Ex-prisoners to Abbas: Salaries cut-off will never dampen our spirits

Ex-prisoners vs Abbas

Dozens of ex-prisoners rallied on Wednesday outside the house of the Palestinian Minister of Labor, Maamoun Abu Shahla, south of Gaza, protesting the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) suspension of their salaries.

Speaking on behalf of the rally-goers, Mohamed al-Dirawi slammed the PA for arbitrarily suspending ex-prisoners’ salaries, vowing to step up protest moves until the PA President, Mahmoud Abbas, backtracks on the decision.

Al-Dirawi harked back to the days when Abbas kissed the hands of the former Israeli president Shimon Peres just a couple of days after a Palestinian family was massacred near Gaza’s coast in 2006.

Al-Dirawi also spoke out against the PA’s crackdowns against Palestinian anti-occupation activists and protesters, which he said make part of ongoing security cooperation with the Israeli occupation.

“Those who have never thrown in the towel in Israeli lock-ups shall never do so because their salaries have been cut,” the activist further stated.

(Source / 05.07.2017)


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