Baby dies in blockaded Gaza after Israel, PA deny her medical referral

Dunia Sameh Daghmesh

A Palestinian baby died on Tuesday after she was prevented from accessing medical care outside of the besieged Gaza Strip.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, Dunia Sameh Daghmesh has been in critical need of urgent medical therapy outside of Gaza’s underequipped hospitals.

However, the baby breathed her last at al-Shifa Medial Complex six days after her family launched a cry for help that went unheeded.

For the two million Palestinians in the impoverished Strip, a difficult-to-obtain Israeli exit permit is required for them to leave and be treated in the 1948 occupied territories.

In recent months, the number of medical referrals from Gaza that the PA passes on to Israel has dropped, leaving patients in need of urgent care stuck in the Strip’s resource-deprived medical facilities.

24 Gazans, mostly newborns, died in the besieged coastal enclave of Gaza after the PA and Israel turned blind eyes to their appeals for life-saving medical referrals.

(Source / 01.08.2017)


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