Islamic Jihad: Aqsa shootout natural response to Israeli terrorism

Islamic Jihad about Al Aqsa

The Islamic Jihad on Friday hailed the anti-occupation shooting carried out by three Palestinian young men at al-Aqsa Mosque and which claimed the lives of two Israeli soldiers.

The Islamic Jihad warned of Israeli intents to use the shootout to step up break-ins at al-Aqsa Mosque and aggressions on the peaceful Muslim worshipers.

The Islamic Jihad said the attack is the natural response to the Israeli break-ins at al-Aqsa, dubbing the presence of Israeli forces at the site on Friday a “dangerous violation.”

“The Palestinian people will never forget the Israeli aggressions on al-Aqsa Mosque and terrorism against the Muslim worshipers and sit-inners during holy Ramadan month,” a statement by the Islamic Jihad read.

The movement said Israel’s closure of al-Aqsa on Friday is a crime and an aggression over which the Palestinians shall never remain mum.

(Source / 14.07.2017)


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