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Syrian Coalition and Rebels Ready to Fill Power Vacuum When Assad Falls

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Vice-president Hisham Marwa said that the Syrian Coalition and the revolutionary forces are ready to fill the power vacuum that will ensue after the collapse of the Assad regime, adding that “we have already developed an integrated vision for the issues of security and services and have political and legal plans for the post-Assad phase.”

“We have clear plans and procedures in the event of the fall of the Assad regime and the collapse of the security apparatuses which we see is imminent in light of the rapid military rebel gains. The greatest challenges we will be faced with are the security and services. The security challenge will be dealt through the Interim Ministry of Defense, the Interim Ministry of the Interior, the rebel factions currently active on the ground, and through the formation of civil committees to maintain security in neighborhoods and villages.”

Marwa points to the existence of plans and coordination between several executive bodies to meet the people’s needs and the provision of basic services such as education, health and the basic needs. This task will be allocated to the relevant ministries of the interim government, local councils, humanitarian and international organizations with the support of sister and friendly countries.

Marwa notes that “the Syrian Coalition still seeks the success of the political process and reaching a peaceful transition of power, but the intransigence of the Assad regime and its insistence on a military solution foils any prospects of a political solution. International and regional parties supporting the Assad regime also considerably contributes to the failure of the political process in Syria.

Last week Marwa attended a session on the sidelines of a UN Human Rights Council meeting titled “Syria after Tyranny” held in Geneva. During the session, he presented the Syrian Coalition’s vision for the transitional period in Syria and the principles of a political settlement based on the formation of a transitional governing body with full powers.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 29.06.2015)

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June 29, 2015 at 7:53 pm

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ECESG: Freedom Flotilla 3 to continue to sail

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GAZA, (PIC)– The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza (ECESG) stated that Freedom Flotilla 3 will continue to sail towards Gaza shores despite the Israeli act of piracy against Marianne boat that leads the flotilla.

Member of the ECESG Rami Abdo said in a press conference on Monday that one additional ship will set sail from Greece within 48 hours.

Abdo called on the Arab countries and the international community to take firm positions against the Israeli act of piracy in the Mediterranean.

For his part, head of the campaign Mazen Kahil said that the Freedom Flotilla will continue to sail till breaking the siege on Gaza.

Israeli hijacking of Marianne reveals Israel’s ugly image and its crime against humanity and peaceful activists, he added.

The international coalition to support the Freedom Flotilla sent appeals to the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to protect the former Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki who is among 18 other activists aboard Marianne which was intercepted by Israeli navy forces at dawn Monday.

In his turn, head of the International Committee to Break the Siege on Gaza and founding member of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition Zaher Birawi affirmed in a press release on Monday that three boats of the Israeli navy had surrounded Marianne in international waters, while sailing approximately 100 nautical miles from Gaza coast.

After that we lost contact with the Marianne and at 05:11 AM (Gaza time) the Israeli authorities announced that they had “visited and searched” Marianne, Birawi said, adding that they captured the boat and detained all on board “in international waters” as they admitted themselves.

(Source / 29.06.2015)

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June 29, 2015 at 7:30 pm

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Palestinians in besieged Gaza awaiting 3rd freedom flotilla

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Palestijnen wachten op Flotilla 3

The Gaza Strip, home to one-point-eight million Palestinians, is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the third freedom flotilla. The convoy of boats has already set sail to break the Israeli naval blockade on the Gaza Strip despite one of the boats being damaged in Greece by saboteurs on Thursday. The Palestinian coastal territory has been under a tight land, air, and naval blockade since 2007.

(Source / 28.06.2015)

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June 28, 2015 at 11:19 pm

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Breaking News: Victory for Khader Adnan; to be released 12 July

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Khader Adnan, Palestinian political prisoner and long-term hunger striker, has achieved victory for the second time via hunger strike; in the early morning of 29 June, after 55 days of hunger strike in protest of his administrative detention without charge or trial, Adnan’s wife Randa announced that an agreement has been reached with his Israeli captors to release him on 12 July. She also stated that there is a commitment to end the use of administrative detention – under which Adnan has been held for over 6 years through multiple imprisonments – against Adnan.

Khader Adnan, 37, a baker from Jenin and a political activist, was also released from Israeli administrative detention without charge or trial in 2012 after a 67-day hunger strike that sparked widespread international and Palestinian support and helped to revitalize the broad movement for Palestinian prisoners’ freedom. Released on 17 April 2012, he was re-arrested on 8 July 2014 and had been held since then without charge or trial. He launched his hunger strike on 5 May to protest the renewal of his administrative detention and had reached a critical health stage.

Randa and Adnan’s children and parents visited Adnan in Assaf Harofeh hospital, where he is being held, chained hand and foot to his hospital bed, following the announcement of the agreement.

(Source / 28.06.2015)

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June 28, 2015 at 11:02 pm

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Palestinian inmate on hunger strike close to death, his lawyer says

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Protesters in al-Quds chant slogans during a demonstration in support of Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan (portrait), who is in an Israeli jail without trial, June 5, 2015. © AFP

Protesters in al-Quds chant slogans during a demonstration in support of Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan (portrait), who is in an Israeli jail without trial, June 5, 2015

Lawyer of Palestinian inmate Khader Adnan, who has been on a long hunger strike in protest at the conditions of his imprisonment, has warned that the prisoner could die “any moment.”

“Khader Adnan may suddenly die at any moment, doctors have confirmed to me,” said Jawad Boulos, legal counsel for the Ramallah-based Prisoners Club, on Saturday.

He issued the warning after “the doctors at the Israeli hospital, where Khadar Adnan is currently held,” called him and said they were “on alert due to the deterioration of his condition.”

Boulos added that he visited Adnan on Saturday morning and found him “in a more critical condition, incapable of moving.” The Palestinian prisoner has been refusing food for 53 days.

Israel Prisons Service spokeswoman Sivan Weizman, meanwhile, said Adnan has been transferred to a hospital near Tel Aviv, but refrained from commenting on his medical condition.

The 36-year-old Palestinian prisoner and father of six was abducted in July 2014 as part of an Israeli arrest campaign across the occupied West Bank and has since been held under the so-called administrative detention.

The mother of Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan holds a framed poster of her son in the occupied West Bank village of Araba, near Jenin, June 2, 2015

Administrative detention is a sort of imprisonment without trial or charge that allows the Tel Aviv regime to incarcerate Palestinians for up to six months. The detention order can be renewed for indefinite periods of time.

In 2012, Adnan went on a 66-day hunger strike against his detention without trial or charge. He was freed in April of that year in a deal that also ended the hunger strike of 2,000 other Palestinian prisoners who wanted an end to their administrative detention.

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Center for Studies says administrative detention orders in the first three months of 2015 have witnessed a sharp increase in comparison with the same period in 2014.

On June 24, the Arab League condemned acts of torture and ill-treatment of Palestinian prisoners at Israeli jails, calling for the release of all inmates who have been held without charge.

(Source / 27.06.2015)

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June 27, 2015 at 10:14 pm

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Kuwait mourns victims of Friday mosque attack

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Kuwait blast

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the bloody explosion that rocked a Shia mosque in Kuwait’s capital.

The fatal attack took place during Friday’s prayers at the Shiite-affiliated Imam Al-Sadeq mosque, killing at least 27 people and wounding 227 others.

A group calling itself “Najd Province” [believed to be affiliated with ISIS]claimed responsibility of the attack. The same group said it had carried out two bombing attacks on Shi mosques in Saudi Arabi late on May where more than two dozen were killed.

A statement posted by pro-ISIS social media accounts boasted the offensive against what they called ‘Temple of the Rejectionists”, a derogatory term used by the extremist Sunni group to describe Shia Muslims.

The perpetrator of the massacre was identified as Abu Suleiman Al-Muwahed.

“The worshippers were on Sujood [kneeling]when the suicide bomber walked in the detonated his explosive belt. He looked in his 20s, I saw him with my own eyes”, said MP Khalil Al-Salih who happened to be at the Imam Sadiq mosque during the attack.

That a suicide bomber blows himself up among a congregation of worshippers during Friday prayers in the Holy month of Ramadan has been denounced by the majority of Muslims worldwide.

Immediately after the fatal blast, Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah visited the damaged mosque, along with the speaker of Kuwaiti parliament who called the cabinet for an urgent meeting.

Abu Suleiman Al-Muwahid is believed to be the bomber

Abu Suleiman Al-Muwahid is believed to be the bomber

The cabinet declared Saturday an official day of mourning for the victims.

The bomber just seconds before detonating his explosives

The bomber just seconds before detonating his explosives

(Source / 27.06.2015)

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80 mosques to be closed in Tunisia for inciting violence

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Tunisia will shut down about 80 mosques accused of inciting violence, Prime Minister Habib Essid has said, after a beach attack that left 39 people dead.

The mosques, which operate outside state control, are spreading “venom” and will close within a week, he said.

On Friday a gunman opened fire on tourists in the resort town of Sousse.

Tunisia plans within a week to close down 80 mosques that remain outside state control for inciting violence, as a countermeasure after the hotel attack that killed 39 people, Prime Minister Habib Essid said on Friday. PHOTO: REUTERS

Tunisia plans within a week to close down 80 mosques that remain outside state control for inciting violence, as a countermeasure after the hotel attack that killed 39 people, Prime Minister Habib Essid said on Friday

Tunisians, Britons, Germans, Belgians, French and at least one Irish citizen were among those killed in the attack, claimed by Islamic State (IS).

The gunman was shot dead by police. Officials say he was a student not previously known toauthorities.

This was the second major attack on tourists in Tunisia since March, when militants killed 22 people, mainly foreigners, at a museum in the capital.

‘People screaming’

Speaking at a news conference in Tunis, Mr Essid said: “Some mosques continue to spread their propaganda and their venom to promote terrorism.”

He said they would be closed by the interior ministry.

Referring to Friday’s attack, Mr Essid said most victims were British, without providing details.

Earlier, UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said at least five Britons were confirmed dead, adding: “We must expect more reports of fatalities”.

Security officials said one attacker, who had posed as a swimmer but was carrying a rifle under a parasol, started shooting on the beach before entering the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba, continuing to shoot.

One British holidaymaker in Sousse, Steve Johnson, told the BBC: “We were just lying on the beach as usual and… we heard what we thought at first was fireworks.

“But it was soon pretty obvious… that it was firearms that were being discharged and people screaming and starting to run.”

IS said it was behind Friday’s attack, identifying the gunman as Abu Yahya al-Qayrawani. Social media accounts close to the group showed pictures of him.

IS had urged followers to step up assaults during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan.

At the scene: BBC’s Rana Jawad

This was a brazen attack that has affected everyone here.

Tourists gathered in the hotel lobby of the Marhaba Imperial consoling each other. Most were thankful they had survived and described a day where they faced their worst fears: not seeing their children again back home or losing a loved one before their eyes.

A woman sat in alone in a corner silently crying with her packed luggage sitting beside her. So many here were frustrated at having to stay at the scene of the attack tonight, but one busload after another took many of the residents away.

These are sobering times for a country, and people now reeling from the effects of deadly attacks on tourists.

But the people of Sousse remain defiant: they are socialising with friends and family, and large parts of the city are still lit up on what is arguably its darkest day yet.

‘He took a bullet for me’

One survivor told the BBC how her fiance, a Welsh tourist, had been shot three times as he used his body as a shield.

“He took a bullet for me,” said Saera Wilson. “I owe him my life because he threw himself in front of me when the shooting started.

“It was the bravest thing I’ve ever known. But I just had to leave him under the sunbed because the shooting just kept on coming.

“I ran back, past bodies on the beach to reach our hotel. It was chaos – there was a body in the hotel pool and it was just full of blood.

The UK Foreign Office said the British embassy in Tunis was sending a crisis team to the area.

“Any British nationals in these hotels or nearby should remain indoors, and contact their tour operator and the Foreign Office,” the FCO said in its updated travel advice.

Many of the tourists in hotels affected by the attack left the country overnight with tour operators arranging special flights to take them home.

Friday’s attack was the deadliest in Tunisia’s recent history. The country has seen militant Islamists gain strength since the overthrow of long-serving ruler Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in in 2011.

Democratic elections after Ben Ali’s removal saw the moderate Islamist Ennahda party take power before the secularist Nidaa Tounes government won a parliamentary poll in October.

However, neither party has been able effectively to combat Islamist violence – which has been made worse by conflict in neighbouring Libya and by Tunisian fighters returning home after joining Islamist campaigns in Iraq and Syria.

(Source / 27.06.2015)

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