PA forces step up arrests of anti-occupation activists, students

Ramallah PA forces

The Palestinian Authority (PA) forces in the West Bank arrested four Palestinians and summoned another to questioning on account of their anti-occupation political activism.

The PA forces in Ramallah arrested the Palestinian student Mohammed al-Khatib, enrolled at Birzeit University, after they stormed the students’ hall of residence.

The arrestee is the son of the Palestinian prisoner Fathi al-Khatib, sentenced to 29 life terms in Israeli jails.

The PA forces in Ramallah also arrested the ex-prisoner Mreishah Shreitah, a lawyer.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Maala was arrested by the PA forces in Tulkarem.

Three Palestinians enrolled at Kadoorie University have also been held in PA lock-ups in the West Bank.

In the meantime, Palestinian student at An-Najah University Ahmed Darwish was arrested by the PA forces in Nablus.

At the same time, Sheikh Mootassem al-Jada’, the imam of al-Sadeq al-Amin Mosque, in Yatta, was summoned to questioning by the PA intelligence forces in al-Khalil.

The PA intelligence in Yatta turned down appeals to release the student at al-Khalil University Rawhi Abu Shamsiya, held in PA penitentiaries for 40 days running despite a court rule acquitting him of all charges.

Palestinian ex-prisoner Mohamed Rumanin has also been kept behind PA prison bars in Jericho for over 15 days without charges.

Palestinian anti-occupation activists and students have been permanently targeted by the abrupt arrest sweeps launched by the PA forces on a quasi-daily basis, in what observers dubbed a sign of ongoing security cooperation between the PA, chaired by Mahmoud Abbas, and the Israeli occupation forces.

(Source / 14.06.2017)


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