Israeli forces grab hold of much-needed energy cells in Khirbet Hima

Solar powered devices

The Israeli occupation forces on Wednesday morning stormed Khirbet al-Hima in the northern Jordan Valley and removed solar-powered devices.

According to local sources, Israeli soldiers along with Civil Administration and Energy Authority staff members, broke into the area a few days earlier and subjected the Palestinian locals to exhaustive questioning.

The Israeli soldiers took out solar energy cells without prior notifications.

The locals said the move dovetails Israeli attempts to force them out of the area.

The snatched cells are reportedly funded by European institutions as part of underway endeavors to secure much-needed power supplies for Palestinians setting up roots in the Jordan Valley.

The Israeli occupation authorities have frequently held sway over Palestinian solar cells, water tanks, and agricultural kit in Khirbet al-Hima in an attempt to tighten the noose around Palestinians’ neck and grab hold of their lands in favor of illegal settlement expansion.

(Source / 05.07.2017)



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