Six factions condemn PA’s strangulation policy against Gaza

Six Pal factions

Six Palestinian factions have strongly denounced the Palestinian Authority (PA) for persisting in using the stranglehold policy against the population in the Gaza Strip and cutting off the salaries of hundreds of employees and ex-detainees.

According to a joint statement released on Tuesday by the factions, 277 ex-detainees have been affected by the PA’s recent decision to cuff off their monthly payments.

They said that the PA ignored the sacrifices that had been made by those former prisoners, who had spent long years in Israeli jails for defending their own people and national rights.

“Instead of honoring these heroes for their resistance of the occupation, the PA has severed their salaries and threatened the future of their children,” they said.

They demanded PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and his premier Rami al-Hamdallah to necessarily backtrack on their inhumane punitive measures against Gaza and engage in a comprehensive national dialog to restore the national unity.

In the last few months, the PA decided, as part of several measures against Gaza, to slash the salaries of its civil servants by 30 to 50 percent, impose taxes on fuel supplies used by the power plant, stop paying for the electricity Israel supplies to Gaza through cross-border power lines and cut off the monthly payments of 277 ex-detainees.

(Source / 07.06.2017)


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