Rally sweeps al-Khalil over Israeli checkpoints, crackdowns

Sweep al-Khalil

A rally was staged in the southern West Bank province of al-Khalil at noontime Thursday, urging the Israeli occupation to lift the noose tightened around Palestinians’ neck.

The rally-goers spoke out against the Israeli military checkpoints setup around the city and the crackdowns perpetrated against the Palestinian locals on a quasi-daily basis.

Speaking during the rally, activists urged the Israeli occupation to remove all the checkpoints pitched around and across al-Khalil.

Activist Mufeed al-Sharbati raised alarm bells over the tragic situation endured by the Palestinians in al-Khalil due to the Israeli closures, checkpoints, and movement bans.

In al-Sharbati’s view, the Israeli occupation forces have tightened military grip on the city in an attempt to sever the ties linking Palestinian communities together in al-Khalil.

“Life has just gone unbearable in the city,” said al-Sharbati. Everyday, the sounds of iron checkpoints being set up by the Israelis just jolt our children out of their deep sleep. Checkpoints are being pitched around the clock in al-Khalil.”

The activist appealed to the international human rights institutions and concerned bodies to urgently step in and take up their responsibilities vis-à-vis the Israeli blockade on al-Khalil.

(Source / 06.07.2017)


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