FSA Repel Hezbollah Militia Attack on Dara’a, 10 Hezbollah Militants Killed

The Free Syrian Army groups repelled attempts by regime forces and the Hezbollah militias to advance on their positions in Dara’a province on Sunday. The attacking forces suffered heavy losses in personnel in the clashes that lasted over 12 hours.

According to the FSA Albuniyan Almarsous operations room, the FSA fighters killed at least 10 Hezbollah militants in the clashes as regime forces intensified bombardment on residential areas in the city.

Albuniyan Almarsous operating room published a list of the full names of the Hezbollah militants it said were killed in the neighborhood of Sjana in Dara’a city.

The FSA-held parts of Dara’a city came under artillery shelling and air strikes carried out by the Russian and Assad regime air forces. The bombardment mainly targeted the neighborhood of Alsad and the Palestinian refugee camps and caused widespread destruction.

A medical source told Smart News Network that regime helicopters dropped four barrel bombs on the town of Algharya 14 kilometers to northeast of Daraa city, resulting in civilian casualties. Similar attacks also targeted the neighborhoods of Dara’a Albalad, Alsad, and the Palestinian refugee camp in Dara’a city.

Fierce battles have been ongoing between the FSA groups and regime forces and their allied foreign militias since Sunday morning following an offensive by pro-regime forces to recapture the areas they previously lost in the neighborhoods of Manshiya and Sjana.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 06.06.2017)


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