palestine began competing in the Olympics in 1996. The team wore traditional embroidered dresses and kaffiyeh scarves, and waved the Palestinian flag. No athlete representing Palestine has yet won a medal in the Olympics, which sports analysts say is not surprising, considering the lack of facilities in Palestine, and travel restrictions imposed by the Israeli military authorities that control all aspects of Palestinian life. … Continue reading SIX PALESTINIAN ATHLETES COMPETING IN OLYMPICS THIS YEAR

Palestine will remain Palestine

Article of May 14,2016 Today marks the 68th year of Nakbeh, or Palestinian catastrophe. In 1948, Israel was created on Palestinian land, starting decades of Palestinian suffering, sacrifice, dispossession and displacement. Palestinians, both Muslim and Christian, who were a majority in their homeland before the start of the waves of Jewish immigration from Europe in the wake of the holocaust, were surprised to see another state declared on their ancestral land. By that act, Jewish survivors of the holocaust, aided by Western powers triumphant against Nazi Germany in World War II, started another racist war against the non-Jewish population of Palestine, … Continue reading Palestine will remain Palestine