Prisoner Shireen Issawi isolated in Israeli jail

Shireen Tareq al-Issawi isolated cell

Jerusalemite lawyer Shireen Tareq al-Issawi, serving four years in Israeli jails, has been held in an isolated cell in Jalama prison since June 6, 2017, a lawyer reported on Thursday.

Lawyer Hanan al-Khatib, from the Prisoners’ Committee, said Shireen had been subjected to aggressive beating by the Damon prison authorities and sustained severe bruises and a hemorrhage before she was sent to an isolated cell in Jalama lock-up.

Other prisoners, including Ataya Abu Eisha, Sabah Fera’wn and Dalal Abu al-Hawa, among others, had also been beaten with metal chains. A number of detainees had been subjected to visit bans and forced to pay steep fines.

The Israeli prison authorities ruled that Issawi pay 700 shekels, be isolated for seven days, and be banned from family visits and the canteen for one month.

Issawi sounded distress signals over the abject detention conditions she has been made to endure in the isolated cell, inside which four cameras are installed, including one in the bathroom, violating prisoners’ privacy.

Issawi was further quoted as saying that the cell lacks ventilation and electricity kit and that the prison wardens have been mistreating her and shouting nonstop.

The detainee vowed to start an open-ended hunger strike in case the Israeli prison authorities do not meet her demands.

Issawi has been sentenced to solitary confinement five times since the start of 2017.

(Source / 14.07.2017)


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