PIC among 11 websites blocked by PA


The Palestinian Authority (PA) general prosecutor in Ramallah ruled on Thursday for blocking 11 online websites, including the Palestinian Information Center (PIC).

Ramallah general prosecutor, Mohamed Barak, sent an official memo to the world’s largest internet companies to block 11 websites, in a flagrant infringement of international law, which grants the freedom of the press.

Most of the targeted websites are renowned for posting anti-occupation material and for monitoring human rights violations by the Israeli occupation and the PA across the occupied Palestinian territories.

PIC is a news website that provides news coverage of Palestinian events in eight languages. It is dedicated to advocating the Palestinian cause from a multi-layered lens. Since its inception in December 1997, PIC has taken the lead to speak up for Palestinians’ dream to liberate their motherland and restore their infringed rights.

PIC does not lay any claim to neutrality for it blatantly sides with the oppressed Palestinian people. Its material is, however, purely fact-based and rooted in real data compiled and published by a team of professional journalists, on-the-spot reporters, news correspondents, editors, multi-lingual translators, and political analysts.

PIC is followed by over three million internet users on social media networks. PIC pages on social media, including Twitter and Facebook, are both dotted with a blue mark, which is a sign of its credibility and professionalism.

(Source / 15.06.2017)


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