Report: 250 administrative prisoners’ detention renewed for 3 times

Admininistrative detention renewed

Half of Palestinian administrative prisoners’ detention was renewed for more than three consecutive times for a period of time ranging between two and six months, rights sources revealed Tuesday.

Spokesman of the Palestinian prisoners center for studies, Riyad al-Ashqar, stated that Israel’s administrative detention policy aims at keeping Palestinian prisoners in jail as long as possible without charge or trial under the so-called the secret file.

The administrative detention of more than 250 prisoners was renewed for at least three times, while 200 other administrative prisoners’ detention was renewed for two times in a row.

Al-Ashqar pointed out that the administrative detention policy is an Israeli tool used to break Palestinian prisoners’ will and strong determination.

In this regard, he warned of the Israeli continues and escalated use of administrative detention policy against Palestinians in total violation to international law, calling for urgent action.

There are currently 550 Palestinians held administratively in Israeli jails including free-elected PMs, former ministers, academics, and university students.

A number of administrative detainees have been on hunger strike for different period of time protesting their continued arrest without charge or trial.

(Source / 20.06.2017)


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