Hamas meets Syria-based Palestinian movement

Image of Moussa Abu Marzouk, senior member of Hamas [Ashraf Amra/Apaimages]

Image of Moussa Abu Marzouk, senior member of Hamas

Representatives from Hamas and the Syria-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) have met in Beirut for the first time since the eruption of the Syrian uprising in 2011, according to Quds Press.

Sources told the London-based news agency that a Hamas delegation headed by the movement’s political bureau chief, Moussa Abu Marzouk, met with a PFLP-GC delegation headed by General Secretary, Ahmed Jibril.

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The meeting was held only a few days after a number of Arab states severed ties with Qatar, alleging that it supports terrorism. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain say that Qatar must stop supporting Hamas and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood group before they can restore ties with the fellow Arab country.

Hamas was based in Syria until 2012, having left the country following the eruption of the 2011 events that have spiraled into a civil war. Since 2011, the PFLP-GC has been fighting on the side of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

(Source /12.06.2017)


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