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Israeli Fascist Brutality

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palestinian child israeli soldier

Let’s not mince words. Israel is a fascist police state, masquerading as a democracy. How when state terror is official policy, when soldiers, police and Zionist zealots brutalize and murder Palestinians unaccountably, when institutionalized apartheid exceeds the worst of South Africa’s regime.

Palestine is a free-fire zone, unsafe to live in for Arabs. Israeli security forces rampage with impunity, licensed to kill at their discretion, taking full advantage, rewarded for shocking brutality.

In the last five days alone, three Palestinian youths were gunned down in cold blood, two aged 13. Another 500 were injured, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS).

It declared a state of emergency in the West Bank and East Jerusalem following days of Israeli violence, in Occupied Palestine an endless pogrom of racist hate, violence, mass arrests and cold-blooded murders.

PRCS activated its Al-Bireh HQ central Operations Room- its “staff, teams and volunteers put on standby.” It said Israeli forces attacked its personnel, ambulances and other vehicles 14 times in the past 72 hours while they tried aiding wounded Palestinians – preventing them from providing humanitarian care.

Ambulance crew members were beaten and wounded. A PRCS statement condemned Israeli violence, saying it “constitute(s) a blatant violation of key IHL (international humanitarian law) provisions” – mainly Fourth Geneva, requiring the protection of civilians in time of war.

Article 2 states “the present Convention shall apply to all cases of declared war or of any other armed conflict which may arise between two or more of the High Contracting Parties, even if the state of war is not recognized by one of them.”

The Convention shall also apply to all cases of partial or total occupation of the territory of a High Contracting Party, even if the said occupation meets with no armed resistance.

Fourth Geneva protects all personnel involved in aiding, transporting and treating wounded or sick individuals.

Israel enforces vicious occupation harshness, waging war on an entire population. Since last week, dozens of Palestinians were shot with live fire. Numerous others were physically assaulted.

Tensions were high following Israeli soldiers and police desecrating the Al-Aqsa Mosque (Islam’s third holiest site) multiple times in recent days – damaging it deliberately, brutalizing peaceful worshipers, making numerous arrests.

Things spun out-of-control following the killing of four Israelis. In just societies, police conduct investigations without brutalizing entire communities. Israel imposes collective punishment. Horrific Palestinian suffering follows.

A PLO statement said Israel “is deliberately creating a situation of violence and instability that threatens to spiral out-of-control.”

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) accused Israel of crimes of excessive force and extreme brutality – carried out by soldiers, police and lunatic settlers.

Abused Palestinians respond justifiably to provocative Israeli tear gas, rubber bullets, live fire, beatings and other forms of abuse, using stones and empty bottles – hardly a fair fight.

PCHR said over 170 Palestinians wounded or killed by “live bullets and shrapnel in Jerusalem.” Israeli collective punishment policy willfully targets defenseless civilians.

World leaders able stop these horrors do nothing more than urge both sides to show restraint – effectively condoning Israeli violence, hate crimes, an appalling disregard for Palestinian rights, safety and welfare.

Netanyahu is a fascist thug, calling legitimate Palestinian resistance terrorism, vowing no letup in extreme police state violence.

“(J)ust as we’ve smashed previous waves of terrorism, we will also smash this wave of terrorism,” he blustered.

He convened a Monday evening security cabinet meeting to discuss ways to escalate violence against defenseless Palestinians. He ordered thousands more soldiers and police as shock troops throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Zionist zealots demanded increased toughness, including fascist cabinet ministers. Extremist tourism minister Yariv Levin said “(t)hose who think that terror can defeat the spirit of the nation of Israel and can stop us implementing our historical rights in every part of the land of Israel, should see us here today and understand that we will not be beaten.”

Social affairs minister Haim Katz urged accelerated settlement construction. “The prime minister is the only one who can defeat terrorism and build the land of Israel, and we expect him to do so,” he said.

He called for tougher penalties on parents of children arrested for stone-throwing. PLO member Hanan Ashrawi said “who think that terror can defeat the spirit of the nation of Israel and can stop us implementing our historical rights in every part of the land of Israel, should see us here today and understand that we will not be beaten.”

Palestinians want rights everyone deserves. Israel wants endless violence and instability, blaming Palestinians for its high crimes, maintaining occupation harshness in response, including cold-blooded murder – with full US support and encouragement.

(Source / 07.10.2015)

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October 7, 2015 at 9:14 pm

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Intifada: The writing was on the wall

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Anyone claiming to be surprised that a third uprising is imminent has been burying their head in the sand for the last decade

Only rarely does a cliche as well-worn as this one hit the mark so precisely: The writing is on the wall, indeed. My readers will pardon me; no response, explanation or analysis seems more pertinent, at this juncture, when the danger of a third Palestinian Intifada breaking out seems greater than at any time in the last decade. Anyone claiming to be surprised has not been living in the Middle East over the last 10 years. Anyone who claims to be surprised has, along with most Israelis, been burying his head in the sand for a decade. The only surprising thing is that a renewed uprising has taken a decade to occur.

Israeli security figures are still trying to minimise the obvious, insisting that this is only a “wave of terror,” not an Intifada. They said exactly the same thing when the two previous Intifadas erupted. When the first Intifada began, I met members of the entourage of the then Minister of Defence Yitzhak Rabin, visiting the United States at the time, in a large New York department store. There was no reason to hurry home to Israel, they said; everything was under control. Nor was the second Intifada exactly anticipated. Yet both erupted, intensely, the second worse than the first. The dimensions of the third will be greater still.

Not yet clear is whether the events occurring right now will develop into a full-blown Intifada or not, but meantime there will be no period of quiet between the Jordan River and the sea any time soon. It’s true that there have been various factors preventing, thus far, the outbreak of a third Intifada: the heavy price paid by the Palestinians for the second Intifada that failed to achieve anything whatever for them; the absence of a leadership moving the people toward another broad uprising; internal Palestinian divisions, greatly intensified in recent years, between Fatah and Hamas; the international isolation of the Palestinians amid growing international indifference; and the slightly improved economic situation on the West Bank.

But all these factors, most of them still in play, cannot over time prevent a third Intifada from erupting. Even if Israeli security forces somehow manage to stuff this reawakening genie back in its bottle, it won’t stay there for long. And they are unlikely to succeed in any case. At this writing, a day after two Jews were murdered in Jerusalem’s Old City, some 100 Palestinians have already been wounded by the Israeli Army and Israeli police in disturbances throughout the West Bank: an ominous portent.

The writing has been on the wall because Israel’s conduct, in all its insufferable arrogance and imperviousness, cannot fail to lead to another terrible explosion. The West Bank has been quiescent for nearly 10 years, during which time Israel has consistently proven to the Palestinians that quiet will be met only with an intensification of the occupation, settlement expansion, more home demolitions and more mass arrests – including thousands of so-called administrative detainees who are incarcerated without trial, continuing confiscation of land, wholly useless incursions and arrests, and an itchy finger on the trigger resulting in dozens of needless human deaths and countless provocations inflaming Muslim sensibilities regarding al-Aqsa and the Temple Mount.

Are Palestinians to assent to all of this in silence? To show restraint when the Dawabsheh family is burnt alive in Duma and no one is arrested or brought to trial by Israel, while Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon boasts that Israel knows who perpetrated that shocking crime but, to safeguard its intelligence network, will not arrest them?

What people could maintain restraint in the face of such a sequence of events, with the entire might of the occupation in the background, without hope, without prospects, with no end in sight. No negotiations are underway, even in secret, the two-state solution is apparently permanently dead and Israel has no alternative to offer – and the Palestinians are to accept all of that and sit still? Nothing like that has ever happened anywhere, nor will it ever.

While quiet has been sustained on the other side of the Wall for nearly 10 years, Israel has proven that there is no chance it will act as a partner for serious negotiations about the status of the West Bank, and that it has no intention of ending the occupation, with or without terrorism. A government that has the president of the United States wound around its little finger, incurring no punishment in return, has become drunk with power toward the Palestinians too. That’s what happens when the world permits Israel to run rampant in Gaza and the West Bank, inflating Israel’s arrogance and intoxication of power beyond all boundaries.

Now the bill is coming due. Those who imagined that Israel could go on this way forever, and that the Palestinians would continue to acquiesce, to submit, indefinitely – has simply never read a history book. No people anywhere has ever acquiesced in its own conquest without resistance, and certainly not in modern times. Resistance is its right, incidentally, enshrined in international law.

Now the bill is coming due: Intifada, the wave of an uprising that has been temporarily forgotten but will now come again, and soon. The truth is, these distinctions don’t matter anymore. The third Intifada is already here or, in the best case, is just around the corner. Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s current government, historically right-wing, nationalist and religious, have no intention of doing anything to prevent the pending eruption, and there will only be more bloodshed, more checkpoints, more arrests, more detentions, more destruction and more killing. This is the only language spoken by the current government of Israel; it has no other. There is no chance that this government will tread a different path.

Given this state of affairs, the current crisis sits squarely at the doorstep of the international community. Absent a responsible entity in Israel, responsibility is devolved there. The international community has long behaved fawningly toward Israel but this method, over half a century, has proven itself a resounding failure.

The time has now arrived to change the rules of the game for the international community as well, first and foremost the United States: whoever now continues enabling Israel to run amok while taking no real steps to end the occupation, will also bear responsibility for the next round of violence in the region. And the bloodshed will not be confined between the Jordan River and the sea; in the history of this conflict, its crises have always reached further than that, exacerbating the bloodshed occurring elsewhere in the world. Let the indifferent world bestir itself now and take notice.

(Source / 06.10.2015)

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October 6, 2015 at 10:26 pm

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Psychological War includes Murder of Youth

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Warfare is not just bloody. There is an emotional element to it too.

Since 2000, a number of human rights organizations inside the oPts and Israel have worked hard to document the high number of statistics of the young people and children being abducted by the Israeli military. These children are targeted for their alleged crimes that leave them as child prisoners, illegally detained and subjected to inhuman treatment.

It is not enough that the oPts are full of thousands of road blocks and checkpoints making travel near impossible; or that Israel and its illegal settlements are siphoning water off Palestinian land leaving the Palestinian residents without water access; or that the constant curfews and restrictions make it challenging to educate the children and businesses to function. Instilling fear into the hearts of parents and children is also part of the ongoing “armed conflict” that the world continues to look away and ignore its devastating impacts.

October 3, 4 and 5, 2015 saw these young fellows killed dead by Israeli military forces:


Abdul was standing with his friends in which they were still in their school uniforms while observing a protest unfolding in Bethlehem. People had gathered to demand justice for the shooting the day before of 19-year old Fadi Alloun. Israeli military snipers shot Abdul in the chest and one of his friends in the head with live ammunition. His friend was still in surgery at the time of the IMEMC report.

Quotes taken from bystanders, reported by IMEMC included:

“He was just standing, looking. And they shot him right here, in the chest. It opened right up, huge, and he died in the hospital. His mother and his father, they are going mad”.

That this boy clearly is young and was dressed in his school uniform was surely not a threat. But the idea to shoot and kill adolescent Palestinians sends a loud message to the local population: nothing is off limits.

12079643_400304890179538_1475885830046139058_nAnd Huthaifa. How and why did Huthaifa die?

Eyewitnesses said that residents of Bal’aa village, near Tulkarem in the West Bank, became frustrated with Israeli troops at the military roadblock, located outside the village.

The Israeli military uses roadblocks to prevent Palestinians freedom of movement, another element of their psychological warfare policies.

Palestinians routinely have to line up for hours in the outdoor elements and wait on soldiers standing around. These soldiers are usually young Israelis between ages of 18 to 21 years of age, dressed in combat uniforms including kevlar and helmuts, while heavily armed with semi-automatic weapons that they brandish visibly, as part of the humiliation. The Palestinians need their permission to leave one small area into another small area and regardless the circumstances, including a mother giving birth, the Palestinians must hope and wait on the will of these young Israelis if they are able to be mobile that day.

Frustration had built up at the roadblock, and the soldiers refused to acquiesce; live ammunition again was used with three Palestinians shot and young Huthaifa killed. Six others were shot with rubber bullets as well.


But it was how the Israeli military started the day in East Jerusalem on October 4, 2015 that has gone unnoticed. Maybe the other killings are part the distraction but the last few moments of Fadi Alloun on this earth were anything but pleasant. Clearly the rules of engagement that the Israeli military proudly defends itself as the most moral army in the world, did not exist.

Reporters and bystanders gave testimony that the home of Fadi was attacked in the early morning hours while the family was sleeping by more than two dozen Israeli soldiers.

Fadi, alleged to have stabbed an Israeli the day before, was their target. The Israeli young man who was stabbed survived with minor injuries thankfully. It is not clear if Fadi was involved or responsible.

The family home was under attack with concussion grenades, live ammunition and gas bombs. Clearly being used to intimidate and instil fear. Palestinians in the neighbourhood woke-up to these sounds and came running to help the family.

Witnesses say that Fadi was chased by Israeli soldiers that when he saw an Israeli policeman, he put his hands and arms in the air, seeking protection. The Israeli policeman immediately fired on Fadi, killing him after more than ten rounds entered Fadi’s body. This is a war crime under armed conflict to shoot and kill an unarmed civilian in the surrender position.

As reported by IMEMC:

A video published by Israeli media agencies showed several Israelis chasing the young man, who ran towards the police, while both of his hands were clearly visible, but an officer jumped out of a police car, and shot him dead.

Fadi’s family was rounded up, three members taken into detention, their property and home damaged, cell phones taken along with other valuables. The Old City was then put into lockdown for 48 hours. Imagine living in this constant hostility and oppression; having no voice or protection.

12106970_400304720179555_3481338628089772553_nIt was however the senseless death of Mohanned Al-Halabi on Saturday who was killed by Israeli military in the Old City that is already being spun that Mohanned deserved his death. Various reports have surfaced that conflict as to what happened.

It appears that Mohanned was being harassed in the Old City, in which heavy restrictions were placed on Palestinians limiting who could be there and attend the Al-Asqa Mosque.

An armed Israeli Settler family were involved and it is reported that Mohanned grabbed one of their weapons. Mohanned was killed by Israeli forces however Mohanned in death is now being accused of stabbing to death a member of the same Israeli settler family and shooting other members including a two-year old baby.

The sad truth is that we will never really know what happened. The likelihood that Mohanned, a young man with no record of violence and being remembered as very spiritual and religious would take such actions is low; it is not clear what happened between all involved. However, as Mohanned is deceased, we will never know his side of the story.


Any of these boys could be your son, your child, your neighbour, your friend, your nephew… imagine the pain their families are experiencing that their young men, one a child even, are now gone.

But that is the point to all of this misery.

Psychological warfare plays a role as well.

Young Palestinians, mostly male between the ages of 11 and 21 years are targeted by the Israeli military for arrest, detention, torture, imprisonment, injury and death.

This is an open policy by the Israeli military that is to psychologically deflate the Palestinian community as a way to render them helpless and further deny their humanity. Killing of Palestinian children and youth goes unpunished and unrepentant as well. Israel is never held accountable or even condemned globally for this conduct.

Families live in 24-hour fear of their children being taken in the night, or shot dead or injured by snipers which happens day after day, week after week. But there is also another side to these efforts as well, which is the warehousing of young men as they wait endlessly in detention or are imprisoned with punitive and lengthy sentences. This warehousing of males in prisons locks away dissidence and the ability to resist occupation, a right under occupation in the 4th Geneva Convention.

Please see the International Middle East Media Centre for daily reports on the oPts that are non-partisan in nature and provide context by actually naming and exhibiting pictures along with family information on the young people who have been targeted by the Israeli military. Insight and bystander testimonies are also provided as well along with follow-up and further testimonies.

Palestine has been under occupation for too long – seven decades in reality. The occupying power is not to interfere with the administration of the native people and is to ensure security. Instead Israel has been able to not just greatly restrict the native population but also impose punitive, disproportionate and indiscriminate punishments on the local people without global intervention. The increase in illegal settlements also violate the Geneva Conventions and other international law that are clearly land grabs further denying the native population.

By wiping out the younger generations figuratively and psychologically, Israel is able to further oppress the Palestinians and take more land, leaving more Palestinians homeless and Palestinian families unable to sustain themselves.

(Source / 06.10.2015)

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October 6, 2015 at 3:50 pm

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The Term “ISIS” Is A Media Smokescreen That Hides Or “Re-Names” The Illegal Activities Of PMCs throughout The Middle East

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maxresdefault (1).jpg460

When President Obama told the American people, and the world that we would not put troops on the ground in Syria last year, he was somewhat telling the truth, but as usual through his contriving, he just used a loophole to get around it. We listened to the speeches about the new threat of ISIS in the region, and were astute enough to know in the independent media, that the confusion even in his own description of the US role in the region did not quite add up. So as the world has uncovered this mystery, about what we are doing in Syria, as well as the sudden uprising  of ISIS, the puzzle pieces started to fit together, and the picture was not a pretty one. We are in fact using private military contractors (PMCs), hired to train the regional troops, once perhaps members of Al Qaeda, and others. One of the major PMCs that has been blacked out of the media, and creating a stir, as well as the atrocities on their watch, is called DynCorp International. Please take the time to read the article below, follow the links, and the videos. This is a blog you will want to keep up with.

Once again, Americans, and Europeans have been lied to, and taxed to FUND these war crimes in the name of the Greater Israel Project(the destabilization and depopulation of the Middle East). It is high time people speak out, for the victims, and for the safety of Western Society. We are being scammed by our own government, with such an evil agenda, for way too long. With the migration crisis that was predictably an outcome of this, it puts the whole globe at risk.

Strictly applying the US constitution, titles of nobility were not to take part in a public office capacity, as the Republic was designed to be governed by the people. This included the BAR association, which answers to the Crown Vatican Corporation that hijacked America under the act of 1871, handing our country over to corporations and bankers. Now one can understand the danger our forefathers were warning us of, in their brilliant construction of this document. Since then, we have had these people legislating, and even making decisions that far outreach the duties of Congress, the Judicial, and Executive branch of our Republic. Only the people can save America now, do not be distracted by the election and vote another one of these crooks in. Demand better representation, or we may never have another election again.

Do you remember how the name “Al Qaeda” was inserted into middle-East news reports in the 1990s?  “Al Qaeda” was never a reference to any organisation, but rather to “the base” (geographical location) where the Islamic militia-men did their training, to oust Russia out of Afghanistan in the 1990s.

Therefore, we must ask the question:
“WHO orchestrated and promoted to the Western audience, this so-called ‘organisation’ called Al Quaeda?”

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . .” — Pierre-Henri Bunel

The same is true for “ISIS”.  Nobody in the mid-East had ever heard of “ISIS” either, in May-June 2014.
ie: it is not a grassroots Syrian-Iraqi organisation.  Some commentators have even gone so far as to say it’s run by Mossad – Israeli Intelligence

The ARABIC name for any small pockets of rebel fighters in the mid-East, fighting against the AMERICAN MILITARY OCCUPIER since 1991 is:

Al-dawlah al-Islamiyah

It’s pretty “funny” (obvious) how the local rebels actually have an ARABIC name for their own fighters…  not an EGYPTIAN GODDESS‘ name !!

Think about it…

Since when would a patriarchal culture who is DEEPLY RELIGIOUS call their predominantly MALE militia by a woman’s name who moreover, is amythological goddess from EGYPT !!  – “Isis” is not even an Iraqi mythological figure. The equivalent for “Isis” in Iraq is “Innana” !! Come on !!

– so this is an ENGLISH name: “ISIS which is then applied to these pockets of “rebels” (freedom fighters) dotted around the desert… all with the same passion, to GET RID of the Western/American occupier.

This name “ISIS” for Syria and Iraq did NOT compute for me back in June 2014, and it shouldn’t compute for you either, if you just stopped to think about it for a minute.

How true this following statement is, even though Shaykh Hamza Yusuf probably didn’t understand at the time that “ISIS” was constructed by the (NATO) “agenda” so PMCs could carry out covert atrocities which become propaganda in the hands of the media which they  label as “Muslim terrorism”.

(Source / 30.09.2015)

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September 30, 2015 at 10:59 pm

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Shades of hate threat women in Palestine

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By Amany El Gharib

Hate speeches is a direct invitation to commit crimes against a certain group of people. The history of the Israeli Palestinian conflict has a lot of this kind of speeches.

This article will focus on the hate speeches of different official levels from the Israeli side against Palestinian women, and the consequences of these speeches on the ground.

Quoting is everywhere around us. We read and hear many quotes during our lives. We repeat these quotes to give more creditability to our arguments and points of view. We have to ensure that we use quotes that are credible, true and objective and that have documented points of reference. It is not an easy job to do.

One day, while I was reading, I was shocked; by a statement said to belong to the Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. I discovered this statement by chance. It was published as a quote in an interview with him in 1956, and it says: “I wanted to encourage my soldiers by raping Arabic girls as the Palestinian woman is a slave for Jews, and we do whatever we want to her and nobody tells us what we shall do but we tell others what they shall do.”

I was so curious to know if it is a true quote or not, especially since it has a strong hate message and wrong grammar. I went through many websites. Some websites claim that this “quote” is an invention. Others confirm its veracity. What am I supposed to believe?

Hate speeches

Many Israeli leaders do not even pretend to hide their hate against Palestinian women. Directly before the last Israeli attack on Gaza, in July 2014, Dr. Mordechai Kedar of Bar-Ilan University in Israel said on an Israel radio program: “Only raping the sisters of a terrorist can deter him”. He continued: “That’s the only thing that will bring him back home, to keep the honor of his sister,”

In June 2014, Ayelet Shaked, member of the Habayit Hayehudi (an Israeli right-wing party) and currently the Israeli Minister of Justice, wrote on her Facebook page: “The mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there.”

The post was picked up around the world, also by the Turkish prime minister at that time (and now president) Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who famously compared Shaked to Hitler. Afterwards her Facebook post was deleted mysteriously.

What is the connection between the inciting and the direct calls for committing crimes against Palestinian women in such speeches and the Palestinian women´s grave situation?

The key question that needs an answer is: What is the connection between the inciting and the direct calls for committing crimes against Palestinian women in such speeches and the Palestinian women´s grave situation? Only the situation on the ground can give a clear answer for this question.

Humanitarian Situation

In January 2015, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA),estimated the total population in the Gaza Strip and West Bank to be 4.5 million.

1.9 million of them are in urgent need of life basics. OCHA confirmed the protracted protection crisis in the occupied Palestinian territory, which is accompanied by humanitarian consequences, and driven by insufficient respect for international law by all sides of the conflict.

OCHA mentioned a range of serious protection threats including; threats to life, liberty and security, destruction or damage to homes, lands or other property, forced displacement, restrictions on freedom of movement and on access to livelihoods and basic services. In the classification of people in need of humanitarian assistance, OCHA found 22,474 female headed households in the Gaza Strip and 298,000 female headed households in West Bank that are in need of humanitarian assistance.

Gaza Crisis

“My grandchildren don’t feel safe. They look at the cracks in the walls and keep asking me why we have to stay in this house – it is about to fall on us.”

Um Ahmed, Mother of five children in Gaza whose house was bombed last year, (OXFAM).

According to a fact sheet published by OCHA, at the beginning of July 2015, 1.8 million Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip in 4,505 per square kilometer. These Palestinians are locked in and denied free access or movement to the remainder parts of the occupied Palestinian territory or to the outside world. This definitely has a huge negative impact on the economic situation, humanitarian conditions, unemployment rates, food insecurity and aid.

Israel imposed a land, sea and air blockade on the Gaza strip in June 2007. Despite this blockade, three Israeli military operations have attacked the Gaza strip between December 2008 and August 2014. With thousands of fatalities, injuries and massive destruction after each operation.

OCHA, OXFAM and many other international bodies confirm the last Israeli military operation in 2014 as the highest Palestinian casualty toll since 1967. This military operation was called Protective Edge, started on July 7, 2014 and continued for 51 days. Within these 51 days, 2,325 Palestinians were killed and 17,121 were injured, at least 75% of them were civilians, according toUN.

According to Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (Euro-Mediterranean is an independent, nonprofit organization in Switzerland for the protection of human rights in the Middle East and North Africa region) 489 women were killed, 3537 were injured, 612 girls became orphan and 11,314 women were displaced during the last Israeli attack on Gaza 2014.

Among the injured women, 100 pregnant women were directly injured by the attack. 465 newborn babies died during this attack, which equal to 14.1 % of the newborn babies at this period. Most of them died because of their family displacement conditions, the lack of medical treatment, the limited access to the hospitals, or even the limited capacity of the hospitals

OCHA statistics confirm that 142 Palestinian families with at least 3 members killed during this attack. OCHA´s last report on the Gaza crisis, confirm that the last attack on Gaza, resulted in the largest displacement recorded in Gaza since 1967. Half a million Palestinians were displaced, 22 thousands homes were totally destroyed or rendered uninhabitable, while 113,500 homes have been affected. Leaving hundreds of thousands Palestinians homeless. I have to highlight that  Palestinian women  carry the majority of  this  suffering.

Women´s grave situation

In March 2015, The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) released a statement for the International Women´s Day saying, “Women’s suffering doubled in the Gaza Strip in particular due to the consequences of the latest Israeli offensive, as they have been enduring hard and complicated living conditions.”

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women passed a resolutionthe same month, condemning the Israeli occupation as imposing a “grave situation” on Palestinian women. The commission noted “The Israeli occupation remains the major obstacle for Palestinian women with regard to their advancement, self-reliance and integration in the development of their society.”  The motion passed 27 to 2, Israel and United States voting against and 13 countries abstained.

Call for peace

I did my best but Mr. Sharon´s statement couldn´t be verified. Looking to the bigger picture we can´t ignore Israeli hate speeches against Palestinians, especially women, that are published openly in different media channels happening today.

Hate speeches can easily lead to violence. This kind of speeches always have a call or a message inciting and encouraging violence. Ultimately, the speech leads to hate based violence and crimes.

In this peace process, we need as well to look at women from both sides, not only as conflict victims.

We still see persistent Israeli crimes against Palestinian women. Especially based on hate. It is time now to get tough on hate speeches offending Palestinian women. The only thing that can change this is peace. Can we expect that the day will come, when all conflict sides stop their hate messages and instead call for justice, equality and peace? How many children, women and men could be saved from all sides, if the calls were followed by serious actions?

In this peace process, we need as well to look at women from both sides, not only as conflict victims. Also as actors sitting at the peace negotiations table. We have to be sure that women are playing an active role as partners in peace negotiating, peace processing and peace building.

(Source / 28.09.2015)

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September 28, 2015 at 9:31 pm

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IDF Gears Up for Possible Ground Operation with Russian-Armed Hezbollah

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According to one Kuwaiti paper, the Russians have armed Hezbollah with Soviet-era tanks, despite the fact that Putin reportedly did not oppose Netanyahu’s statement that Israel would act “to thwart the deadly weapons transfers from the Syrian army to Hezbollah.”

Hezbollah is the militant Islamic terror organization operating out of Lebanon with the financial backing of Iran and Syria. The folks who hate Israel and view the ISIS rebellion against the Syrian government as a “Zionist conspiracy” are being armed by Russia with tanks. Granted, Soviet-era tanks, but tanks nonetheless.

Russia has joined with Syria and Iran to create a “joint operations room” to address the Islamic State uprising:

The newspaper quotes official sources as saying that each party will be responsible for particular areas of Syria, with Russia operating in Latakia, Hama and some parts of the Aleppo province, while Iran will be defending the capital Damascus and down to Quneitra on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. The report also states that some 100 Iranian special forces trained in urban warfare have arrived in Damascus.

As a result, Israel is preparing for potential terror attacks along the border with Syria:

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces has been preparing for a possible ground operation on the Syrian side of the Golan in the event of sustained rocket strikes or coordinated terror attacks against Israel either by Sunni jihadists or Hezbollah.

The number of Islamists flooding into the area close to the border with Israel has the IDF on high alert, Channel 2 reported last month, adding that the military had held a large-scale drill simulating a possible advance into Syria and the evacuation of Israeli civilians from border communities.

The news comes shortly after Netanyahu’s visit to the Kremlin. During the visit, he confronted Putin directly about Iranian and Syrian arms transfers to Hezbollah and the potential for those weapons to be used against Israel. Putin dismissed the idea, stating that Syria was too busy fighting against ISIS to fight “on another front.”

(Source / 27.09.2015)

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September 27, 2015 at 9:55 pm

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A weakened Abbas cannot save Hamas

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas attends a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Novo-Ogaryovo state residence outside Moscow, Russia, Sept. 22, 2015

 These are no longer signs of distress; rather they are calls for help, coming simultaneously from both Palestinian leaderships in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Both political leaderships, which tore the Palestinian Authority (PA) into two entities, have reached almost at the same time a dead end and a major leadership crisis. Regarding the question that greatly preoccupies Palestinians today — namely which movement is more to blame for the situation — there is no one definitive answer. Each one of them embraced markedly different avenues and ideologies. To date, neither one proved successful: neither Hamas’ armed struggle nor the conciliatory approach of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Both leaderships are largely responsible for driving Palestinians to despair and hopelessness.

On his way to address the UN General Assembly in New York, Abbas — together with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan — participated in the opening Sept. 23 of a large mosque in Moscow. At the same time, his associates relate, he received the results of the public opinion poll conducted in September by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research headed by Khalil Shikaki. According to the poll, about two-thirds of Palestinians are telling Abbas loud and clear that it is high time he stepped down. More than half the respondents in the West Bank and Gaza no longer believe in the two-state solution, while a large segment of the population (42%) supports — when asked about the issue in a general manner — the resumption of an armed intifada as the most effective way for reaching Palestinian statehood.

Abbas has openly said that unless a positive diplomatic change takes place within the coming months, he will step down. At a meeting on Sept. 20 with four former Israeli ambassadors to Paris — Daniel Shek, Nissim Zvili, Elie Barnavi and Yehuda Lancry — he reportedly said in a moment of candor, “I’m already old. If in two or three months’ time I see that there’s no hope, I won’t stay in the job.”

Should the Palestinian president go through with his threat to resign, the leadership crisis in the West Bank will also take its toll on the Gaza Strip and Hamas’ leadership there. As ironic as this may sound, Abbas currently embodies the last hope of the Hamas leadership to extract itself from the crisis it is submerged in. More than eight years after the military coup in Gaza, Hamas’ former Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh told UN envoy to the Middle East Nikolay Mladenov on Sept. 17 that the movement would agree to let the PA — under Abbas — rule the Gaza Strip again. The main point now is for Hamas to be able to pay the salaries to the employees of its sprawling establishment, thus possibly also ensuring its own survival.

On Jan. 26, 2006, Hamas was elected to the PA by a landslide majority. Heading Hamas’ slate Change and Reform, Haniyeh probably did not imagine that he would be able to provoke such a wave of support within the Palestinian street — people who voted for Hamas not solely on the basis of its ideology but also as an act of punishing Fatah and Abbas for the many years of corruption in the PA, and its failure to bring about a diplomatic solution.

During that historic election campaign, the Hamas leadership hoped to win one-third of the votes at the most, becoming a partner — even if unequal — to the establishment of the would-be Palestinian state.

Abbas tried to turn Hamas’ win into an empty vessel. Resorting to various subterfuges, the PA refused to hand over control of its institutions — mainly the security bodies — to Hamas, without which the movement could not deliver on its promise to the voters to bring about change and reform. Hamas chose to stage a military coup, forcibly seizing the PA’s institutions and dividing it into two regions. If it could not control all of the Palestinians, it would at least control the one half in Gaza.

Abbas and other PA officials believed that Hamas would beg the president to return to the Gaza Strip. Having felt disenfranchised since the movement’s establishment, Hamas leaders wanted to prove that they were worthy and capable of being in control while serving as a legitimate Islamic-oriented leadership. By contrast, Abbas and his officials wanted to prove to all the people who voted against them in 2006 that they had made a bitter mistake. Those ego and power games have been going on since 2007. Hamas and Fatah fought continuously over the issue of who the Palestinian people’s legitimate and sole representative is.

Those struggles thrust Gaza into three wars with Israel, as well as a crippling blockade, a terrible plight and a huge rift between the Palestinians. Having weakened each other, the two movements have reached the moment of truth battered and bruised.

Haniyeh admits now that the only way for his movement to survive is by calling Abbas to return to the Gaza Strip, while the president is indicating that he has reached the end of the road. Next week, the PA president is scheduled to deliver his address to the UN General Assembly. In an interview with Al-Quds Al-Arabi, he promised to drop a bombshell, yet he would not disclose which kind.

One thing is sure, however: Hamas cannot rely on Abbas. The president has not wanted Gaza since he was ignominiously driven out. Today, even if he wanted to go back, he would not be able to carry it on his shoulders.

But a bigger question remains: Why did it take Hamas more than eight years and three wars to realize what it should have known a long time ago? Why would its leaders think that they could go through with the irrational equation of calling for an armed struggle against Israel while still thinking that the latter would not curtail the daily consumption of its residents? It appears that Haniyeh and the rest of the movement’s leaders — who claim to be the Palestinians’ own flesh and blood — failed to realize that this ship has long sailed. Nowadays, Abbas is barely able to support himself.

(Source / 26.09.2015)

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