Poll: 59% of Palestinians dissatisfied with PA positions

Dissatisfied about PA

The results of a recent opinion poll showed that 59% of Palestinians are dissatisfied with the positions and performance of the Palestinian Authority (PA), while, 48% expressed their dissatisfaction with the standings of the Palestinian factions.

The field poll, which was conducted on May 21-23 by the Arab Institute for Research and Development, also showed that 57% of Palestinians perceive the US President Donald Trump’s statements on his hope to achieve an agreement of peace soon between Palestinians and Israelis as not serious. 51% of Palestinians, however, believed that Trump is capable of reaching a deal if he wants to.

According to the poll, which was distributed to a random sample of 500 Palestinians from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, 47% of Palestinians expected reaching the two-state solution soon if negotiations were resumed.

56% of participants in the West Bank revealed that they did not vote in the local elections. 49 percent opined that the candidates lists would not cause any change to their districts and that the election results were already known before the election process took place. Some of them did not like the idea of conducting local elections in the first place.

(Source / 30.05.2017)


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