“Jerusalem Capital of Palestine” campaign kicks off

Jerusalem Capital of Palestine

The “Jerusalem the Capital of Palestine” campaign was launched by the Europeans for Jerusalem Foundation to speak up against the swift pace of Israel’s Judaization schemes and settlement activity.

Chairman of the Europeans for Jerusalem Foundation, Dr. Mohamed Hanun, said the campaign comes at a time when Israel has stepped up assaults on holy sites and settlement projects in Occupied Jerusalem in an attempt to wipe out the city’s Islamic and Christian landmarks.

Dr. Hanun dubbed an Israeli cabinet meeting held last week underneath the Buraq Wall a “dangerous escalation” and a threat to regional peace.

He called for serious measures to pressure Israel to cease its violations and abide by the international law and the UN resolutions.

“Such practices represent an act of provocation to the Muslim and Christian communities in the world . . . . Israeli settlers should halt their break-ins at holy al-Aqsa Mosque,” added Hanun.

For his part, the foundation’s deputy head, Issa Taha, said on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem, that the campaign kicked off, in partnership with other NGOs, so as to expose Israel’s crimes in the entire region.

A series of events, rallies, marches, and sit-ins is expected to take place all the way through the campaign, slated to last until June.

Taha raised alarm bells over the repercussions of Israel’s excavations beneath Jerusalem’s holy sites, urging the international community and government to speak up against such violations.

(Source / 31.05.2017)


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