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By Peter Clifford              ©                (


Amid local reports that the Islamic State (IS) is evacuating its HQ and bases around Jarablous, YPG Kurdish special forces crossed the Euphrates river last night, Thursday, and attacked IS positions.


YPG Fighter and Tank in Rojava

The YPG fighters crossed the Euphrates stealthily in boats and attacked IS east of Jarablous, reportedly killing 12 x IS Jihadists and wounding several more.

All the YPG fighters returned safely to the east bank of the Euphrates river after completing the operation.

The attack illustrated Kurdish frustration at not being allowed to finish the job. Turkey keeps talking about creating an “IS-free safe zone” between the Euphrates and Afrin Canton, but so far has done nothing about it except say it will oppose any entry of Kurdish forces into the area in northern Aleppo province.

After the YPG operation, IS arbitrarily shelled Kurdish villages on the east bank of the Euphrates in Kobane Canton, but so far no casualties have been reported.

Slightly different format today, with a collection of pictures from Kobane:


Waiting for the Start of the New School Year


Poster on Pillar of Kobane Law Syndicate


A View of Azadi Square (Freedom Square) August 7th 2015


Destroyed Building Kobane August 9th 2015


Kobane City Yesterday, August 27th 2015

EDITOR: My thanks to all the photographers. Double-click on any picture to reveal the source.  You can see more pictures courtesy of TIME Magazine.

A citizen of Kobane was killed by Turkish Border Guards as he tried to cross the frontier near the city as Turkey seems to have a new policy of not allowing refugees to enter, particularly from Kurdish controlled areas. You can read more,HERE:

NBC News has recorded a recent visit to Rojava, entering Syria via Iraq and crossing the Tigris river, here:

South-east of Hasakah the battle for Al-Hawl continues. The Coalition has bombed IS positions there, while once again there are unconfirmed reports that Turkish jets managed to bomb the YPG forces trying to capture the town. It is even suggested that both sets of attacking jets flew from Incirlik Airbase.

The New York Times describes the recent agreement between the US and Turkey to use the Incirlik base for attacks on IS in Syria and Iraq as “a dangerous bargain”.

A short video appeared on the Internet claiming to be footage shot in the Al-Hawl market and showing things so far be pretty normal, HERE:

Over in the Kurdish Canton of Afrin in the north of Aleppo province, the YPG have built a labyrinth of reinforced tunnels on its front lines to defend against attack from the Islamic State or anyone else. Video report inKurdish only, but it will give a sense of what has been prepared, HERE:

The US is reporting that one of its drones has killed a “top cyber Jihadist” in a strike in Syria.

Junaid Hussain, 21, had already been convicted of computer hacking in the UK in 2012 where he was accused of downloading former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s address book and leaking the details online, as well as making hoax calls to a “counter-terrorism hotline”.

Hussain, calling himself “Abu Hussain Al Britani”, fled to Syria in 2014 and had become a key IS player in radicalising and recruiting young people online. The drone strike took place near Raqqah. The BBC has the full story.

The BBC’s security correspondent also questions whether closing off Turkey’s border with Syria, particularly in the proposed “safe zone”, will have any affect on the Islamic State’s recruitment plans, HERE:


In Turkey’s proposed “safe zone” IS are still extremely active. In the last couple of days, IS has seized 5 villages in northern Aleppo province and almost surrounded the town of Mare, just 20 kilometres (12 miles) from the Turkish border.

However, the battle is going backwards and forwards. Opposition fighters tried to take the IS-held village of Tilalyan north of Mare today after recapturing the village of Sandaf.

After IS Jihadists fled Sandaf, 9 x IS fighters were found still inside the village, most of them under 22.


Opposition Blow Up IS Car Bomb Before it Reaches Them Near Herbel

As many as 50 x IS Jihadists were reported to have died in an assault on Mare yesterday and clashes are still going on around Herbel and Dalhah where there were Coalition airstrikes.

The Opposition are reported to have regained Harjalah on the Turkish border today.

In this footage, the Opposition shot the motorbike of a suspected suicide bomber from underneath him, HERE:

In Idlib province, fierce fighting is reported around the Assad regime’s Abu Al-Duhur Airbase today, Friday, where Opposition fighters tried to blow down the main entrance gate with a vehicle bomb and Government planes tried to destroy Opposition positions in the surrounding countryside and villages, HERE:

On the Ghab Plain in Idlib province and into Hama province, the Opposition continue to consolidate their gains. There is a report (Arabic only) from the northern part of the Plain, HERE:

In addition a Assad soldier is reported to have fallen to his death from a helicopter while on a mission to drop naval mines on Ghab Plain villages – picture too gruesome to show.

Opposition fighters are now within striking distance of the Assad regime’s main base on the Ghab Plain at Joureen, seen here at the foot of the mountains leading to Latakia, HERE:

In Zabadani in Damascus province a 48 hour “truce” was agreed on Thursday between the 2 warring sides and also a corresponding one in Idlib at the surrounded Alawite enclaves of Fu’ah and Kafariya in Idlib province.

Under the terms of the deal Opposition fighters, who have been holding off Hezbollah and other pro-Assad forces for 50 days, will be allowed safe passage out of Zabadani and 1,000 civilians will be allowed out of the 2 villages in Idlib. Humanitarian aid will be allowed into both areas.

As of this morning, some Opposition fighters were still reluctant to leave Zabadani, though resolution is expected soon.

Lastly, over in Iraq this week, the Kurdish Peshmerga liberated 11 villages from IS control south of Kirkuk. Total IS casualties are as yet unknown but 18 Jihadist bodies were found in one village alone. 4 Peshmerga are reported killed. You can read more, HERE:

In this report with video, a young wounded IS fighter tries to kiss the Peshmerga commander’s hand as he is fed with water and advised by the officer to “stop living like this”, HERE:

In Sinjar city Coalition planes destroyed 5 x IS fighting positions on Thursday, while IS are reported to have executed 15 of their “cub fighters” between the ages of 13 and 18 for abandoning their positions in battle with the Iraqi Army near Baiji west of Mosul.

There is a report on child radicalisation by IS, HERE:


Children Being Radicalised by IS

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Gaza: 1,000 children sustained permanent disabilities of last year’s aggression

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More than 1,000 Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip sustained permanent disabilities during last year’s 51-day Israeli military onslaught, according to Defense for Children International (DCI), an NGO devoted to children’s rights.

In a report entitled “Operation Protective Edge: A war waged on Gaza’s Children”, released on Tuesday, DCI’s Palestine unit said last year’s Israeli offensive had led to the injury of more than 11,000 Palestinians, including 1,000 permanently disabled by the violence.

The children’s rights organization also noted that, a full year after the Israeli assault, thousands of victims — including a number of children — continued to suffer from their injuries and the attendant psychological trauma.

The Gaza Strip, with some 1.9 million inhabitants, is known to be the world’s most densely populated area.

On July 7, 2014, Israel launched a major offensive against the coastal territory — dubbed “Operation Protective Edge” — which finally ended on August 26.

Over 51 days of fierce bombardment by air, land and sea, more than 2,147 Palestinians were killed, including 578 children, 489 women and 102 elderly persons.

Another 11,000 Palestinians were injured during the onslaught, 3,303 of whom were children, according to a report by the Palestinian Health Ministry.

(Source / 28.08.2015)

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Etnische zuivering in Oost-Jeruzalem

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By Engelbert Luitsz        ©       (

Het onrecht in Palestina heeft vertakkingen over heel de wereld. Van Ferguson tot Athene, via Mexico, is het duidelijk dat vele regeringen de instrumenten overnemen die Israël gebruikt om de Palestijnen te verdringen en te onderdrukken.
Frank Barat


Het gebouw Beit Yonatan in Silwan. In 2010 trommelden de leden van Ateret Cohanim 2500 jongeren op om te helpen uitzetting tegen te gaan. Gezien de ontwikkelingen sindsdien heeft deze radicale joodse groepering alleen maar meer macht gekregen (Jerusalem Post).

In de nacht van woensdag op donderdag zijn tientallen (de Israëlische krant Haaretz heeft het over minstens 20, Ma’an News zegt meer dan 60) joodse kolonisten de wijk Silwan in Oost-Jeruzalem binnengetrokken. Ze hebben een huizenblok met 12 appartement ingenomen, nadat ze eerder deze week de sloten al hadden vervangen. Dat gebeurt vaker en is voor de Palestijnen een duidelijk teken dat er binnen korte tijd kolonisten zullen arriveren.

Tot gisteren woonden er ongeveer 15 joodse families in deze buurt, een van de kernen in Silwan, waarmee na deze invasie het aantal meer dan is verdubbeld. In Silwan, afhankelijk van waar de grenzen precies getrokken worden, wonen ongeveer 500 joden en zo’n 40.000 Palestijnen. Aangezien de kolonisten de steun van de overheid krijgen, is de angst gerechtvaardigd dat het op den duur dezelfde kant op gaat als in Hebron, een absolute hel voor de Palestijnse meerderheid.

De organisatie Ateret Cohanim zit achter deze praktijken. Zij claimen recht te hebben op allerlei onroerend goed en hebben in deze wijk een jesjiva of Talmoedschool, niet bepaald een instelling waar verdraagzaamheid en respect voor andere volken wordt bijgebracht. In de wijk Silwan heeft Ateret Cohanim ook het appartementencomplex Beit Yonathan dat vernoemd is naar de joodse spion Jonathan Pollard, een van de weinige “pro-Israëlfanaten” die het zo bont maakte dat hij zelfs in de Verenigde Staten veroordeeld werd tot een zeer lange gevangenisstraf. Pollard was een Amerikaan ten tijde van zijn aanhouding, maar kreeg tijdens zijn gevangenschap het Israëlisch staatsburgerschap, iets wat ongebruikelijk is aangezien emigratie naar Israël daarvoor een voorwaarde is. Dat geeft wel een indruk van de organisatie waarmee we hier te maken hebben.


Tweet van journaliste Rena Netjes (vorig jaar in Egypte bij verstek veroordeeld tot tien jaar gevangenisstraf). Gaat het die kant ook op in Oost-Jeruzalem?

Gisteren kregen de bezetters ook nog steun van de politie toen ze de nog aanwezige Palestijnen probeerden te intimideren. Maar zoals de video laat zien kregen ze ook ‘s nachts al steun van de politie. De agent die rustig een sigaretje rookt laat zien dat zij nergens bang voor waren. En het is de Israëlische belastingbetaler die meewerkt aan deze schandalige praktijken, zoals Ma’an News schrijft:

De gemeente Jeruzalem en de regering zorgen voor private veiligheidsagenten die met publiek geld worden betaald en sturen veiligheidstroepen om te ondersteunen bij de overname van eigendommen en de daarop volgende bewoning.

Dit is opnieuw geen spontane actie, zoals niet alleen blijkt uit de aanwezigheid van de politie midden in de nacht, maar eerder bleek uit uitgelekte e-mails dat Ateret Cohanim een duidelijk plan voor de toekomst heeft ontwikkeld. Juist in het economische hart van de Palestijnse gemeenschap proberen ze steeds meer voet aan de grond te krijgen. Zo willen ze een gebied van ruim 5000 vierkante meter in het centrum van Batn al-Hawa in bezit krijgen. Eerder hadden ze al in het geheim een gebouw opgekocht.

In een van de e-mails schreef de uitvoerend directeur van de beweging dat de koop “de eerste aankoop in z’n soort was in dit gebied, het hart van het commerciële Arabische deel van Jeruzalem“, en hij zei dat het werk van de groep “onopgemerkt, onder de radar” plaatsvond.

Op alle plekken, in Jeruzalem, op de Westelijke Jordaanoever en in de Gazastrook zien we hetzelfde patroon, ook al verschilt de methode per gebied: de etnische zuivering van het Palestijnse volk gaat dag in dag uit door. Iedereen die kan lezen kent ondertussen de plannen van de zionisten wel, maar toch blijft men zich beperken tot het aankaarten van specifieke gevallen zoals ook nu weer. Er is wel degelijk een achterliggend plan, maar, zoals de historicus Ilan Pappe schrijft,

niemand, zo lijkt het, durft de ideologie aan te vallen die achter al deze vormen van agressie schuilgaat.

En zo blijven we deze invasies afkeuren, zo blijven we de kinderen van de Gazastrook oplappen tot het volgende bloedbad, zo blijven we ons kwaad maken over de strop die op de Westelijke Jordaanoever steeds strakker wordt aangetrokken, zonder dat we eens in niet mis te verstane bewoordingen het zionisme zelf aan de kaak stellen. Wat als er straks overal lege straten zijn, met slechts af en toe een wandelende jood. Vragen we ons dan niet af waar al die andere mensen zijn gebleven?

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Unraveling the Myth of Al Qaida

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13 January 2008 

The myth of “al Qaida” is built on an expansive foundation of many half-truths and hidden facts.  It is a CIA creation.  It was shaped by the agency to serve as a substitute “enemy” for America, replacing the Soviets whom the Islamist forces had driven from Afghanistan.  Unknown American officials, at an indeterminate point in time, made the decision to fabricate the tale of a mythical worldwide network of Islamic terrorists from the exploits of the Afghan Mujahedeen. The CIA already had their own network of Islamic militant “freedom fighters,” all that was needed were a few scattered terrorist attacks against US targets and a credible heroic figurehead, to serve as the “great leader.”

The really tricky part of creating a mythical terrorist monster out of an incomplete truth is laying-out the facts behind your mythical story without revealing the whole truth about your part in its creation.  In order to explain away the billions of dollars worth of weapons and training that went into the operation, they chose a rich jihadi, a Saudi millionaire named Osama bin Laden, who had been a faithful recruiter and business agent of the Mujahedeen.  He was painted as the sole financier of the entire enormous operation that was centered in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Bin Laden may not even have known that he was playing a part in a deceitful CIA global drama until after the fact.  It is more likely that his history was chosen many years later to serve as the legacy of “al Qaida,” than it is that he was a brainwashed tool of the spy agency all along.

The story of bin Laden is the story of the secret CIA/ISI insurgent camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  According to Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Osama was 22 years old in 1979, when he was trained in a CIA sponsored guerilla training camp near Peshawar, Pakistan.

“Bin Laden family was put in charge of raising money for the Islamic brigades. Numerous charities and foundations were created. The operation was coordinated by Saudi intelligence, headed by Prince Turki al-Faisal, in close liaison with the CIA. The money derived from the various charities was used to finance the recruitment of Mujahedeen volunteers. Al Qaeda, the base in Arabic was a data bank of volunteers who had enlisted to fight in the Afghan jihad. That data base was initially held by Osama bin Laden.”

Researcher Kurt Nimmo writes:

“The database of Islamic fighters that was collected by the program was labeled n Arabic, ‘Q eidat ilmu’ti’aat’, which is the exact translation of the English word database. But the Arabs commonly used the short word ‘Al Qaida” which is the Arabic word for ‘base.’”

In 1989, the US, under George Bush Sr. moved to abandon Afghanistan, making preparations to attack Saddam Hussein long before he had ever moved against Kuwait in 1991.  As far as Bush knew, the spy agency had obeyed his orders to abandon the Afghan tribal bloodbath and civil war, but the CIA knew better than the Commander-In-Chief.  This fit in well with a deceitful Secretary of Defense, who had also believed that he knew better than his boss, (as evidenced by Cheney ordering his underling Paul Wolfowitz to draw-up an alternative foreign policy, known as the “Defense Planning Guidance”).  The covert foreign policy of Reagan and Carter had became even more secret, as control of the camp network was submerged even deeper into the bowels of the secret world of the CIA.

The CIA  did not pull out of the jihadi program after the Soviet withdrawal, leaving it solely in the ISI’s hands.  There is a massive trail of evidence which proves that all the Islamist extremists who were trained under this program, to undermine Kashmir, Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Egypt, the US and England, were not all Pakistan’s doing.  This has always been a CIA program.  The attempt to pretend that we were washing our hands of it, was to give “plausible deniability” to the President of the United States, that he had ordered an end to the effort.  CIA appeared to comply, as they covertly ignored the position of their old boss and set their own foreign policy.  The ensuing Kashmiri conflict, started in 1989 by American and Pakistani trained forces, was an act of war against India. Which part of the Executive Branch was responsible for the new plan?  Who this a presidential decision, or was it a rogue agency that decided on its own to turn the Islamists against us, manipulating the Islamists into openly kill 3000 Americans on 9/11?  Whose plan were the Islamists and the covert planters of explosives executing on that new day of infamy?

Pakistanis seethed with anger at the US for abandoning them in the mess we had made; they were only doing what America had demanded of them.

“Many in the ISI loathe the United States. They view America as an unreliable and duplicitous ally, being especially resentful of the 1990 sanctions, which came one year after the Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan. Furthermore, the ISI is dominated by Pashtuns, the same tribe that is the Taliban’s base of support across the border in Afghanistan. Partly because of its family, clan, and business ties to the Taliban, the ISI, even more than Pakistani society in general, has become increasingly enamored of radical Islam in recent years.” [Slate, 10/9/2001]…

On October 12, 1999 the ISI installed the government of Pervez Musharref, in a coup d’etat, removing Nawaz Sharif out of fear that he might give-in to American pressure and stop supporting the Taliban.

After the withdrawal of the Soviets in 1989, the camps kept churning out highly-skilled terrorists, to foment other armed insurgencies in places like Kashmir (lasting until the war with India in 1999).  The CIA/ISI camps were terrorist factories, as they kept turning out successive armies of paramilitary units and skilled terrorists.  They trained many of the Bosnian fighters in 1992 and 1995, Chechens in 1994 and 1996, Taliban in 1995 and 1996, and the Kosovo Liberation Army in 1998-99.  Former honor students of the camps went on to attempt to kill Benazir Bhutto in 1993 (Yousef and KSM), bomb the World Trade Center the first time (Yousef). Gulbuddin Hekmatyar was an agent of chaos, who immediately set about destabilizing the victorious Mujahedeen in Afghanistan by firing rockets at Kabul, igniting the Afghan civil war.  Mullah Omar received satellite intel from the CIA, revealing to him the location of a hidden convey of Soviet trucks loaded with weaponry, giving him the upper hand in the civil war.

According to India’s Embassy, Pakistan’s terrorism network consisted of :

“38 terrorist training centres from where recruits were regularly sent on “jehad” missions to Kashmir and other parts of the world…Facts and figures about Pakistan’s role in fostering terrorism in India compiled by Indian security forces are as follows: Number of terrorist camps in Pakistan 37; number of terrorist camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir 49; number of Pakistan-run terrorist camps in Afghanistan: 22; total number of hardcore terrorists operating in Jammu and Kashmir: 2300; total number of foreign mercenaries operating in Jammu and Kashmir: 900; number of Pakistan terrorists killed by Indian security forces: 291; number of Indian civilians killed by Pakistan terrorists: over 29,000…Harkat-ul-Ansar, Al-Badr, Lashkar-e-Toiba and Tehreek-ul-Mujahideen, all associated with terrorist financier Osama bin Laden.”

In the early years, the camps produced two terrorist superstars, Ramsey Yousef and Ali Mohamed.  While Yousef did spread his talents and skills liberally throughout the Muslim world, it was Ali who made the terrorists more skilled and successfully instigated many large terrorist attacks.  As an officer in the Egyptian military, he had served in the same unit as the assassins who killed Anwar Sadat.  He later moved about freely in the world of Islamist radicals at the al-Farouq mosque and al Qaida recruitment center in Brooklyn, which had produced El-Sayeed Nosair, the killer of Rabbi Meir Kahane, brought the “blind sheikh” together with bin Laden and his Islamic “charities,” as well as Osama’s spiritual mentor, Sheikh Abdullah Azzam.

As an American Special Forces trainer, Ali acquired specialized skills and combat training programs, which he taught in the camps.  Under the name “Abu Mohamed al-Amriki,” he offered Zawahiri a CIA bribe of $50 million to attempt to overthrow the Egyptian government in 1998.  He did the groundwork for the plot to blow-up two American embassies in Africa and at least one attempt to assassinate Qaddafi.  Ali Mohamed is the linchpin in the plot to fabricate the al Qaida super-enemy.  It will be the task of future historians to determine whether he was manipulating al Qaida for the CIA or playing the CIA for al Qaida – perhaps both answers are correct.

The CIA/ISI camps, organized by Ali, the trainer, were a source of instruction for nearly every terrorist attack upon the West.  Graduate Ramsey Yousef and “the blind Sheikh”  were instrumental to the first World Trade Center bombing, while Yousef’s uncle Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was the brains behind the successful second bombing.  Their associate, CIA pawn Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, was instrumental in turning the successful Afghan revolution into a civil war and keeping it going.  He was also a key player in the Taliban resurgence against the US.   The Philippine Abu Sayyaf terrorist organization trained 300 men at these camps.  The London 7/7 terrorists and the “shoe bomber” all visited these camps before their attacks. Oklahoma City bombing suspect Terry Nichols allegedly came into contact with some of this group (possibly in the same area as Ramsey Yousef, at a time when both were there) on his visits to the Philippines before the OKC  attack.  It is rumored on the Internet that Saudi intelligence told the FBI that Saddam Hussein had commissioned Pakistanis to bring down the Murrah Building.  The infamous dark-skinned “John Doe No. 2″ might have been a Pakistani.  He was described as a Middle Eastern type.

After Clinton took over from Bush, he rediscovered the Islamist Network.  Parts of the hidden program begin to resurface.  According to author Yossef Bodansky (director Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare), in 1993,

“Clinton began a covert operation with Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan, to send money and arms to Bosnia-Herzegovina…complicity in the delivery of weapons from Iran to the Muslim government in Sarajevo…involvement with the Islamic network’s arms pipeline  elements of Al Qaida in Albania.” 

“Some of these actions were under direct command of Al Qaida “number two” Ayman al-Zawahiri, who oversaw the program to smuggle weapons and mujahedeen though Croatia into Bosnia.  This secret program was later duplicated with the Kosovo Liberation Army, and again in nearby Macedonia, as well as in Chechnya.”

Clinton also is alleged to have used these Al Qaida offshoots against Egypt, after President Mubarak opposed Clinton’s use of force against Iraq in February 1998.  Some of these Islamists, again led by Zawahiri, had tried to assassinate Mubarak in 1995.

The Islamist foreign policy of the United States did not end with Bill Clinton, or even with the 9/11 attacks.  Bush is playing the same card throughout the Muslim world, as we see him apply the “El Salvador option” (adapted from the Islamist program) to every situation claimed to be caused by “elements associated with al Qaida.”  We are hiring and training gangs of Sunni mercenaries to start wars throughout the Muslim world.  Either we hire them openly, like the “Awakening” group in Iraq, semi-secretly, like the PAJEK Kurds hired to hit Iran and the Fatah al-Islam in Lebanon, or back them super-secretively, like elements of the Pakistani Taliban, whom we mislabel as “al Qaida.”

Our own spy agency is behind the killing of thousands of American soldiers and civilians all over the world.  They are also responsible for continued Afghan opium production, as it has always served as the primary funding source for CIA paramilitary operations there.  The poppies funded the original Pakistani camps and their current resurgence.  Much of the poppy fields and most of the camps lie within a sixty-mile radius of Peshawar.  This is the zone of instability that overlaps the northernmost regions of Pakistan bordering Kashmir, the epicenter of the massive October 2005 earthquake that further devastated the people.

Within this sixty-mile radius lies the infamous Tora Bora “fortress,” bin Laden’s redoubt, where his forces made their last stand in Afghanistan.  It was built on the Kabul River, near the Swat Valley, the site of the original camps and the current Pakistani/Taliban battles, set-off by Musharref’s  meeting of US demands.  Tora Bora is part of the Darunta Camp complex [34°28’00″N 70°22’00″E], the former location of Al-Badr I military base near Jalalabad.  According to Internet sources, bin Laden allegedly took possession of this facility directly from the CIA, upon his return from Sudan in 1996.  At the time of the US invasion of Afghanistan, American media sources were hyping Tora Bora as a super fortress, equipped as an underground city, even having its own hydroelectric plant.  This underground facility would have had to have cost at least a billion dollars to construct.  They released this artist’s rendition to the public as US bombers were dropping everything they had on it.   disputed the fortress story 

The satellite photos below are supposed to be from the Darunta site, matching closely the level of complexity attributed to the facility during the battle, which the media quickly denied as hype, after our troops failing to get bin Laden there, preferring to show instead, a bunch of primitive caves.

The following map pinpoints the large helipad used to supply Darunta–

The ongoing offensive in the Swat zone of instability began when Pakistan agreed to US demands to assault the “Red Mosque” Islamic compound in Islamabad.  The storming of the compound ignited an uprising in the Northwest Provinces by followers of Lal Masjid cleric Abdul Aziz.  The Islamists had become more and more successful at their attempts to spark the building democratic-revolution, emboldening Pakistani lawyers to mount large protests, threatening to sweep Musharref and his US allies away.  Musharref has escalated the confrontation with the Islamists by supporting the ISI attempt to blame one of them, Baitullah Mehsud, for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

One-hundred seventy-five miles south of the Swat Valley war zone, around the town of Wana, Mehsud has stood with al Qaida and the foreign Taliban against local Islamists, headed by Maulvi Nazir, who has been waging war to evict al Qaida foreigners (mostly Uzbeks) and Afghan Taliban from his territory.  The al Qaida flocked to the area in 2001 after being driven from the Kandahar area in Afghanistan, which adjoins northwest Baluchistan.  Nazir has followed the same pattern that we have seen the people adopt in Iraq, where Sunnis turn against al Qaida because of their brutal attacks to force harsh Sharia law upon them.  After Nazir could stand no more, he gathered together 900 of his friends from the “local Taliban,” to drive the mostly Uzbeki al Qaida from South Waziristan.  The government provided aid to Nazir’s fight, but when government forces tried to actively fight alongside the defending Waziri, it felt the combined retaliation of both sides.

Recently, nine of Nazir’s representatives to upcoming peace talks with the government were killed in rocket attacks, blamed on Uzbekis who were connected to Mehsud.  The attack was probably another part of the ISI disinformation campaign to turn local Islamists against Mehsud’s Taliban, designed to trigger more of the anti-Uzbeki attacks.  After the attack, Nazir issued a deadline for all of the Mehsud to leave the area.  The Waziri are expected to attempt to drive the Mehsud tribesmen northward of Wana, into the Kurram Agency, which has a large Shiite population.  This area will have to become the focus of CIA/ISI secret plans to foment religious war against the Shia, supporters of Iran, by driving the Sunnis and Shiites together.  Kurram adjoins the area of Tora Bora, on the edge of the large circular zone of instability.  Baitullah Mehsud has also been linked to attacks upon Shiites in the Kohat area.  Other reports from the area claim that Mehsud is marked for assassination by a government death squad.

Wana sits squarely on the trail used by Islamic fighters traveling from the Swat region to the heated battlefield in Southeastern Afghanistan, on the northern edge of the Baluch region.  This is the border area between the multinational Pashtun and Baluch tribes.  The Taliban are primarily a Pashtun movement.  It appears that the goal of the US is to use these inter-tribal hostilities to erase the borders of the two countries.  In 2005, al-Qaeda and the Taliban took over this area, “transforming Baluchistan from a logistics center to an operational base.”

The sparsely populated Baluch area is also home to Pakistan’s huge reserves of natural gas, the chosen route for the India-Iran gas lines, and several nuclear research and delivery sites.

Recent attacks by Jundallah terrorists into Iran came from this region.

The recent attempt to blame Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto is a textbook example of the Pakistani ISI duplicity in the region.  Even while government spokesmen finger Mehsud for the hit, other ISI operatives and journalists (Pakistani neocons) are spreading rumors, alleging his involvement with the anti-America/Musharref resistance.

“To neutralise that strategic blunder, the ISI operatives are trying to present Pakistan and Pakistan army as a target of the US aggression. Of course they are the primary targets of the US.  But Musharraf definitely is not.  To indirectly generate sympathies for Musharraf, the ISI analysis try to explain how Pakistan military is being strategically sabotaged, forgetting the fact that this has nothing to do with the US plans against Musharraf because Musharraf is the key facilitators of all anti-Pakistan plans by the neocons and warlords in Washington.  The ISI attempt to parade Abdul Rashid Ghazi, Baitullah Mehsud, and the Maulana of Swat as ISI agents just doesn’t hold water…If Al-Qaeda is in fact fighting for the US against Pakistan, what is all this fuss about the ‘war on terrorism’ on the part of Mush and his cronies in Islamabad?”

The author of that commentary may have been more of a prophet than he realized, when he asked if al Qaida was fighting for the United States.  Hasn’t it been said, that the best place to hide something is to put it in plain sight?  Rumors created by ISI liars may be more factual than that which they proffer as truth.  By starting a whispering campaign to tell the truth about their intentions they know that it won’t be believed, because of its source.  Known liars like Bush and Musharref, speaking honestly about their intentions, cover the truth with their  dishonest reputations.

In the northern quadrant of this zone is the critical Swat Valley region, the focal point of the ongoing military offensive.  In this jihadi stronghold, we find al Qaida Uzbeks again fomenting rebellion.  “Radio Mullah,” otherwise known as Maulana Fazlullah of Swat, works diligently to broadcast his fundamentalist Wahabbi/Taliban values, backed up by 500 well-armed followers, including Uzbek fighters.   He is the son-in-law of Maulana Sufi Mohammad, founder of the Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM – Movement for the Enforcement of Islamic Laws).  Here hardcore Taliban, al Qaida, TNSM and other organizations await the promised arrival of the American Special Forces, planning to repel them just as they have successfully done with the Pakistani Army.   Also within this same circle lies a large percentage of Pakistan’s nuclear development and delivery systems.

The escalating drama that is planned for this region, dreamed-up by the sick mind of Dick Cheney and his pals from the dark side over at CIA, is now set to play out in the planned Frontier Corps.  The insane notion of training still more paramilitary units to fight the old ones is a continuation of the same tragedy that has played-out in this cursed region for thirty years or more.  The plan is to use Special Forces to train new Islamists and to stage attacks that will hopefully ignite an intra-Taliban war, or, even better, an Iraqi-type religious civil war.  Either scenario will open a path to American bombers heading through the back door into Iran.

(Source / 26.08.2015)

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1,000 Children Left Disabled by 2014 War on Gaza

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Defense for Children International said, in a special report, on Tuesday, that about a thousand Palestinian children have sustained permanent disabilities as a result of the Israeli aggression on Gaza in 2014.Zorg Gaza

DCIP also documented cases in which at least 30 children sustained permanent facial or physical deformation, according to WAFA.

In July of 2014, Israel waged a relentless offensive on Gaza which claimed the lives of almost 2,240 people, most of them civilians and mainly children and women, while more than 40,000 homes were destroyed either totally or partially.

An estimated 500,000 people have become homeless or left their homes seeking shelter in safer places during the offensive.

See video: Gaza City’s Devastated Al-Shuja’eyya Suburb

(Source / 26.08.2015)

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By Peter Clifford              ©           (


News from Rojava remains sketchy, but it seems that since the YPG captured the town of Tal Abyad from the Islamic State and successfully formed a joint administration involving all ethnic groups, new problems have arisen.


2nd New Children’s Care Centre Opens in Kobane

Tal Abyad falls into the territory which under the Assad regime lay between the Kurdish Cantons of Kobane and Cizire.

After the Islamic State (IS) invasion and their subsequent defeat by the Kurdish YPG and a Free Syrian Army (FSA) joint force, the two Cantons were joined together.

Administratively, it seems to have been decided to place Tal Abyad under Kobane Canton, an action to which the FSA Liwa Thuwar brigade is objecting.

Previously the town fell under the administration of Raqqah city, which continues for the present under IS control.

The basis of this reaction is once again sectarianism. Having failed to make accusations against the Kurdish YPG of “ethnic cleansing” stick, Arab groups are now trying to prevent good government and some sort of normality prevailing.

(EDITOR: Given the Rojavan Constitution, which guarantees the rights of all, I know which group I would rather be adminstered by. I hope those in Tal Abyad from all groups involved in the ruling council, speak up.)

In Kobane city itself yesterday a new hotel and restaurant, called “Martyr Jadou’s”, opened, and separately a 2nd playground and educational area for children. Children from 3 – 5 will receive childcare at the new facility and the older children literacy skills.


Funeral For 9 YPG/YPJ Fighters in Kobane

There was also a funeral for 9 YPG/YPJ fighters killed in battles in Kobane Canton and at Serekaniye.

Around 35,000 people are now reported to have returned to Kobane city since the last IS attack in June.

There is also a report that Ahmad Hamdan, an IS Jihadist who was injured and captured in the June 25th attack on Kobane, has committed suicide in his prison cell.

The IS fighter was in the care of the YPG who had sent him for medical treatment after his capture on the 27th June.

The circumstances of his suicide and the fighter’s nationality have not been revealed but he is said to have taken his own life on 18th August.

Unconfirmed reports lacking detail are coming in saying that Turkish jets have made an airstrike on YPG forces near Tell Brak, 50 kilometres north-east of Hasakah. Whether this is in error, or some deliberate Turkish move on PKK associated Kurdish fighters is not clear.

Reports yesterday said that Turkey and the US had concluded talks on “the procedures and technical details” of Turkey’s involvement in and cooperation with the Coalition force on strikes against IS. However, US spokesmen said that their had been no discussion of the creation of a “safe zone”. Turkey’s intentions still remain confusing and ambiguous.

Interesting “alternative perspective” story from the B1 bomber crew members of the US 9th Bomb Squadron who dropped 660 bombs on IS positions in Kobane in the first 5 months of Operation Inherent Resolve. Those bombs killed an estimated 1,000 IS Jihadists.  You can read more, HERE:

Originally published back in February, this YPJ fighter sings for Kobane, here:


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Het antigojisme van Esther Voet

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By Engelbert Luitsz               ©              (

“De cultus van het slachtofferschap is een extreem giftige, voor individuen, volkeren en sektes.”
Arnon Grunberg


Ruim een week geleden kwam Esther Voet uitgebreid aan het woord in Vrij Nederland. In het interview met Greta Riemersma mocht Voet iets meer vertellen over de achtergrond van haar vertrek bij de zionistische belangenvereniging het CIDI. Dat het niet lekker ging was al langer bekend, maar ze moest een geheimhoudingsverklaringtekenen over de ware toedracht. Dat zal niemand verbazen. Alles om het imago van de club te beschermen, voor zover nog mogelijk dan.

Directeur van het CIDI is een van de moeilijkste banen in Nederland, lezen we daar. Maar wie beweert dat? Juist, de bestuursleden van het CIDI zelf. Nu mag ze het dan wat rustiger aandoen en met bevriende figuren als Joshua Livestro en Bart Schut gewoon zeggen wat ze wil op het rechtse Jalta, “een liberale opiniesite” volgens zowel Vrij Nederland als de Volkskrant. De “loodzware baan” gaat over op Hanna Luden.

In het interview probeert Riemersma nog wel wat duidelijkheid te krijgen. De kritiek op Israël heeft toch te maken met de manier waarop de Palestijnen worden behandeld? “Dan moet Voet toch iets van het hart. Waarom benaderen journalisten haar vaak zo kritisch, zoals ook nu weer in dit interview?” Voet was juist het slachtoffer, want “wie stond in de vuurlinie?” Jawel, niet de honderden Palestijnse kinderen, maar Voet zelf was het slachtoffer van operatie Machtige Klip. En dat omdat ze onheus bejegend was door de rapper Appa.

Haar gebrek aan inlevingsvermogen wanneer het niet om joden gaat bleek ook uit de door Voet gecoördineerde paginagrote advertentie “tegen jodenhaat” in de Telegraaf, die deze fantastische krant gratis ter beschikking stelde (volgens de tafiefkaart van de krant kost zo’n pagina ruim 80.000 euro). De advertentie viel ongeveer in het midden van de 51 dagen van moord en verwoesting waarop Israël de al zo geteisterde Gazastrook trakteerde. Voet vond het kennelijk belangrijker om de aandacht af te leiden van die gruwelen dan om zich eens als mens te gedragen. “Het Palestijns-Israëlisch conflict is right versus right“, verklaarde ze blijmoedig. Waren de rollen omgekeerd geweest, nog geen 100 slachtoffers aan Palestijnse kant (praktisch allemaal militairen) en meer dan 2000 aan Israëlische kant (praktisch allemaal burgers), dan zou ze haar slogan toch anders hebben geformuleerd.

Voet doet denken aan iemand die gestopt is met roken en dan extreem anti-roken wordt. Sinds ze zich tot het jodendom heeft bekeerd probeert ze joodser dan de joden te zijn. Ergens zal het toch blijven knagen dat die joodse fictie geen waarborg is voor een gedegen identiteit, want ze blijft op zoek naar bevestiging: “Opperrabbijn Binyomin Jacobs heeft in NRC gezegd dat Esther Voet honderd procent Joods is. En zo is het. Ik kan de papieren laten zien.

Dat blijkt ook uit een column (Hitlergroet 2.0) van vorig jaar, die ze schreef in een klaslokaal (!) van Yad Vashem. En opnieuw liet ze blijken hoe ze het slachtofferschap tot cultus verheft:

De expert die de huidige workshop leidt, vraagt intussen aan de leraren wanneer antisemitisme is ontstaan. Er komen verschillende antwoorden. Hij antwoordt: “Rabbijn Lau zegt: sinds Abraham.” Ik denk dat Rabbijn Lau gelijk heeft. Het is onuitroeibaar.

Waren het die licht-kritische vragen in Vrij Nederland die haar deden besluiten het nog eens over te doen in de Volkskrant? Vandaag verschenen in die krant twee volle pagina’s Voet. Deze keer mocht Janny Groen het doen en de kop “Het ergste is als mensen je moedwillig demoniseren” geeft al aan dat haar zieligheid hier opnieuw volop de ruimte krijgt. Hier geen enkele kritische noot, enkel begrip voor de uiterst moeilijke situatie van deze “roepende in de woestijn“. Ze wil “absoluut niet klinken als een slachtoffer“, zegt ze dan ook nog.

De training die ze voor het CIDI kreeg heeft haar kennelijk voor het leven verminkt. Een van de bekende propagandatrucs van het zionisme is om te doen alsof de critici van het zionisme voortdurend aan het woord zijn en veel en veel meer macht krijgen dan de zionisten zelf. Daarom “is het een plicht een tegengeluid te laten horen.” Mevrouw Voet beseft kennelijk niet hoeveel ruimte ze in de grote kranten, op de radio en op de televisie krijgt. Veel en veel meer dan iemand die de Nederlandse bevolking eens zou kunnen vertellen wat er nu werkelijk in Israël en de Palestijnse gebieden gebeurt. Een Palestijn bijvoorbeeld. Serieuze en noodzakelijke kritiek is zo goed als afwezig, terwijl clubs als het CIDI, de talloze websites met verwante geesten en andere zionistische lobbyclubs onevenredig veel aandacht opeisen. De onvoorstelbaar vunzige lastercampagne die vanuit die gelederen wordt gevoerd tegen de Britse politicus Jeremy Corbyn illustreert dat goed.

De vele uitlatingen van Voet van de afgelopen jaren wijzen maar al te vaak op een totaal gebrek aan empathie wanneer het niet direct met haar uitverkoren stam te maken heeft. De geheimhoudingsplicht is een kenmerk van het zionisme. Gun de gojim – de niet-Israëlieten – geen kijkje achter de schermen. Doe alsof je betrokken bent, snoer critici de mond door te zeggen dat je anti-racistisch bent, want dan kun je onder de radar verder met je werkelijke doelstellingen. Maar als je zo vaak en zo veel praat, verspreek je je wel eens natuurlijk. Onlangs nog had ze het op Radio 1 over “die mensen die waarschijnlijk net zo tegen de 2-statenoplossing zijn als bijvoorbeeld ik…” Akkoord, wel snel gecorrigeerd. Maar vandaag in de Volkskrant staat het dan eindelijk zwart op wit – en dit mag vet:

“De enige slachtoffers die vallen om wie ze zijn, zijn joden.”

Jawel, de honderden miljoenen mensen die zijn vermoord gewoon omdat ze zwart waren, of christen, of moslim, of “indiaan”, of Aboriginal, of wat dan ook.. dat doet er allemaal niet toe. Alleen joden hebben recht op een genocide in de anti-humanistische werkelijkheid van Voet en haar gelijken. En met de militaire macht van Israël en de politieke zionistische macht in talloze andere landen, moeten we veel banger zijn voorantigojisme dan voor antisemitisme, want dat laatste – als het al iets betekent – bestaat voornamelijk in de media. Het antigojisme wordt in Israël volop verkondigd door rabbijnen en seculiere zionisten en krijgt ook in het Westen steeds duidelijker trekken. Amerikaanse politici die zich tegen hun eigen land keren om de zionistische lobby te vriend te houden vormen bijvoorbeeld een groot gevaar voor de internationale rechtsorde.

In 1955 schreef Renate Rubinstein een artikel voor Propria Cures genaamd “Het zionisme of de nieuwe onvrijheid“. Ze wijst daarin op het feit dat de zionisten behoefte hadden aan “een grootste gemene deler” onder de joden buiten Israël en wat kon daarvoor beter dienen dan antisemitisme? De “Nieuwe Jood” van de zionisten was blank en blond en vol zelfvertrouwen, dus hoe kreeg je dat veel grotere andere deel van het jodendom achter je? Ook toen was angst het toverwoord. Wat de Israëlische premier Netanyahu na de aanslagen in Parijs probeerde, namelijk alle joden bang maken voor de gojim, zodat ze naar Israël zouden komen, dat deed de eerste premier van Israël, David Ben-Goerion, ook al. Dat “denkschema” zoals Rubinstein het noemt, viel haar op in een redevoering die Ben-Goerion in 1955 hield. Ze schrijft:

Ook binnen de staat Israël bewijst het zijn diensten als stimulans voor een militant nationalisme; het kan daar zelfs leiden tot het aperte ‘antigoyisme’ (nadruk van mij, EL) waar David Ben Goerion in zijn rede op de jongstleden herdenking van de onafhankelijkheidsdag blijk van gaf.

Zo zien we dat niet alleen de Palestijnen als inferieur worden beschouwd, dat niet alleen hun geschiedenis wordt gewist; in de visie van een kleine groep mensen is de hele mensheid ondergeschikt gemaakt aan een fictief verleden dat hedendaagse misdaden tegen de menselijkheid moet verhullen. We kunnen het niet vaak genoeg zeggen: de titel van de trilogie van Alan Hart heeft sinds de verschijning van zijn boeken alleen maar aan kracht gewonnen: Zionisme, de ware vijand van de joden.

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