Hamas denies Qatar requested group’s leaders to leave country

Hamas vs Qatar

Hamas on Sunday denied claims that Qatar has asked a number of Hamas officials to leave the country.

Hamas spokesman Husam Badran said circulated lists comprising the names of Hamas representatives requested to leave Qatar are counterfeit and groundless.

According to Badran, such reports make part of underway ad hominem campaigns aiming to destabilize Hamas-Qatar fraternity ties.

“Hamas has just finished its internal elections according to the regulations and the time-frame agreed upon beforehand,” stated Badran. “Ismail Haneyya, who lives in the Palestinian territories, was appointed as the group’s chief and it was only natural for certain transfers of Hamas official to take place in accordance with what the new leadership sees fit.”

Hamas spokesman lauded the promising and vital role played by Qatar to advocate for the Palestinian cause and push for the reconstruction of the blockaded Gaza Strip.

“Hamas will forever stand in the frontlines of the anti-occupation struggle and will do whatever it takes to liberate Jerusalem, despite the challenges and hurdles. We will continue to cooperate with all the Palestinian factions to boost the liberation struggle. We draw our source of strength from our steadfast people, the world’s free people, and the Muslim and Arab nations,” he further stated.

Over recent days a number of news outlets claimed the Qatari government has requested prominent members of Hamas to leave the country following external pressure.

(Source / 04.06.2017)


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