Bahar slams Israeli forces for kidnapping Palestinian female MP

Khalida Jarrar Pal MP

First Deputy Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), Ahmad Bahar, strongly condemned the abduction of Palestinian MP Khalida Jarrar by the Israeli occupation forces.

Bahar slammed the occupation forces for kidnapping MP Jarrar from her family home in the central West Bank province of Ramallah after they wreaked havoc on the building and seized a number of electronic devices.

Bahar said none of such campaigns shall ever dampen the spirits of the Palestinian MPs, vowing that the PLC will continue to carry out its allotted missions despite underway conspiracies.

Reaching out to Jarrar’s husband, Ghassan, by phone, Bahar hailed the family’s anti-occupation endeavors and held Israel responsible for the life and safety of MP Jarrar, whom he said “is paying a heavy price for her activism in the face of the oppressive practices perpetrated by the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority, chaired by Mahmoud Abbas.”

Jarrar’s husband lauded Bahar’s support, saying the abduction of his wife is the by-product of the “ill-famed Oslo accord.”

13 Palestinian MPs, 10 among whom from Hamas parliamentary bloc, are currently held behind Israeli prison bars.

(Source / 02.07.2017)


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