Calls to release youngest girl in Israeli jail

Malak al-Ghalith 14 year call for release

The prisoners’ media office called on the Israeli occupation authorities to urgently release the youngest Palestinian girl held captive in Israeli jails.

The prisoners’ media office launched calls to release 14-year-old Malak Youssef al-Ghalid, the youngest Palestinian detainee in Israeli lock-ups.

The child was kidnapped last week at Qalandiya military checkpoint following claims that she attempted to stab Israeli soldiers. Her family denied the allegations.

Prior to her arrest, Malak, a ninth grader, have had her hands cuffed with plastic irons and had been subject to provocative inspection and intensive field interrogation for over four hours.

She was later dragged to an iron cell at the Container checkpoint, where she had been locked up for hours, before she was transferred to Sharon jail. She had reportedly been made to endure strip searches and exhaustive interrogations.

(Source / 04.06.2017)


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