Scores of worshipers detained, injured in night police raid on Aqsa

Police attack muslims at al-Aqsa

The Israeli occupation police on Thursday night detained about 120 Palestinian worshipers on peaceful retreat inside the Aqsa Mosque compound and wounded many others during a violent raid on the Islamic holy site.

Local sources said that the police forces intensively fired stun and tear gas grenades and rubber bullets at the worshipers, especially at those who were inside the Qibli prayer building.

They added that two Aqsa Mosque guards were rounded up and bundled into a detention vehicle outside the holy site before taking them to a police station in the city.

Another citizen identified as Mohamed Abul-Hems was taken prisoner by the police in Bab al-Amud area near the Aqsa Mosque during the events last night.

The police forces also prevented Palestinian paramedics from entering the Mosque compound to evacuate or provide medical assistance to wounded worshipers, some of them in critical condition.

According to a local medical group, several worshipers suffered serious injuries during the police attack and two of them were detained and evacuated aboard an Israeli ambulance.

Six paramedics also suffered injuries after policemen assaulted them during the events.

(Source / 28.07.2017)


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