Gaza’s wastewater flows into nearby settlements

Environmental disaster

Local councils of the Israeli settlements near the Gaza Strip warned on Friday of an imminent environmental disaster in the region if electricity continues to be cut off in the Gaza Strip.

Head of Ashkelon Coast Regional Council, Ya’ir Ferjon, said that following the reduction of power reaching Gaza, wastewater started to flow through Wadi Hanoun toward settlements to the north of the Gaza Strip, which “threatens the spread of epidemics, particularly the West Nile Fever”, according to Israel Hayom newspaper.

Akka website reported, quoting the Hebrew newspaper, that the residents of the settlements near Gaza fear the great environmental damage that might be caused if Gaza’s electricity crisis is not solved.

The paper said that the settlers suffer from the foul smells emanating from the wastewater flowing in streams from Gaza because there is no electricity to operate Gaza’s wastewater suction pumps.

The Israeli occupation authorities started reducing the power supplied to the Gaza Strip several days ago at the request of the Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas.

(Source / 23.06.2017)


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