IOF turns Deir Abu Mash’al village into military barracks

Deir Abu Mash'al

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) besieged on Friday evening Deir Abu Mash’al village to the northwest of Ramallah city and turned it into military barracks after 3 Palestinian youths from the village carried out shooting and stabbing attacks at Bab al-Amud in Occupied Jerusalem.

The attack resulted in the death of the 3 youths and an Israeli policewoman and the injury of 5 Israelis.

On Saturday morning the IOF confiscated a number of Palestinian vehicles and detained a group of high school students at the entrance of Deir Abu Mash’al before allowing them to take their final exams.

Local sources reported that the IOF closed all entrances to the village and summoned military reinforcements in its vicinity. The northern entrance witnessed an intensified presence of IOF soldiers and military patrols while residents were blocked from entering or exiting the village.

In the same context, spokesman of the Israeli army, Avichay Adraee, announced imposing a tight siege on Deir Abu Mash’al.

The Israeli government issued later a decision to withdraw the work permits of the families of the Palestinian martyrs who carried out the Bab al-Amud attacks.

(Source / 17.06.2017)


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