Israeli court shelves complaint filed against Gaza power cutback

Power cutback Gaza

At the behest of the attorney general, the Israeli high court of justice on Tuesday postponed its hearing on a petition filed by international human rights groups demanding an end to Israel’s reduction of electricity supply to the beleaguered Gaza Strip.

Lawyer Khaled Dusouqee, who filed the petition on behalf of French and Swedish human rights groups, stated that the Israeli attorney general submitted a request asking for postponing the hearing to give the government some time to discuss the issue and provide a response.

Dusouqee added that the court judge delayed the hearing for two weeks and demanded the Israeli government to respond to the complaint filed by the organizations before the end of this period, otherwise it would issue a final judgment on the case.

Israel decided last June to shrink the amount of electricity supply to Gaza at the request of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.

Accordingly, electricity provided for Gaza through Israel’s cross-border power lines have been decreased from 120 to 48 megawatts.

(Source / 02.08.2017)


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