Israeli police attack Muslim worshipers at Aqsa Mosque

Police attack muslims at al-Aqsa

Dozens of Palestinian Muslim worshipers suffered injuries on Thursday night when Israeli police troops stormed the Aqsa Mosque compound and attacked them in an attempt to force them to leave the holy site.

Local media sources said that several armed police soldiers stormed the Qibli prayer building and forcibly expelled Palestinian sit-inners, which provoked clashes in the Mosque’s courtyards and at its gates.

The sources noted that the Israeli police cut off electricity to the Mosque compound before breaking into it.

A Palestinian Information Center (PIC) reporter said that police soldiers broke open the door of the infirmary at the Aqsa Mosque before storming the Qibli prayer building and embarking on assaulting and arresting worshipers.

Meanwhile, at least eight Palestinians suffered injuries when the Israeli police forces attacked citizens in Bab al-Asbat and Bab al-Zahera areas at the Aqsa Mosque compound.

Red Crescent ambulance crews were also prevented by the police from entering the areas of clashes to evacuate the wounded citizens before they managed later to transfer six of them to hospitals.

(Source / 28.07.2017)


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