Palestinian lands in Salfit leveled in favor of Israeli settlement

Salfit lands leveled

Israeli bulldozers leveled Palestinian lands near Wad Qana, west of Salfit province, in favor of illegal settlement expansion.

Reporting from the scene, Palestinian farmers said Israeli bulldozers have leveled Palestinian land tracts near Novim settlement outpost.

Researcher Khaled Maali said the move makes part of an Israeli land grab scheme in Area C in an attempt to expand existing settlement outposts and set up others.

Maali added that such schemes make part of Israeli attempts to boost ties between 25 illegal settlements built on Palestinian land in Salfit and to establish a settlement strip stretching from Zaatara checkpoint, east of Salfit, to Kafr Kasem city, in 1948 Occupied Palestine. The plan also includes a bid to set up a railway connecting Tel Aviv to Ariel, the second largest West Bank settlement, and to seize the largest water basin in historical Palestine.

(Source / 08.06.2017)


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