Israeli army bans Furush Beit Dajan farmers from watering fields

Furush Beit Dajan

The Israeli occupation army on Monday disconnected water supply lines used by Palestinian farmers to irrigate their agricultural lands in Furush Beit Dajan village, east of Nablus city in the West Bank.

Chief of the village council Tawfiq al-Hajj stated that the Israeli army’s civil administration prevented Furush Beit Dajan farmers from watering their cultivated plots of land, which would affect the crops and the agricultural season.

Hajj explained that employees from the civil administration escorted by soldiers cut water pipes utilized by local farmers to irrigate their crops at the pretext they were established without a license.

He complained that the Israeli military authorities systematically target Furush Beit Dajan villagers and deprive them of using groundwater resources in their area, and reclaiming or cultivating their lands.

He added that such Israeli measures are aimed at paving the way for annexing the Palestinian agricultural land in Furush Beit Dajan and using it for settlement projects.

(Source / 13.06.2017)


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