Youth petition calls for saving Gaza patients

Youth for saving patients

Palestinian youth groups rallied on Friday in front of the houses of the Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas and the prime minister in Gaza calling for lifting the Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and ending the punitive measures waged by the PA against Gaza.

The youths launched a campaign of signatures calling for saving the Gaza patients and resuming issuing medical referrals for them.

In his speech on behalf of the Palestinian youth movement and the General Union of Youth Entities in a sit-in tent staged for the second day in a row, Ahmad al-Nabih announced launching a petition entitled “Save Gaza Patients” which was initiated by the newly-established Youth Initiative Center.

Nabih pointed out that this youth initiative involves the elite of Palestinian youths who are educated and adherent to the national constants and come from all political spectra.

Nabih stressed the importance of exposing the policies of the Israeli occupation and its supporters and prosecuting them for their crimes legally and internationally.

He called for lifting the siege imposed on Gaza and working by all means to end the political division and restore national unity.

He appealed to Egypt to speed up the opening of Rafah crossing to alleviate the suffering of the Gazan citizens and facilitate the travel of patients and students.

Nabih called on the competent authorities to work on providing the basic needs and the medical referrals necessary to receive treatment abroad.

(Source / 01.07.2017)



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