Britain voices concern over Israel’ failure to abide by int’l law

England and PRC

The Palestinian Return Center (PRC) has received an official response from the British foreign and commonwealth office to the urgent letter it had sent a few days ago to urge it to take action with regard to the issue of prisoners in Israeli jails and the blockade on the Gaza Strip.

In its reply, the foreign office said that the UK is committed to supporting and protecting human rights in Palestine and advocating respect for international law.

It affirmed that it is in constant contact with the Israeli authorities to urge it to respect its international obligations and to convey the British government’s concern over its practices.

On the issue of administrative detention, the office confirmed the illegality of Israel’s use of this measure systematically to punish Palestinian detainees, asserting that there are certain conditions for restoring to such detention method.

It called for necessarily filing indictments against the detained or releasing them, expressing the British government’s concern over Israel’s repeated inter-prison transfers of Palestinian minors and adults in violation of the fourth Geneva convention.

The ministry also voiced deep concern over the mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and Israel’s failure to abide by its responsibilities as an occupying power under international law.

It said it would continue to urge Israel to use other methods during its detention and interrogation of Palestinian arrestees, which include using audiovisual equipment to record the interviews conducted with them, limiting the use of restraints, and informing them of their legal rights.

As for the blockade on Gaza, the British foreign and commonwealth office emphasized the importance of reaching an agreement that addresses the underlying causes of the tragic situation in Gaza, affirming that Britain would continue to make efforts and take practical measures to reconstruct the embattled enclave and revitalize its economy.

A few days ago, the PRC urged the British government in a memorandum handed over to the British foreign secretary Boris Johnson, to take urgent action concerning the tragic situation in the blockaded Gaza Strip and the exposure of prisoners to Israeli violations.

(Source / 03.06.2017)


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