Senior Hamas delegation conducts an inspection tour on the northern borders of Gaza

A delegation of the Islamic Resistance Movement  “Hamas” conducted Saturday  an inspection visit to the border area adjacent to the separation fence in the northern Gaza Strip.

The delegation included  the member of the political bureau of Hamas, Khalil Al Hayyah, and other members of  the politureau as well as the Hamas spokesperson, and a leader of Al Qassam Bridages.

They  visited the places where the resistance members  launched attacks against the Israeli Occupation  army  during the last aggressions  and the locations of resistance members which are adjacent to the borders.

The delegation stated that Al Qassam is ready to defend the Palestinian lands   pointing out that the resistance proved its unmatched  ability   to protect the Palestinian people in fighting the Israeli Occupation during  the last aggression.

For his part, Al Hayyah stressed that the resistance is able to guard and protect the the people of Gaza. He  added ” we will continue to  support the resistance members until victory is achieved and our occupied lands are restored.”

(Source / 10.07.2017)


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