Violent clashes, injuries reported in the West Bank

Violent clashes WB

Scores of Palestinians were injured during violent clashes that broke out in the wake of rallies that kicked off in different locations across the West Bank on Friday as Jerusalem protests flared in support of al-Aqsa Mosque.

Ten Palestinians were lightly wounded in violent clashes with Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) near Qalandiya barrier north of Ramallah. Two Israeli soldiers were injured in clashes that broke out in Nilin town near the city. A Palestinian youth was seriously injured in clashes in Nabi Saleh town west of Ramallah, the PIC reporter said.

The Palestinian Health Ministry announced, in the evening, a critical injury due to clashes in Abu Dis town in Occupied Jerusalem. Some 30 others were wounded in violent clashes in Bethlehem. On Friday afternoon, IOF soldiers shot a Palestinian youth with a live bullet in his foot at the northern entrance to the city, the PIC reporter pointed out.

As for al-Khalil, fierce clashes with IOF soldiers also erupted at al-Zawiya area in the city where the soldiers opened gunfire at protesters who responded to the Israeli shooting by throwing of stones and firecrackers.

Over 15,000 worshipers performed Friday prayer in a stadium in the city before the march kicked off. IOF troops were deployed at the so-called Container barrier and other flashpoints. They fired live bullets at the protesters.

Three Palestinians were injured by Israeli rubber bullets and a fourth man was seriously wounded during the clashes that erupted in the city. A physician was also injured by a sound grenade, while IOF soldiers stormed Princess Alia Governmental Hospital in al-Khalil. Two other citizens were injured in Beit Ummar town. Meanwhile, IOF soldiers opened gunfire at protesters in al-Aroub refugee camp.

While in Nablus province, clashes broke out at the entrance to Beita town and Beit Forik junction as well as the entrances to Huwara town. Four young men sustained injuries during the clashes that took place near Huwara barrier.

Six youths in Tulkarem were injured and dozens of others fainted due to Israeli firing of tear gas during the clashes that erupted west of the city. More clashes were also reported at the southern entrance to Jericho city.

As for Qalqilya, three Palestinians sustained wounds in clashes with Israeli forces in Kafr Qaddum and Jayous towns. Two Israeli soldiers were injured during clashes in Azzoun town.

(Source / 22.07.2017)


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