Israel targets Waqf land in Jerusalem

Al Aqsa compound [File photo]

Al Aqsa compound

The Israeli-run municipality in Jerusalem has targeted a plot of Islamic Waqf (religious endowment) land just metres from Al-Aqsa Mosque and started to level the ground, Quds Presshas reported. The land is next to Al-Yousefiyeh Cemetery and has apparently been used by the Israelis as a landfill site.

According to the head of the committee charged with looking after Muslim cemeteries in Jerusalem, Israel’s moves have been made against the will of the local Palestinians. Mustafa Abu Zahra pointed out that the committee has been working to change the use of the land as the landfill has a negative effect on residents and visitors to the historic site.

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“This land is owned by the Islamic Awqaf department and this means that it is owned by all Muslims,” he said. “No one is allowed to use it without prior notice and the agreement of its owners.”


Meanwhile, the Jerusalem municipality has forced a Palestinian resident to demolish his own home, claiming that it was built without a licence. If the owner refused to demolish the house himself, the authorities said that they would do it and fine him 80,000 shekels ($22,700).

(Source / 05.07.2017)


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