Press release concerning arrest campaign by IOF in West Bank

Hazem Qasem , the spokesperson of Hamas , issued the following :

The brutal campaign of arrests carried out by the Israeli Occupation Forces against the leaders and the members of Hamas in the West Bank is a desperate attempt to restrain  the  Intifada ( uprising) of our people in confronting the Israeli plots and its claimed religious war against Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque.

We, in Hamas,  and all the Palestinian people will continue in supporting Al Intifada and the freedom fighters who are staying  in the yards and at the gates  of Al Aqsa Mosque to protect it. We assure that all Zionist campaigns will not succeed in breaking the will of the Palestinian youth rebellion.

The policy of arrest by IOF which came after the failure of IOF to confront our people will remain  us   strong adherent to the path of resisting and defending our people’s rights and holy places.

Hazem Qasem

Spokesperson for the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”

23rd of July , 2017

(Source / 25.07.2017)


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