Israeli bill to keep sovereignty over Occupied Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem vs Jewish Home Party

The Jewish Home party is advancing an amendment to Israeli Basic Law about Occupied Jerusalem to ensure that the city is never divided, Israel Hayom newspaper revealed on Friday.

Israel Hayom reported that Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett is pushing to amend the Israeli Basic Law to stipulate that Occupied Jerusalem cannot be divided unless such a move gains the support of 80 out of the 120 MKs.

According to the report, the amendment is set to go to a vote, within a couple of weeks, in the Knesset Law Committee, where Jewish Home believes that it will receive a majority of votes.

A senior Jewish Home official explained to Israel Hayom that the new amendment seeks to further protect the status of Jerusalem in any future diplomatic agreement by giving strength to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Israeli occupied the western part of Jerusalem in 1948 and east Jerusalem in 1967. East Jerusalem, however, is considered as an occupied territory by the UN.

(Source / 16.06.2017)


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