Seif Urges EU to End Legal Recognition of Assad & His Regime

President of the Syrian Coalition called on the European Union to end legal recognition of the Assad regime, stressing that such a move would send a clear message to the regime and its supporters that they will be held accountable for the war crimes they are committing against the Syrian people.

Seif was speaking during a meeting with EU officials headed by Chair of the EU Political and Security Committee Walter Stevens.

The meeting came as part of a two-day visit by a high-level Syrian Coalition delegation to the EU. The delegation included head of the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) Jawad Abu Hatab and members of the Coalition’s political committee Anas Bahra and Hadi Bahra and member of the General Assembly Ruba Habboush.

Seif expressed appreciation for the support offered by the EU to the Syrian people and their rights. “We are pleased that the European Union has begun to develop a strategy aimed at greater coordination with the Syrian Coalition and SIG.”

“The Syrian people have always seen in Europe a beacon for the defense of human rights,” Seif added.

Seif stressed the need to punish institutions and individuals supporting the Assad regime, pointing out that the Assad regime continues to show utmost disregard to the UN Security Council resolutions on Syria by stepping up mass forced displacement, killing and destruction.

Member of the political committee Hadi Bahra said that the reconstruction process in Syria hinges on progress in the political process aimed at achieving a real political transition.

“To begin with reconstruction before a political solution is achieved will negatively impact the political process,” Bahra said. He stressed the need to give the Syrian people a chance to restore the decision-making process. “We want the Syrian people to decide their present and their future,” Bahra said.

For his part, Stevens said that the European Union fully supports the Syrian opposition as a “strong partner” in the strategy announced by the EU on Syria at the Brussels conference.

The Syrian Coalition and SIG are major players in this strategy, Stevens said. He reaffirmed support for the Coalition and SIG’s efforts to bolster the resilience of the Syrian people.

Stevens also reiterated the EU support for the opposition negotiating delegation to the Geneva talks. The Coalition’s delegation, in addition to Coalition and SIG members, includes former Coalition leaders Anas al-Abdeh, Hadi al-Bahra, a member of the political body Hawass Khalil and a member of the General Assembly Rabi Haboush.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 03.06.2017)


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