Hamdouna: IPS escalates suppressive measures against prisoners

Hamdouna vs IPS

Rafaat Hamdouna, Head of Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies, said on Saturday that the so-called Dror Special Forces of the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) has recently carried out an exhausting search campaign against Palestinian prisoners. Entire prison sections were moved to other jails at the pretext of looking for communication devices, he highlighted.

In a press statement, Hamdouna said the IPS has been deliberately transferring prisoners between different jails in order to create a status of instability and tension among detainees.

The IPS has trained a number of Special Forces’ units for conducting search and storm campaigns and for controlling prisons through constant raiding of prisoners’ wards. The Israeli break-ins usually include firing of live bullets and assaulting captives in clear violation of Article 85 of Fourth Geneva Convention which stipulates the protection of prisoners, Hamdouna pointed out.

He asked international institutions including the UN Human Rights Council as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross and other UN and Human rights organizations to pressure Israeli occupation authorities to protect Palestinian detainees from the Israeli Special Forces’ aggressive practices and violations.

(Source / 13.08.2017)


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