Youths slam international apathy regarding Israeli siege on Gaza

Youth Gaza

The Youth Movement to Break the Siege on Gaza declared Monday “a day of escalation” to protest the Israeli blockade and the apathy maintained by the international community.

The anti-siege youth movement called for stepping up protest moves across the four flashpoints with the Israeli occupation on Gaza’s eastern borders.

Spokesman for the movement, Jaber Abu Hashish, held, during a press conference, the international community and the Israeli occupation responsible for the repercussions of escalated tension.

“The world’s apathy as regards the oppressive Israeli siege on Gaza will lead to an explosion,” the movement warned.

The anti-siege activists called on the anti-occupation masses to join the events and protests to be staged starting Monday until Friday following afternoon prayers.

“The slow-death tactic pursued by the Israeli occupation authorities is just unacceptable,” the movement’s spokesman stated. “The people of Gaza will never ever accept the blockade, aggressions, and oppression perpetrated against them. Gazans have the right to a dignified life.”

“Our innocent children and women have been directly and indirectly killed to serve Israel’s interests,” he added. “We all know that Palestine is bleeding. Our tragedy has been ongoing round the clock. Our prisoners are still mistreated behind Israeli prison bars.”

The activists vowed to step up protest moves, which they started a few weeks earlier on Gaza’s eastern borders, until the siege is lifted.

(Source / 05.06.2017)


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