Strategic report reviews Hamas’s future in the light of its political document

Hamas should work to strengthen its internal ranks, because the next stage is unusual in terms of the intensity of targeting aimed at weakening and isolating them

Beirut, ALRAY — Al-Zaytouna Center for Studies and Consultations in Beirut issued a strategic report on the future of the Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas in the light of its new political document and its internal elections that have produced a new political bureau.

The study highlights the “big” challenges that surround Hamas at the current stage at the local, regional and international levels.

It is noteworthy that on 1st of May, Hamas movement issued its political document, in which it outlined its general political vision, including its vision of the conflict with the Israeli entity and all other major issues in the Palestinian cause.

In the face of the next stage – the study – sees that Hamas needs to “re-position”, as it has several possible paths, including:

– Introduce a “national initiative”, whether by completing reconciliation through certain concessions, with a view to cross the stage.

– Unify the resistance forces “to try to consolidate the national row” in the face of efforts to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

– Adopt a creative vision by relying on the items of the political document, in order to deepen the regional space to dismantle or mitigate the campaign against the movement.

– Maintain the basic gains as the base of resistance in the Gaza Strip, and conduct a combination of attempting to strengthen the Palestinian National Front.

The study considers that the last track is currently available by moving in accordance with the strategy of steadfastness and self-defense as it is currently threatened. At the same time, efforts are being exerted to strengthen the Palestinian national ranks and try to penetrate in to the regional space.

The study also recommends that Hamas should work to strengthen its internal ranks, because the next stage is unusual in terms of the intensity of targeting aimed at weakening and isolating them.

Additionally, it recommends that Hamas should intensify its interaction with the influential joints in the middle of the Arab and Islamic back, and enhance communication with the elites that have a popular and official influence.

The study also believes that because of the lack of seriousness of the Israeli occupation and the American mediator in the course of the settlement, and the inability of any Palestinian party to exclude the other in the end, it requires that the leadership of Fatah to lead to the path of partnership with all Palestinian forces to get out of the Palestinian impasse.

The study warns that seeking to weaken Hamas or remove it from the Palestinian arena will push forward the emergence of the alternative, which is the extremist forces that do not have a political mind, nor a practical project.

“Attempts to confront and strike Hamas may have provoked more feelings of defiance for it and may have motivated the movement and hardened its return, so the first is a dialogue with Hamas not to target it.”

(Source / 30.05.2017)


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