PFC: Journalists should be spared political feuds

Journalists WB

The Palestinian Freedoms Committee (PFC) has said that the journalists in the West Bank play a professional and national role in exposing Israel’s practices in the occupied territories and defending the Palestinian people’s rights.

In a press release on Saturday, the committee affirmed the importance of the media in backing the national struggle against the occupation and showing its crimes and violations to the entire world.

The committee demanded the immediate release of all seven journalists from West Bank jails and one from the Gaza Strip, stressing the need for not implicating journalists in the repercussions of the internal division and sparing them any political differences.

It underlined that “the detention of journalists violates the right to freedom of expression as well as the public freedoms and human rights.”

The Palestinian Authority (PA) security apparatuses arrested last week seven Palestinian journalists in the West Bank at the pretext they were involved in media activities that posed a threat to the PA political system chaired by Mahmoud Abbas.

There is also one journalist who has been in detention in Gaza for over two months “for legal reasons unrelated to his press job,” according to the interior ministry in Gaza.

(Source / 13.08.2017)


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