Jerusalem: The occupied capital

It is occupied Jerusalem, the Arab and Islamic city, and the biggest city in historic Palestine in terms of size and population, and the most important religious, economic and historical center, which the Palestinians consider the capital of the State of Palestine, and fight for it, paying dearly and generously for its liberation, fighting what the Israelis claim to be their eternal religious capital. Location and inhabitants The city of Jerusalem is located in the center of Palestine, about 60 kilometers east of the Mediterranean Sea, about 35 kilometers west of the Dead Sea, 250 kilometers north of the Red … Continue reading Jerusalem: The occupied capital

Israel’s nuclear weapons make the world a more dangerous place

By Asa Winstanley Privately, it has been well understood by US officials since the 1960s that Israel has the capacity to build its own nuclear weapons. Publicly, Israel has a policy of not confirming or denying its nuclear stockpile, even though by now it is a well-established fact. Since 1968, or possibly even earlier, Israel has amassed a secretive arsenal thought to amount to at least 80 nuclear warheads. In a hacked 2015 email, former US Secretary of State Colin Powell wrote that Israel has “200 [nuclear bombs], all targeted on Tehran.” The latter figure may be an exaggeration, but … Continue reading Israel’s nuclear weapons make the world a more dangerous place

Fewer symbolic gestures and more action is needed for Palestine

Israeli security forces take security measures during a protest in Hebron, West Bank on 18 September, 2017 By Faiez Jacobs For the past 50 years, Israel’s occupation of Palestine and control of Palestinian lives in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem has, terrifyingly, become an accepted part of our international political landscape. So too, has the humiliating permit regime that controls every aspect of Palestinian life from cradle to grave; detention without trial; torture; home demolitions and the ongoing theft of Palestinian land. Israel’s occupation and colonisation of Palestine has become ever-more entrenched, because the world refuses to take … Continue reading Fewer symbolic gestures and more action is needed for Palestine

Half of Arab Jerusalem Population Works for Jews

An Aerial view of the Old City of Jerusalem A new study published in Jerusalem on Friday showed that 50 percent of the workforce in Israeli-annexed East Jerusalem works for Jewish businessmen, saying Jews prefer them because “they work for lower wages and for longer hours than their Israeli counterparts.” The study, by Israeli and Arab researchers Marik Shtern and Ahmed Asmar, was published by the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research under the title “Behind the Glass Ceiling”, in which working relations between Israelis and Palestinians are documented. The researchers said that although the Arabs of East Jerusalem have not … Continue reading Half of Arab Jerusalem Population Works for Jews

The ‘deal of the century’ struck between reckless leaders

By  Hossam Shaker The “deal of the century” is the mystery phrase used amid the ongoing tension in the Middle East. It seems that this “deal” is so secretive that there are those who believe it is a delusion that will never get off the ground. Meanwhile, others confirm that arrangements have already been made and that the deal will surface in a matter of time, which will impose widespread Arab subjugation to the Israeli concept of a political agreement to end the Palestinian cause. Any concern regarding such vague projects is justified. How else should we feel when the … Continue reading The ‘deal of the century’ struck between reckless leaders

Remembering Israel’s ‘Operation Pillar of Defence’

By Hanaa Hasan On 14 November 2012, Israel launched “Operation Pillar of Defence” against the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip. Over the following eight days, almost 175 Palestinians were killed and more than 1,000 were injured. Five years later, Gaza is still subject to Israeli aggression, in violation of the terms of the ceasefire agreement. What: Operation Pillar of Defence When: 14-21 November 2012 Where: The Gaza Strip What happened? Tensions between the Israeli occupying forces and Gaza escalated in the days leading up to the military operation. On 10 November, Israel responded to an attack on a military … Continue reading Remembering Israel’s ‘Operation Pillar of Defence’

Why hasn’t Abbas lifted sanctions on Gaza?

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speaks to the media after meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah II at the Royal Palace in Amman, Jordan, Oct. 22, 2017. By Rasha Abou Jalal   GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are outraged that sanctions against Gaza remain in place despite the reconciliation agreement signed Oct. 12 by Fatah and Hamas in Cairo. They are upset in particular about the reduced fuel supply to Gaza’s only power plant. Any euphoria over news of the reconciliation in this regard has worn thin, as it appears relief may not be in sight for at least another … Continue reading Why hasn’t Abbas lifted sanctions on Gaza?