A’raj: If we die the world would bear part of responsibility

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The hunger-striking administrative detainee, Ala’ Al A’raj, held Palestinian and international officials and human rights organizations responsible for his life and the lives of the other detainees, who are on hunger strike in protest against their illegal administrative detention.

Al A’raj said in a letter sent through his lawyer on Friday that the world holds responsibility for his life and the lives of over 4000 political detainees in Israeli prisons, especially those who are on a hunger strike.

“If we die, do not forget that your neglect was part of our fate, Al A’raj wrote. “We never thought that the people will fail to really support us.”

Al A’raj has been on a hunger strike for 85 days so far in protest against his arbitrary detention by the Israeli authorities. Doctors say that he is facing death.

Al A’raj’s family, said that it has been telling him that everyone outside is supporting him and other hunger-striking detainees and pressuring to free them.

The family added that it was shocking to know that someone has told Al A’raj that no one outside is supporting him. The family added that they believe that it is either the Israelis, who told Al A’raj that no one is backing him, only to crush his spirit and force him to end his hunger strike, or he knew it when he saw that nothing has changed even when he reached his 84th day of hunger strike.

Families of the hunger-striking prisoners have raised concerns that the occupation state is using the vacuum created by the designation of six top Palestinian human rights organizations as terrorist organizations, to crack down on detainees and increase violations against them.

(Source / 31.10.2021)

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