Israel reduces water supply to al-Lebban al-Sharqiya town

Watersupplies al-Lebban al-Sharqiya

Scores of Palestinians on Monday staged a sit-in on the main road adjacent to al-Lebban al-Sharqiya town, south of Nablus city. The sit-in aimed at protesting the Israeli reduction of the town’s allocation of water supply.

Head of the town’s council, Samer Uwais, said that the Israeli water company Mekorot has recently reduced the quantities of water supplying the town to only quarter the usual amount, which created a real water crisis.

Uwais told Quds Press that the sit-in was a step within a series of protests the inhabitants are planning to hold to express their refusal of the reduction of water supply until the cancellation of the Israeli company’s decision.

The company claimed that the decision was made because of the inhabitants’ overuse of water and the scarcity of water due to the summer heat, he pointed out.

“Alternative options are very rare in light of the Israeli control of most of the Palestinian water resources in the area and banning Palestinian institutions from establishing artesian wells and making use of the groundwater”, Uwais said.

(Source / 01.08.2017)


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