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Syrian Coalition: Lebanese Army’s Violations Against Syrian Refugees Must Stop

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Vice-President of the Syrian Coalition Nagham al-Ghadiri said that “the real terrorists are those who enter another country to occupy it with a force of arms, just like what the Hezbollah militia has done in Syria under the eyes of the Lebanese army. We stress once again that Syrians who were forced out of their homes in Qalamoun and Homs as a result of the Hezbollah militia aggression are by no means terrorists, but unarmed civilians who have simply escaped for their lives.”

Ghadiri denounces the explicit and repeated attacks by the Lebanese army and security forces on Syrian refugees under the pretext that they are a source of terrorism inside Lebanon.

“We call upon the Lebanese army to stop the Hezbollah militia’s illegal crossing of the border and to prevent it from reaching the Syrian territory and contribute to the killing and displacement of the Syrian people,” Ghadiri said.

She also said that Lebanese authorities arrest and humiliate Syrian refugees because they don’t have official residence documents, noting that many of them have lost their personal documents before fleeing Syria and are now languishing under difficult conditions. Their suffering is also aggravated by the high cost of settling their situation or getting a residence in Lebanon.

Moreover, refugee camps built outside the town of Arsal have come under repeated artillery shelling by the Lebanese army, killing around 50 refuges last year in this border town.

Ghadiri stresses that rebels in Qalamoun have repeatedly emphasized their commitment to good neighbor policy with Lebanon and its army, adding that they moved in to the Qalamoun highlands after the Hezbollah militia occupied parts of Syria’s territory. They are fighting now to retake these terror ties and not to enter Lebanon as is claimed by Hezbollah who are seeking to drag the Lebanese army to the battle.”

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 25.05.2015)

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May 25, 2015 at 8:45 pm

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Administrative detainee in Israeli jail continues hunger strike

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For 21 consecutive days, a leading member of the Islamic Jihad movement Sheikh Khader Adnan, who is incarcerated in Israeli jails, is still carrying on his open-ended hunger strike in protest of the unjust and systematic administrative detention

Khader Adnan is a leading figure of the Islamic Jihad movement. He was imprisoned by Israel as an administrative detainee without any charge or trial. As our correspondent Mona Kandil reports, Adnan has been on a hunger strike for 21 days in protest at his imprisonment.

(Source / 25.05.2015)

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May 25, 2015 at 8:40 pm

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Isis in Syria: Government air strikes pose threat to ancient city of Palmyra after Isis gains control

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Isis has massacred hundreds of people since overrunning the former government stronghold, which houses famous Roman ruins

The Syrian government has been pounding the city of Palmyra with air strikes and bombings since it was seized by Isis, reportedly targeting a hospital.

Bashar al-Assad’s air force could pose yet another threat to the civilians trapped inside, as well as the world-famous ancient city on its outskirts.

Isis militants have massacred between 200 and 400 people since they overran the city earlier this month, including children, according to observers and Syrian state media.

In more peaceful times, Palmyra was a tourist attraction famed by for its incredibly well-preserved 2,000-year-old ruins, including grand colonnades, temples, a grand amphitheatre and tombs.

Many fear the Unesco World Heritage Site, described as one of the “most important cultural centres of the ancient world”, will become the latest historical site to fall victim to Isis’ destruction of non-Muslim artefacts.

The group has previously broadcast its fighters laying waste to ancient Assyrian and Roman sites in Iraq.

Monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights recorded 15 Syrian air raids around Palmyra in recent days, reportedly targeting areas near a hospital, military and political buildings and a cultural centre near the ancient city.

Isis seizes Palmyra

At least 300 soldiers are thought to have been killed by Isis during the battle for the city and 600 troops, pro-government fighters and suspected government loyalists have been detained.

Videos posted online have showed gruesome beheadings as well as militants burning posters of President al-Assad and his father.

Palmyra, situated on a crossroads to the cities of Damascus and Homs, was a key military gain for extremists, coming in the same week as the seizure of Ramadi in neighbouring Iraq.

The White House has admitted the fall of Palmyra was a setback in the fight against Isis but Barack Obama has so far resisted calls for the US to send in ground troops.Syrian armoured tank take up position during fightings against Islamic State (IS) militants in the ancient oasis city of Palmyra, about 215 kilometers northeast of Damascus, Syria, 19 May 2015
A Syrian army tank during battles with Isis as the group attempted to seize Palmyra on 19 May

On Sunday, Defence Secretary Ash Carter blamed government forces for the defeat in Iraq because they “showed no will to fight”.

“[They] vastly outnumbered the opposing force, and yet they failed to fight,” he said, referring to the withdrawal of troops despite a plea from the Iraqi Prime Minister to hold their ground.

The US is leading separate international coalitions fighting Isis with air strikes in Iraq and Syria but Mr Carter admitted that the strategy has “limitations”.

British Army Major General Tim Cross echoed the comments on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, saying there was no “cohesion, there’s no strong leadership”.

Iran, which is part of the air coalition and has sent its own Shia militias to Ramadi, responded by accusing the US itself of lacking the will to fight Isis.

The UK is part of the coalition conducting air strikes in Iraq but not in Syria.

(Source / 25.05.2015)

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May 25, 2015 at 7:53 pm

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F16 rockets do not end the hopes of Gaza’s youth

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Yosef Al-Hissi

Yosef Al-Hissi

Yosef Al-Hissi, 23, from Jabalia Refugee Camp in the north of the Gaza Strip, was a footballer before he was hit by a missile from an Israeli F16 fighter jet and lost his leg during last year’s offensive on Gaza. Despite his appalling injuries, he did not lose hope of continuing his friendship with a ball, but it is now as a basketball player that he is starring in the camp’s Al-Basma Club.

In the midst of Israel’s 2014 offensive, Al-Hissi was a happy young man as he went to bed with F16s and drones roaring overhead. He woke, not to find his brother Ali and sister Hala sleeping in the next beds, but to doctors trying to stop the bleeding cuts and bruises all over his body.

“Until then,” he insists, “I did not know what had happened.” He asked the doctors what was going on. “Why am I here? Where are Ali and Hala?”

On day 13 of the offensive, the Israelis targeted a building near the playground next to Yosef’s house, which is at the edge of the refugee camp. There was no major damage to the playground. “I was happy in the hope that the war would end in a day or two and I could go back to playing football with my friends,” he says. In the hospital, though, the doctors told Yosef that he had lost his leg and he might be there for a long time. “I was stunned at that moment. Both my hands were bandaged to the degree that I was unable to stretch down to feel whether my leg was there or not.”

On that fateful night, an Israeli F16 targeted the house adjacent to Yosef’s. “My mother said that the Israeli intelligence services phoned our neighbours, but they could hardly flee their home,” Yosef tells me. “Just three minutes after the call, the attack, which destroyed our neighbours’ house and caused much damage to our house, took place.”

Mother’s words decreased my pain

His mother and other relatives and some friends were in the hospital room with him. His mother bent close and told him not to worry. “God willing, you will recover very soon and you will be back home, as well as in the playground and will play with your friends.” However, although he knew that it would be difficult to go back to the playground he still told his mother, “I hope so!”

Back home a couple of months later and Yosef’s mother, Halima, is holding the remaining part of her son’s leg and looking at his face. “I recognise that he is disabled now, but since the very beginning, I have been beside him and I will remain beside him forever. I have been encouraging him, looking forward to any chance to reintegrate him into his own community just as before he was wounded.”

The Palestinian ministry if health said that there are 70,000 disabled people in the Gaza Strip, making up 4.5 per cent of the population. According to a recent ministry report, 13 per cent of the people wounded in last summer’s offensive are disabled due to “new and strange” Israeli munitions that seem to target and sever limbs.

“The rehabilitation of these people will take a long time,” the report says. “Artificial limbs cost between $1,000 to $4,000 each.” The ministry has had to halt financial support for those needing artificial limbs because of the continuous Israeli siege and lack of resources, in addition to the ban on the equipment needed for this purpose.

‘Al-Basma Club is my hope’

Yosef decided not to accept being marginalised within society and started to work on getting back to full activity. He knew that he would not be able to go back to the football pitch but he could not end his love of a ball.

“One day, my mobile phone rang,” Yosef says. “It was my cousin Ahmed who told me about Al-Basma Club. He said that I can play basketball with a special team for people like me.”

Yosef did not think twice about joining Al-Basma. “My mother encouraged me, believing that it was my chance to get back to the playground where my dreams had been forged before I was wounded.”

Shadi Mas’oud, the head of the club in Jabalia said that Yosef is a positive addition to the basketball team. “He is energetic and active and has an elevated corporeal spirit,” Mas’oud explained. “He started training in March, made very fast progress and has become one of the prominent members of the team.”

‘Not disabled’

Gaza’s Deputy Social and Welfare Minister, Yosef Ibrahim, said that his ministry runs special programmes for those who have lost limbs. “The number of such people in Gaza is very high compared to most countries in the world,” he said, “so we are running special government-funded programmes to integrate them in society.”

Watching a match between two basketball teams in the main Gaza stadium, Ibrahim refused to call Yosef and his colleagues disabled. “They are not disabled,” he said, “they are people with special needs and they are not involved in activities specified for the disabled.” These are groups of people with common interests who meet together and practice several kinds of activities that they enjoy, he added.

As he finishes playing in an official match between Al-Basma and a team from Al-Salam, Yosef says that he does not “surrender” to his disability. “We are playing basketball here,” he stresses, “and I hope to swim in the future.”

Palestinian human rights organisations have called on the international community to put an end to the repeated Israeli aggression on Gaza. The enclave has more than enough limbless people.

Speaking on behalf of these groups, which have issued several statements in this regard, Al-Mizan Centre for Human Rights has called for the world to put pressure on the Israeli occupation and the Egyptian authorities in order to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip and let disabled travel abroad for treatment and rehabilitation. Lifting the siege will also give people like Yosef and his teammates the chance to take part in international tournaments and display their skills on a wider stage. They are hoping beyond hope that the occupation authorities will take heed and lift the siege. That F16 and others like it did a lot of damage, but it did not end the hopes of the youth of Gaza.

(Source / 25.05.2015)

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Reborn from the womb of my destroyed house

My mother gave birth to me fifty-three years ago (on July 3, 1961). However, I consider August 23, 2014 as my second date of birth. On that day, I horribly experienced death when an Israeli military aircraft destroyed my house. Fortunately, a miracle happened and I was born again from the rubble of my house.

Israel launched its latest offensive war on the Gaza Strip on July 7, 2014. The war lasted for 51 days and left many Palestinian casualties. More than two thousand were killed and more than eleven thousand were injured. Almost all of these casualties were civilians as Israeli military aircrafts, tanks, and warships severely attacked thousands of civic Palestinian buildings. On Day 48 of the war, I myself had a traumatic experience; my own house was attacked while I was inside.

Dr. Hassan El-Nabih receiving his Ph.D. from Boston College.

In the morning of this special day of my life, about six houses near my home were targeted and reduced to rubble by Israeli F-16 aircrafts. Some of those who lost their houses spent some time at my house before managing to get to another place. Israel had been hitting in the Gaza Strip very brutally, yet unwittingly; Israel seemed to have no real bank of targets. Although the area where my house is situated was not a war zone, my family and I had experienced similar hard situations during the aggression. However, what happened around ten o’clock of that day was too shocking and devastating.

I was sitting with my family (my mother, wife, and ten children), commenting on the miserable conditions of the neighbors who had lost their houses. We prayed for them and all other Palestinians. Suddenly, my cell phone rang. It was not one of my contacts. I examined the number; it was strange, not international or local mobile (jawwal), and although it had the Gaza city code, the rest of the number was not Gazan. However, it was not a problem for me to answer the call; I talk to whoever calls me. In fact, I give my contact information, including my cell phone number, to my students in the first class (I am an assistant professor of Linguistics and EFL in Gaza).

When I said, “Hello!” someone on the line asked (in Arabic), “Is that Hassan Ahmed El-Nabih?”

I responded, “That’s right! Who’s speaking?”

“This is Captain Saleh from the Israeli Defense Army,” he said. Leave your house immediately because we are going to carry out a bombardment in the area.”

“Are you going to attack my own house?” I worriedly asked.

“No, we are not going to bomb your house, but to the east of your house.” The telephone call ended at this point.

I thought deeply about what I had heard. My house was bordered from the east by an orchard, not a house, The orchard was full of different beautiful fruit trees. I was surprised to know that it would be attacked; to the best of my knowledge, there was nothing illegal in the orchard.

However, I quickly relayed the message of the so-called Captain Saleh to my family and close neighbors, who acted accordingly. My wife took care of my ill old mother (75); I took care of my disabled daughter, Yasmin (20); and my old sons took care of their younger siblings. In less than five minutes, we all were in the street. I managed to get my mother, wife, little kids, and Yasmin into my car, which was parked in front of the house. As she was walking into the car, my mother bitterly said, “We were forced to leave our housebarefooted 66 years ago. Alas, this is happening again now!” I calmed her down and asked my son, Mohammed, to drive off to a relative’s house. My other three old sons (Ahmed, Mahmoud, and Talal) and I ran off the place and started to watch from a distance of about 400 yards.

Celebrating Dr. El-Nabih's mother’s 75th birthday last January.

My mother’s heartbreaking words reflect the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people for about seven decades. She was recalling what happened to her family in 1948 (she was just nine years old). As she told us before, she was living at Kofakha Village, a few miles away from Gaza. Israeli troops attacked the village, destroyed her family’s house, along with other houses, and burned their barn. They only just escaped with their lives and fled barefooted to Gaza.

I was standing away and watching what would happen next. About 10 minutes after the call, I saw an F-16 rocket heading very fast towards the orchard that bordered my house. There was a very loud explosion accompanied by a cloud of smoke and debris. The airstrike damaged nearby houses, including mine. The outside entrance to the building of my house and the wall separating it from the orchard totally collapsed. Some windows and doors were also broken.

I waited for 15 minutes before starting to approach my house. At least six reasons justified my decision to return.

(Source / 24.05.2015)

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Gazan boats to receive Flotilla 3 at sea

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GAZA, (PIC)– A number of Gazan boats will sail from Gaza port to receive the Freedom Flotilla 3 on May 31 on the anniversary of the Israeli attack on the Turkish solidarity ship Mavi Marmara, the representative of Miles of Smiles convoys Ali al-Nazli said.

Nazli revealed, in a statement on Sunday, that the Gazan boats will be raising the flag of Palestine along with other flags of the participating countries in Flotilla 3. The boats will raise banners calling for lifting the siege on Gaza as well.

He also renewed the Palestinian welcoming of Flotilla ships saying “it is time to end the illegal and unmoral siege on Gaza and to hold accountable all those who contributed to the siege which is a collective punishment crime”.

Nazli called on the Arab and Muslim peoples in addition to all countries of the world to support the Palestinians and to end the Israeli occupation.

On the same day, marches and demonstrations will be launched in several Arab countries including The Sudan, Morocco and Lebanon as well as European and African capitals including London, Copenhagen, Rome and Cape Town.
(Source / 24.05.2015)

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Hezbollah victories belong to all Lebanon: Nasrallah

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Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah delivers a televised speech during a ceremony on May 24 marking the fifteenth anniversary of the Resistance and Liberation Day in the southern town of Nabatiyeh.

Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah delivers a televised speech during a ceremony on May 24 marking the fifteenth anniversary of the Resistance and Liberation Day in the southern town of Nabatiyeh

Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah says the resistance movement’s success in forcing Israeli forces out of Lebanon’s soil 15 years ago registered victories for all Lebanese and Muslims.

Nasrallah made the remarks in the southern town of Nabatiyeh on Sunday during in a televised speech celebrating the anniversary of Israeli forces’ withdrawal from southern Lebanon.

He paid tribute to those who sacrificed their lives to bring victory to the resistance movement.

He added that if the resistance movement had not risen against the Tel Aviv regime Israel would have occupied Lebanon.

Hezbollah forced the Israeli military out of the southern parts of Lebanon on May 25, 2000, after more than two decades of occupation.

People in Lebanon consider May 25 as a beginning of dramatic change in the region.

The Lebanese commemorate the day as a national holiday and see it as a transformation that changed the regional equations for good, and put an end to the invincibility myth of the Israeli military.

Nasrallah said after the Israeli regime attacked Lebanon, some groups in Lebanon hesitated to stand against the Zionist regime and even communicated with “the Israelis and considered them allies and friends.”

But, he added, some other Lebanese “did not wait for the Arab League, the United Nations Security Council, the UN, the US or the West. They rather relied on their capabilities, men, heroes and friends in Iran and Syria, and the resistance was launched.”

“This victory was achieved by some of the Lebanese who believed in resistance,” said Nasrallah.

“From the very first day, the resistance believed that it was defending all Lebanese,” he said, adding that “backstabbing and treason did not prevent it from dedicating its victory to all of Lebanon, the Arabs and the world.”

He also called on the international community and especially on the Lebanese authorities to step up fight against the ISIL Takfiri group which is threatening mankind.

(Source / 24.05.2015)

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