Hamas: Twenty Palestinians killed in July

20 Palestinians killed in July

A monthly report issued by Hamas media office recorded the violations practiced by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) and Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces against Palestinians during the month of July.

The report stated that 20 Palestinians including 16 from the West Bank, 3 from 1948 Occupied Palestine and one from Gaza Strip were killed by IOF last month.

The Hamas’s report also pointed out that the IOF arrested 446 Palestinians including 2 MPs in the Palestinian Legislative Council, 21 minors, 28 ex-detainees and 17 women. Two others were arrested after being released from the PA’s jails, the report added.

IOF also demolished 18 Palestinian homes and 2 stockyards. Israeli occupation authorities, furthermore, endorsed the construction of 9960 new settlement units in Occupied Jerusalem.

As for the PA’s violations, the report showed that the PA security forces rounded up 51 Palestinians in the West Bank including a member of Fatah Movement; while the rest were members of Hamas Movement. About 29 Palestinians were summoned to be questioned and 10 others were issued extensions of their detention orders.

(Source / 06.08.2017)


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