Wife of longest-serving Palestinian inmate banned from prison visit

Wife Nael al-Barghouti banned for visiting

The Israeli occupation authorities on Tuesday banned the wife of the longest-serving Palestinian detainee Nael al-Barghouti from visiting her husband in an Israeli jail.

Barghouti’s wife, Iman Nafe’, said the International Red Cross informed her of a visit ban issued by the Israeli authorities at Eshel prison, where her husband is being locked up.

The wife said sometime earlier she received a permit from the Israeli intelligence to visit her jailed husband.

Barghouti’s wife, who had been locked up for 10 years in Israeli jails, said she will do whatever it takes to visit her husband and keep tabs on his condition.

She added that the ban makes part of Israeli crackdowns against the detainees and their families in an attempt to dampen their spirits.

Prisoner al-Barghouti was released in 2011 as part of the Wafa al-Ahrar prisoner swap deal. He was re-arrested in 2014. He has spent a total of 36 years and two months in Israel penitentiaries.

(Source / 12.07.2017)


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