PA security forces arrest four men including two lawyers

PA security forces

Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces in the West Bank arrested on Monday four Palestinians including two lawyers. Dozens of others are still held under arrest in the PA jails for political backgrounds with no legal justification.

According to a statement by Hamas Movement on Monday, the PA preventive security apparatus arrested two lawyers: Ibrahim Abu Salim and Muath al-Khatib after storming their homes in Rantis town near Ramallah.

In Jenin city, the same forces rounded up Ezzedin Fraihat, an ex-detainee who was imprisoned in both PA and Israeli jails, along with his father, Yousef. The son was arrested after only two months of being released from the PA prisons.

A Palestinian young man from Tubas, Wasim Sawafta, was summonsed to be questioned next Thursday by the PA preventive security forces. Ex-detainee Naser Jaradat, from the same town, has been detained for the fifth consecutive day by the same forces due to his comments on Jebril al-Rajoub’s statement on the Jews’ rights to al-Buraq Wall in Occupied Jerusalem.

In al-Khalil, the PA intelligence apparatus stormed, for the fourth time during the holy fasting month of Ramadan, the home of Fayez Nafez in a failed attempt to arrest him. They searched and wreaked havoc inside his home amid verbal abuse against the family.

(Source / 12.06.2017)


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