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Humanitarian Crisis Worsens with Thousands Fleeing Fallujah

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Civilians who fled their homes due to clashes on the outskirts of Fallujah, gather in the town of Garma, Iraq, May 30, 2016. REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani

Civilians who fled their homes due to clashes on the outskirts of Fallujah, gather in the town of Garma, Iraq, May 30, 2016

Fallujah – Iraqi Security Forces, backed by international coalition, continue to liberate Falluja city, one of ISIS stronghold.

Joint Military Command Brigadier Yayha Rasoul announced that victory is expected to be announced soon. He confirmed that Joint Military Command was able to control al-Askari neighborhood, railway, and international highway that links Baghdad with Fallujah and Ramadi.

Rasoul explained that forces will break into al-Muwazafeen neighborhood next after the counter terrorism forces were able to liberate the second Dobbat neighborhood.

Baghdad Operations Command spokesperson Saad Maan confirmed that ISIS is now strongly besieged after forces seized the railway in the north.

Iraq’s Federal Police Chief Raed Shaker Jawdat confirmed that Iraqi Forces began liberating areas north of Fallujah starting from Fallujah bridge. He added that ISIS member are trying to hold their positions. In addition, Iraqi forces discovered a number of booby-trapped cars which were dismantled.

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced the liberation of Fallujah that was under ISIS control for over two years.

Meanwhile, families who were able to escape ISIS are suffering due to lack of supplies.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees announced that over 84 thousand persons had to escape their homes since the attack on ISIS stronghold started.

Norwegian Council for Refugees (NCR) warned of a humanitarian crisis due to large number of refugees and lack of resources. NCR is responsible for a few refugee camps in Fallujah.

According to one of the people in charge of the refugee camps in Amireyyat Fallujah, during the last four days 400 families have arrived without any belongings. He added that they were offered few tents, juice and water.

Yazidi member of Iraqi Parliament Vian Dakhil told Asharq Al-Awsat that while occupying Mosul, ISIS kidnapped 4365 Yazidi women, 2600 are still in Iraq while the rest are in Syria.

Dakhil revealed information about ISIS holding several women captives, and asked security forces to help release them.

Al-Anbar councilman Taha Abdul-Ghani said he filed several cases to Iraqi courts and Federal government regarding violations done to Fallujah citizens.

(Source / 21.06.2016)

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June 21, 2016 at 9:43 pm

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Alhassan Calls for UN Action to Stop Russia’s Use of Banned Weapons in Syria

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Secretary of the Syrian Coalition’s political committee Riyad Alhassan said that Russian air force has been using cluster munitions in attacks on towns and villages in Aleppo. Alhassan called on the United Nations and the UN Security Council to take urgent measures to prevent the use of internationally prohibited weapons against civilians in Syria.

Russian jets on Monday bombed the towns of Huraytan, Hayyan, Anadan, Kafar Hamra, Maaret Alartiq, Urm Alqubra, Messibin, Babees and Anjara in rural Aleppo, killing at least 21 civilians and injuring dozens more. Activists published videos and photos showing the remains of cluster munitions used in airstrikes on rural Aleppo.

Five civilians of one family, including a child, were killed and dozens injured in Russian airstrikes on the neighborhood of Tareeq Albab in Aleppo on Monday.

Alhassan stressed that Russia cannot claim to be a sponsor of the political process while it is carrying out acts that amount to state terrorism in Syria.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 21.06.2016)

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Riyad Alhassan: Assad Regime Seeks to Flood the Region & Europe with More Refugees

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Secretary of the Syrian Coalition’s political committee Riyad Alhassan said that the Assad regime’s refusal to implement humanitarian provisions set out in the UN Security Council resolution 2254 is the prime cause for the ongoing flow of refugees to neighboring countries and Europe.

On the occasion of the World Refugee Day, Alhassan said that millions of Syrians have been displaced because of the constant bombardment by the Assad regime on liberated cities and towns. He pointed out that Articles 12 and 13 of UNSC resolution 2254 clearly called for stopping indiscriminate bombing of civilians, lifting the blockades on besieged areas, allowing the delivery of humanitarian aid to those in need, and releasing detainees.

At least 64 civilians, including 10 women and 13 children, were killed in aerial bombardment by the Assad regime and Russian forces on rebel-held areas across Syria on Sunday. The victims included 37 civilians who were killed in Aleppo, which continues to bear the brunt of the Assad regime’s and Russia’s aerial attacks.

Alhassan ascribed the increasing flow of refugees to plans by the Assad regime, backed by Iran, to bring about demographic change in Syria through the systematic displacement of the population of entire areas.

Alhassan reiterated the Coalition’s calls for the resumption of the Geneva negotiations as soon as possible to bring about a political solution in Syria through the formation of a transitional governing body with full powers and the stepping down of Bashar al-Assad as the only way to stop the killing, destruction and displacement in Syria.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 20.06.2016)

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June 20, 2016 at 7:58 pm

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IS tries to break siege in Libya’s Sirte

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Forces loyal to Libya's UN-backed unity government launched an operation to drive Islamic State fighters out of Sirte on May 12.  By Mahmud Turkia (AFP/File)

Forces loyal to Libya’s UN-backed unity government launched an operation to drive Islamic State fighters out of Sirte on May 12

Tripoli (AFP) – The Islamic State group tried Sunday to break a siege on their last holdouts in Sirte but were pushed back by fighters allied to Libya’s unity government, a spokesman said.

IS fighters have been pinned down in parts of Sirte since forces allied to the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) launched an operation to dislodge them from the coastal city last month.

On Sunday pro-GNA forces said they clashed with the jihadists who had launched a bid to break away from positions west of Sirte using “medium-sized” weapons.

“Our forces confronted them and forced them to retreat,” spokesman Reda Issa told AFP.

“Two of our men were killed and five wounded” in the clashes around the Al-Ghrebat sector of Sirte, he said.

Jihadist groups took root in Libya in late 2014, taking advantage of the chaos and power struggles that followed the NATO-backed uprising that toppled and killed dictator Moamer Kadhafi in 2011.

The pro-GNA forces launched an operation to drive IS out of Sirte on May 12.

Last week they imposed a siege around the Mediterranean city and advanced into parts of it but the operation has slowed down with jihadists holed up in residential areas.

“The pro-government forces are advancing cautiously because IS fighters are barricaded inside homes and we are trying to avoid using heavy artillery to spare civilians who could also be inside,” said Issa.

IS has counter-attacked during the past week, including with suicide bombings that have killed at least nine pro-GNA forces.

Issa said the pro-GNA forces were now focused on trying to “bolster their positions on the outskirts of Sirte to reinforce the siege and provoke IS fighters to come out of hiding”.

At least 166 pro-GNA forces have been killed and more than 500 have been wounded since the assault was launched last month, according to an AFP count based on reports from medical officials.

No casualty figures are available for the jihadists in Sirte, 450 kilometres (280 miles) east of the capital.

US officials estimate IS has 5,000 fighters in Libya, most of them in Sirte, where the remaining civilian population numbers around 30,000.

(Source / 19.06.2016)

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June 19, 2016 at 9:51 pm

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The death of 792 Individuals Due to the Syrian Regime’s and ISIS’s Siege of Civilian-populated cities

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The Responsibility of the United Nations for the siege of civilians in Syria

Siege of Civilian-populated

SNHR issued a research of “the responsibility of the United Nations for the siege of civilians in Syria” which documented the death of 792 individuals due to the siege in all areas by the Syrian regime and ISIS.
The report methodology depended on the accumulated data since 2011 until now as a result of daily observation from SNHR team for the displacement caused by the bombardment and destruction, and through the network of relationships with local communities, medical and media cadres, and the possession of the lists of the victims’ names, photos, and details of the deaths, the names of witnesses and whereabouts. Moreover, SNHR have encountered difficulties that increases every year such as turning off the electricity and telecommunications, threat to security, difficulty of transportation, and the cases of frustration prevailing in the Syrian society.
The report described the siege in Syrian from the definition of the International Humanitarian Law, where the region is considered besieged when the military forces close the crossings, and prevent the accessibility of civilians, the sick people, the food, and medicine.

Fadel Abd Al Ghani, director of SNHR stated:
“The siege has led, in addition to the continuous starvation, bombardment, massacres, and the stoppage of the economical as well as the social life, to the displacement of most of the people in the besieged areas and a number of them paid large amounts of money to smugglers in return for getting out of the “hell”, and this resulted in a change in the structure of these societies continuously, and make it cash free, which leads to the spread of chaos in order to stay Alive; these are some of the objectives of the siege by the Syrian regime, and some of them were implemented up on a sectarian background”.
The report pointed out the consequences of the siege including a murder as the greatest violations among all. Thus, Syrian regime has applied the siege policy systematically, thoughtfully, and for a long-term, depriving the people of entire communities from food and medicine, which caused a serious threat to all those who has chronic diseases. Also, pregnant women suffer the early abortion. A number of children were born and infected with the lack of acute malnutrition and some of them have died so the families were forced to eat plants and pets.
The report documented the death of not less than 558 individuals due to the siege in 14 besieged areas, that are still under siege till now, 552 amongst which were at the hand of government forces and 6 civilians at the hand of ISIS.

According to the report that government forces besieged 11 areas in Syria, while there are 2 areas exposed to joint siege by government forces and ISIS, in addition to one area which exposed to Syrian Democratic Forces( mainly Democratic Union Party, Kurdish Workers party branch).
The report pointed out that the besieged regions exposed to what the regions which are not besieged and out of the regime’s control are exposed to such as bombardment, snipers, targeting using poisonous gases in addition to cluster munitions and barrel bombs as it exposed to not less than 70 attacks using chemical weapons by the government forces while government helicopter dropped not less than 8264 barrel bombs on the besieged areas.
The report recorded the killings of not less than 17145 civilians by the government forces and its allies inside the besieged areas since the beginning of the siege until the moment of making this report.
The report presented the fallacies of the United Nations in the siege case, as the reality in the besieged areas highly contradicts the statistics introduced in the General Secretary report, it is less than three times. Moreover, the areas under siege by the Syrian regime are suffering more than the besieged areas by other parties which it is mainly shown through the bombardment and daily killings processes as well as destruction and massacres.

The report emphasized that there is a lack of equity in the distribution of food aid, where the areas under the control of the Syrian regime take not less than 90% of the total of the aids and this rate was bigger in the previous years. Furthermore, the Syrian regime still requires obtaining its consent to enter the aid to the regions that are besieged and bombarded them and this is an awful paradox.
The report stated that the Syrian regime and ISIS have starkly violated the Humanitarian International Law through exposed the systematic siege of areas which mount to war crime with all its conditions, and assured that the Syrian regime, without any doubt, has violated the resolutions of the security council regarding the siege like the resolution No.2139 which issued on 22 February 2014 and the resolution No.2268 which issued in 22 February 2016, in addition to all resolutions between them (resolution No.2165 which issued on 14 July 2014, the resolution No. 2191 which issued 17 December 2014 and the resolution No. 2258 which issued on 18 December 2015).

The report recommended the United Nations to open comprehensive investigation regarding these allegations and accusations. In the case that the findings of the investigations proved that there was deliberate falsification or incompetency, then it should be publicized and those who were responsible must be held accountable. We urge that this investigation should be launched immediately as the UN credibility have been in doubt for years.
It also demanded the Security Council to apply the resolutions regarding convey of humanitarian aids and to break the siege (the resolutions 2139, 2165, 2191, 2254, 2258) as they are not apply yet.
SNHR called on the secretary of the UN to present a detailed report concerning the besieged areas and their population, how the aids are being distributed and to what areas the aids are being delivered. The report has to published as soon as possible to inform the Syrian community about the details.

View full Report

(Source / 19.06.2016)

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Military Commander: Saleh Received U.S.-Weapons and Handed them over to Houthis

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Houthi militants stand guard near a gathering held by Houthi loyalists in Yemen's capital Sanaa March 9, 2016, Reuters

Houthi militants stand guard near a gathering held by Houthi loyalists in Yemen’s capital Sanaa March 9, 2016

Jeddah- Leader of the fourth military district Brig.Gen Ahmad Saif revealed that weapons used by Houthi and pro-Saleh militias (armed militants supporting ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh) are the same stock content offered by the U.S. in its mission to fight terrorism in Yemen.

The artillery was deployed at the time when Saleh was still in term, ruling Yemen. The U.S. administration aimed at supporting the mission on forming counter-terrorism units in Yemen. After delivery, the arms were stockpiled in Sana’a as to become of use once the counter-terrorism units are established, Brg.Gen. Saif told Asharq Al Awsat newspaper.

Brig. Saif added that the arms are estimated to be worth 500-million dollars, and most military officials were left unaware off, until the guns showed up in the battles.

Houthis, exploiting the artillery, randomly started using them first against civilians and later on against the Yemeni army. The guns are notably modern and developed. In their alliance with the ousted President, Houthi militias took over the 500-million-dollar stash of weapons.

The first usage of the high-caliber weaponry was noted at the fourth military district located south of Yemen. However, Yemeni military sources from all across frontiers have reported that the arms are gradually showing up in most battles.

Moreover, Brig. Gen. Saif pointed out that other than the acquired collection of U.S.- arms, Houthis are using a wide array of weapons. Anti-tank missiles (ATM) , Russian arms and modern day 12.7 caliber snipers are appearing in the insurgency’s hands during battles.

Nevertheless Brig. Gen. Saif confirmed that the perseverance of Yemen’s national army will not seize. Supported by the Popular Resistance, pro-legitimacy forces will continue with accomplishing victories and progress as to restore Yemen, Brig.Saif said.

(Source / 19.06.2016)

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UK Insists on Progress in File of Detainees in Assad’s Prisons

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President of the Syrian Coalition Anas Alabdah has received a letter from Britain’s Minister for the Middle East Tobias Ellwood detailing the UK’s position on the file of detainees in the prisons of the Assad regime.

Ellwood reiterated that his country’s government insists on making progress in this file and on releasing political detainees from Assad’s prisons.

He explained that the United Kingdom is aware of the existence of “widespread use of torture and executions in the regime’s prisons,” a fact that was confirmed by UN reports, including those by the International Commission of Inquiry.

The British minister pledged to work with international partners to expose the regime’s illegal practices against tens of thousands of Syrians, most notably arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances.

The letter came in response to letters previously sent by the Coalition president to the foreign ministers of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) calling for the establishment of a special task force similar to the ones established to monitor the cessation of hostilities agreement and humanitarian access in order to secure the release of all political detainees in Assad’s prisons. The Coalition’s letters also called for exercising pressure on the Assad regime to stop arbitrary arrests and random executions; for the establishment of effective mechanisms to monitor the situation of detainees in Assad’s prisons; and for holding to account all perpetrators of abuses and violations against detainees.

Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders earlier called for allowing the International Committee of the Red Cross to be able to monitor the situation of detainees in Assad’s prisoners and also raised the need to act urgently to address this file in response to a letter sent by the Coalition’s president Anas Alabdah.

The Syrian Coalition’s political committee previously held several consultative meetings with rights groups and human rights activists concerned with the file of detainees. The meetings resulted in the formation of joint mechanisms to coordinate efforts regarding this file. The political committee appointed Nora Alameer as coordinator to follow up on the latest developments concerning the situation of detainees.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 18.06.2016)

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