7 students killed since beginning of this year

Image of a Palestinian youth being arrested by Israeli forces [Mohamar Awad/Apaimages]

Image of a Palestinian youth being arrested by Israeli forces

The Ministry of Higher Education issued its bi-annual report yesterday on the Israeli occupation’s violations against the education process, in which it documented its violations since the beginning of the current year.

The report documented the killing of 7 students and the wounding of over 284 students, teachers, and employees. In addition to this, 170 students were arrested, 4 were put under house arrest, including a school principle, and 27 teachers and administrators were arrested. Furthermore, 634 students and 183 teachers were detained.

The report revealed that the occupation sent orders to stop construction, demolition orders, etc. to 8 schools.

According to the ministry, the occupation’s measures and violations led to the complete disruption of study in 3 schools, as well as partial disruption of study in 9 other schools. The report also noted that the occupation’s actions led to the loss of 1.516 classes due to the closure of checkpoints, raids, and suspending school to hold religious celebrations for the settlers.

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52 schools were subject to various attacks and violations, totalling 172 violations, including the occupation soldiers firing sound bombs and tear gas in the school courtyards, leading to fear and panic amid the students.

The Minister of Higher Education, Sabri Saydam called on local and international human rights and media organisations to intervene and take immediate action to protect education and expose the occupation’s aggressive measures.


(Source / 02.08.2017)


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