Four Palestinian citizens injured in armed clashes in Balata camp

Balata refugee camp clashes with PA

Four Palestinians, including children, suffered bullet injuries during violent armed clashes at dawn Sunday between gunmen and Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces in Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus in the occupied West Bank.

Local sources in Balata camp reported that plain-clothes PA soldiers tried to arrest a wanted Fatah-affiliated young man called Mohamed al-Aghbar and engaged in armed clashes with him and others but failed to capture him.

They affirmed that Aghbar suffered a bullet injury during the events, which expanded to different areas of the camp and led to the injury of three residents, including a girl and boy who suffered wounds inside their homes.

The wounded citizens were all provided with medical assistance by ambulance crews.

Consequently, several cars parked on the main road of the camp sustained damage during the shootout

Balata camp has been seeing for about a year armed tension between Fatah-affiliated gunmen and PA security forces.

(Source / 04.06.2017)


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